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rift soul breakdown – cleric – tier 1, justicar

No preamble this time, let’s do this.


Each point spent in Justicar increases damage by 0.5%, armor by 1%, endurance by 1.5%, and resistances by 2%.

Justicar is my thing. Cleric tanking has been a part of my game-playing identity since I did it with pen and paper in the early 90’s, and I’m glad a real MMO remembers that sort of thing.

As a zero point class, justicar grants a passive ability called Salvation that causes all of your damaging abilities to heal you. Justicar attacks heal for double the baseline. Non-justicar AoE abilities restore only 1/4 of the baseline, and ground target AoE restores only 5% of the baseline. Still, it’s a very attractive ability to splash justicar for in most builds since most of the time you don’t need a ton of self healing, just enough to put off casting a heal.
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rift soul breakdown – cleric – tier 1, healing

I’ll admit it. Healing in Rift can be stressful. The healing classes are vastly different and lend themselves heavily to different play styles and situations. They are, however, all amazing. And the improvements they’ve seen in recent updates make me so happy to play a cleric.


Each point spent in Purifier increases healing by 1% and absorption by 1%.

Purifier has always been my favorite healing tree, not only because it is thematically more interesting than sentinel or warden (FIRE!), but because it relies heavily on damage prevention in the form of numerous bubbles. They are supposed to be the best single-target healers in the game, and when I am tanking 5 man content I’d have to agree that I’d rather have a purifier healing me than a sentinel or warden.
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rift soul breakdown – cleric – tier 1, offense

As my wife and I have started playing Rift actively again, I’ve gotten back into the old numberchasing habits. It doesn’t help that my subscription history entitles me with I two or three bonus role slots per character.

I finally dinged 60 on my main the other day, and recorded the final hour of the process. I hope to edit the video down into something watchable soon. In the mean time, I’ve been thinking about other classes. My highest warrior is in the low 40’s, and my highest level rogue is in the high 30’s. I don’t know if I’ve ever broken 30 with a mage.

So I am very interested in the low tier abilities of each soul… because they are the most relevant to me 🙂

I am going to attempt to address every soul in the game over the course of numerous shortish posts, starting at tier 1 and working all the way up to their 41 point branch abilities and 61 point root abilities. Since I know clerics best, that’s what I will be starting with, but I will cycle through all 9 souls in each class… hopefully before 3.0 drops and all of this is invalidated.

Clerics have 4 healing souls, 3 melee souls (1 tank), and 2 ranged dps souls. Defiler is interesting for being a healing soul capable of significantly augmenting general dps, and I almost grouped it together with the ranged DPS, which would have given me 3 neat sets of 3. But meh.


Each point spent in Cabalist increases damage by 1%.

As far as I can tell, this is the least popular cleric soul. Cabalist focuses on AoE ranged damage but is generally difficult to fully exploit – often leaving players using area nukes from other more flexible classes. It didn’t help that they launched with some rather confusing mechanics that made it even more difficult to enjoy the class. But times have changed, and I’ve enjoyed some of the new and improved cabalist features.

As a zero point class, they provide a spammable instant cast ranged aoe nuke that hits up to 8 targets. This is huge. Originally, their basic nuke would split itself between up to 3 enemies, making it unpredictable at worst and underpowered at best. They changed the standard nuke into a standard nuke and dropped Bound Fate from costing a few points to free. Additionally, you get the standard single-target death damage nuke (2 second cast time, etc…). Nothing fancy here.
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rift expansion speculation – mage reaction

Well, I watched the Harbinger reveal live and am pleased. I’m also happy that my guess was actually vaguely on target.

So… while I am slightly disappointed that they chose not to go with a tank, I understand their reluctance to do so – and agree with the decision to do a melee DPS build first. It makes sense and opens the door to tanking with the next soul 😉 Obviously, a lot of my ideas were based on the concept of tanking – not just surviving as a clothie in melee range, but I did get a few things right.

I was spot on with the idea of the weapon transmute self-buffs. It didn’t make sense to actually modify the mage class to allow them to wield authentic 2h warrior weapons if this one soul is equipped. Too much weirdness and itemization muddying down that road. I was also partially correct with the idea of teleportation spells. From the video, it is clear that Harbingers will have good gap closing abilities (something not all melee specs remember to provide).

While I discussed the importance of self-heals, I didn’t explicitly mention one. I also misguessed the secondary element as earth instead of life. But that makes for better synergy with chloro and helps solve more of the melee range durability issues. And of course the one ability that I didn’t even come close to predicting was the whole stealth button thing – Go go 2h staff/sword rogue spec 😉

I am incredibly excited by this new soul – and have decided that it looks so sweet for leveling that I will be shelving my lowbie mage until the expansion arrives 😛

rift expansion speculation – mage

As the mage is my second-most-played class in the game AND as they’re planning on up and revealing the new soul in two days, I guess I need to hurry up and finish this post next 😉

Like I mentioned in passing last time, I think the strongest lack in the mage soul gallery is a tanking option. There are a ton of ways to tank as a mage – and a lot of games do this (but not very many mmorpg’s).

There are three things that every tank needs:

  1. Threat generation
  2. Durability
  3. Mobility
  4. Sustainability

Okay, four. Every tank will have the first two. Every good tank will have all four of these.
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rift expansion speculation – cleric

I’ve got five articles left in my draft folder plus a new one that I started yesterday and hope to finish this weekend. But before I look at any of those, I want to engage in some wild speculation on the upcoming Rift expansion.

Apart from the whole 3x world size and the obligatory level cap increase, the big news is that each of the callings will receive a new soul. This interests me a great deal.

I’ve got some ideas on where they might go with each of the souls. Mage is the only class without a tank spec – and mage tanking is FUN. Warriors are the only class without a viable support spec. Rogues have good support but can’t actually straight up heal, so that might be fun. But clerics… Clerics can do everything, sort of.

Cleric ranged dps is a bit weak, so improving that would be nice. Their “support” abilities (as distinguished from healing) are a bit weak and scattered compared to the other classes, so consolidating that would be nice. Their crowd control is … well, in the same state as most modern MMO crowd control.

However, their tanking is perfect – I adore justicar and dread any changes there. With three options for healing and the current nature of game balance, adding a fourth healing soul would only muddy the waters – so no point in doing that to anyone. Their melee dps is solid and interesting.

So what do you give a class that has everything?

A puppy.
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