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now that was an adventure…

So I decide I am going to be responsible today and come into work early… like before noon 😉

I hop the bus after taking Penny to work (and leaving the car at the dental office :P) and arrive on campus at 8:30 only to discover that the ECE lab is locked (my office in this building is tucked behind a general-access computer lab).

The lab is almost never locked when I arrive, but no harm as I happen to have the key code in my pocket. I enter the number in and notice that there is an alarm blinking in the back of the room. This is new. I’ve never had to disable the alarm before…

So, I walk over to it and verify that yes, it is in fact a security device that is about to report me to the police. I don’t know the combination to deactivate it. There is a phone number next to the alarm, which I am unable to call because the phone in the lab doesn’t seem to work.

I then remember that Tony had mentioned the alarm code to me once in an email tho… so I scramble to find the email… but by the time I have located the number, the alarm is going off.

I walk over, punch in the combination, clear the alarm of error status, and begin work for the day. About 10 minutes later, the lab monitor shows up to open the lab – we never talk, but they see me frequently enough to verify who I am when the cop shows up 40 minutes after that.

Yup, talk about your rapid response… alarm goes off in a room full of thousands of dollars worth of equipment and the police arrive almost an hour later 😉 Whee!