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i kill two dwarves in de mornin’

Ok, so it’s official. I’m giving World of Warcraft another shot. Specifically, I’m giving it another shot on a normal server – not a PvP one. Not that the normal servers are strictly PvE, but they’re at least hopefully going to prove better than the gankfest that my old server has turned into.

Since my primary char on Sargeras is a lvl 53 dwarven hunter (marksman/beast), and since Elijah is creating a tauren shaman on Thunderhorn, I’ve created a troll warrior. I just hit lvl 6 and picked up those abilities and grabbed every quest available to me from both villages in Durotar – just under one hour of play time, so that’s on schedule. I will think about playing later tonight and trying to hit 10 and move to Crossroads. Possibly will look into grabbing a guild charter so we have something to sign everyone up onto for chat purposes.

blizzard is a bunch of fascists

(09:38:33) Tony: lol, where did that come from? 🙂
(09:38:36) Ammon: me
(09:38:38) Ammon: 😛
(09:38:51) Ammon: i just tried to search the forums for my rant on the honor system…
(09:38:54) Ammon: they deleted the thread
(09:39:15) Tony: laff
(09:39:28) Ammon: ‘Huh?! No… everyone _loves_ the honor system!”
(09:39:38) Ammon: See? Not a single complaint anywhere…
(09:40:03) Tony: laff
(09:40:57) Tony: you sure it was actually deleted? cause I’ve seen plenty of honor system sucks rants 😉
(09:41:10) Ammon: nod, well, i did a search for all posts by me
(09:41:34) Ammon: and only an old report on the artisan cooking bug showed up
(09:41:52) Tony: you sure it didn’t show up as an alt avatar since they seem to have problems with it reporting the right avatrars
(09:42:06) Ammon: hrm…
(09:42:55) Ammon: nod
(09:43:15) Ammon: whenever my normal char wasn’t available, i posted as my ‘allaryin’ alt on elune
(09:43:21) Ammon: i’ve never posted as anything else
(09:45:24) Tony: hmm, no idea then tho I’ve seen many a honor rants
(09:45:32) Ammon: nod
(09:45:38) Ammon: this was part of a huge thread
(09:45:45) Ammon: like 90 pages
(09:45:52) Ammon: it was one of the originals
(09:46:16) Ammon: i’m convinced the thread was blammed