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the whole nine years

As I gear up for the birthday party in a little less than 8 hours, I wish I could be sentimental, but I’m not. It has been a long haul, and we are nowhere near as advanced as we should be. It has been discouraging in the extreme. Not enough people show interest, and those who do aren’t always helpful.

That said, I’ve been killing myself this week to prepare a few little surprises for our loyal players. What we’ve got are four special presents and one consolation prize for everyone else.

Sora – Sora gets a new spell, Call of Hearthfires. It is basically a quick teleport back to a specified home point. This basically gives him a second beacon to which he can port only himself. The spell is also easier than our standard Teleport spell and is meant to be distributed to players at large, at least to all members of the PW guild.

Zaecus – Zaecus also gets a new spell, Animal Messenger v1.0. It is a silly little communication spell that summons an animal to send a message to a target player. Delivery takes time, and if the recipient logs out, they should get the message eventually when they log back in. The future version will be more featureful, interesting, and reliable.

Garvin – Garvin _also_ gets a new spell, Fire Blast. It is our first 1st order nuke spell, and is basically just Fire Bolt on sterroids. It does about 2-3x the damage and takes less time, more mana to cast. Right now, it has the same description as the 0th order spell, but that will change… eventually.

Focker – Focker gets an artifact weapon. For lack of any better name, I threw together some random syllables and got Sharov. It is a broadsword that does ice damage and has a 10-minute special ability to heal the wielder for a full meter’s worth of readiness points. Cool stuff.

Everyone else gets the potion goodie bag. I invented two new potions for the occasion, bubbling orange and bright yellow. The orange pots will permenantly increase the drinker’s stats randomly. The yellow pots are better than normal heal (white) potions, and will take the drinker over max (to a potential of 225% or so).

I’ve written little boxes to put the presents into. Now all I need are silly hats, firecrackers, and wrapping paper.

the trees of reboot

Ok, so because of the downtime yesterday and the issue with the whole gateway address changing on me, I figured rebooting the server might not be a bad idea – to flush cached funk.

While not a bad idea, it was apparently not a very good one. Something must have happened that truncated our save file the last time the world did its thing before I shut the mud down – it was about 3mb, about 1/4 of its actual size.

When the game came back up, we were lacking a great many areas, so I brought things back down, dug out the last backup save (we make backups every morning at 4am), and tried installing with it. Even wierder errors happened, so I gave up and called Adam for help and spent the hour before he wrapped things up at work in attempts to fix the network so he would be able to repair us 😉

He got the world back up and running and all was well. He went home, I went home.

Then the trees came out to play.

Something wierd is going on with the tree death code. They’re spawning like rabbits on fertility pills. Malap just complained to me of having discovered 14 trees in his current location. Typically, the math won’t allow for more than 4 or 5 in the average overworld room.

Every second or so, we get spammed on the error channel and the trace log gets an entry like this:

So, I check line 303 of /econ/plant.c and find that it is the end of the block of code where trees die from overcrowding. The block simply executes a call_out() on the function to update the room map and then destroys the tree.

The problem is… these call_out()‘s aren’t happening, thus the trees aren’t destructing. So, I commented out the call_out(), made it call the room update immediately, and rebooted the game. Why reboot, you ask? Simple.

The update wiz command isn’t working now either. This is troublesome in the exteme. Acius has a lot of work cut out for him.

And, argh… the errors persist. It looks like code isn’t getting recompiled? Grumble, mumble. destruct() isn’t working. I’m scared now. Definately a job for Adam 😛

And here I was hoping to get birthday presents finished this morning. Oh well.

midsized feature maration

I had stomach and headache issues again this morning. The whole vivid dreams thing is starting to make sleep pretty much pointless again, I think. I took a pill last night and that helped me crash, but didn’t do anything to the dreams…

My old high school choir visited a Right Guard factory in China when we were really looking for a person who was hiding out at an Old Spice warehouse. We wound up getting chased by bandits on horseback across the border into a more civilized nation where we hung out at a fairly nice house until the bus arrived to pick us up. For some reason or another, we decided to hold Sarah hostage in the back room, but she untied herself and came back out to join us after a while. Then everyone’s clones showed up. This was particularly disturbing when the twins’ clones arrived… then there were four of the guys… shudder.

I managed to spend the greater majority of the day (after I started feeling better) in programming features on the mud. I churned out a huge pile of non-trivial additions to the game, so today was at least productive in that sense.

And the list I reported to the ML isn’t complete either… I also upgraded the meditate command, updated the FAQ, edited carnivore ai so they stopped leaving the inedible bits of their prey all over the mud, and hacked on the codex site for a while.

dull brainache

The vivid dreams have not stopped. They are actually quite consistent. I am kind of dreading this evening, I don’t know that I really want to go to sleep because I know that they are out there. The dreams are not troublesome in and of themselves, but they do prevent me from getting much rest. Hence, I am voluntarily awake at 2am for the first time in a while.

I have recently put the Walraven Codex into a wiki format. I am really quite liking the software that I have here (TikiWiki) – it is the best content management system I’ve played with so far, and the wiki aspect is faster than MediaWiki was.

I have written up a document on the Guild of Hunters for the game and just finished working on what will eventually be a similar document for the Templars. I am quite thrilled to be producing actual game content again. It’s kind of funny, I haven’t really written anything about either of these two groups in years – and they have finally decided to consume my mental processes for the last week or so. Both docs are posted as articles on the Codex site.

I have a new toy. It is pretty. A Dell Axim x50v PDA. The thing flies at over 600mhz and has a 16-bit 480×640 screen. Thing is truly wonderful. I picked up a 512mb compact flash memory card and it looks like I will be able to put about two hours of high quality DivX video on there. I’ve been watching Macross (愛・おぼえていますか) on there with much happiness so far.

blah users

Ok, so the mud is in beta testing right now. We have had some users for quite a long period (some people who joined us before we declared alpha are still around). Yet, these people… are acting like utter and complete morons 😉

Last night they just posted 3 bug reports on the same well-intended feature. Specifically, I have changed the skill tree layout and converted people’s old abilities over to the new tree. Magic spells now require a vast array of abilities in order to cast them successfully. For example, our ice bolt spell requires skill with ice mana and evoking technique.

Well, when people’s skills converted over from the old system, some magical technique skills (such as dancing and cursing) did not have any previous analogues, so nobody wound up getting them. People are reporting a ‘bug’ that they don’t know every ability in the game. Yeesh. The other bug report was that somebody didn’t have proficiency in whips… sigh.

It’s user failure. Replace the user.


I have recently been on a Discworld kick. I just finished reading Thief of Time and am now working on The Fifth Elephant. This leaves some six or so of the 30ish books unread by yours truly. I have the new book, Going Postal, on order from SFBC and hope to receive it within a few days (today is the release date, I believe).

I have also been spending more than my fair share of time logged into the mud. In addition to my normal character (Allaryin the Morporkian Seer), I have created four other characters: Kikichikki the Agatean Pishite, Kyaneos the Hublandish Barbarrian (female), Kurogane the Agatean Safecracker, and Adryn the Agatean Witch (female). Kiki has finally reached the point where he can cast resurrect, Kuro can backstab and is working on actually being able to crack safes, Adryn brews a mean pot of tea and can sometimes fly (and -really- needs to learn Morporkian and move to the Ramtops), Kyan can pretty much butcher anything she feels like.

I’ve also been mapping the heck out of the place. I have zMUD maps that cover every street in every major city in the game as well as my ever-expanding overworld map that comprises the entire highway system east of AM (and a bit west of town too – I’m currently charting through Omnia toward Klatch.

I had written a short bit of PHP to convert the different game currencies around and am now considering putting some maps of my own up on the site (including information that people actually need – like what’s in different shops and such, eh?). The temptation to do the maps is very strong… and once I start, I will not be allowed to stop.

The big problem with the mapping is that I’ll need a good program to render the things in, zMUD being nice and all – but entirely inappropriate for my needs. The thought occurs to try to use zMapper, but since he discontinued the project, I see no reason to register it. Chances are high that I might wind up using something more along the lines of some sort of CAD system.

Ok, people are here.