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the saga of tickwire – part 1

As is wont to happen, Dwarf Fortress was mentioned during the lunchtime video game discussion I was having with coworkers… and I grew homesick. And after looking at the dev blog’s depressing changelog, I decided that it would be pointless to wait any longer for a new release. I’m going to start playing DF again now (v0.34.11).

Between Rift with family, Diablo with friends, and Minecraft with umm, the Minecraft community(?) where do I plan on finding time to play DF? Everywhere. Since DF is such a pause heavy, information dense game, I need to take extensive notes… which I may as well attempt to make entertaining.

So. I am going to attempt to take notes in a more narrative way than I normally do – and take enough notes that I can actually keep track of what’s going on when play alternates between 3 different locations and 7am, lunch, and 2am. It’s going to take forever, but it should be fun. Wish me luck.


I created a world with the default settings and made a sandwich. Or at least, I would have made a sandwich if I was somewhere I could have done that. What I actually did was kick off a stubborn recompile on the build server and think about sandwiches while both it and the world creation ran. The recompile finished first.

When my world finally finished and I hit embark, I was presented with this interesting decision:
I am always tempted to accept the first location the game proposes, largely because I find the search so tedious, but also because it has resulted in some interesting challenges in the past.
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