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mmo-a-week: week 2.5: alganon post-mortem

Well, there’s not much I really want to say here outside of a bit of an observation.

Since I stopped playing Alganon two weeks ago, they have sent me two emails.

  • The first was to advertise that they were giving away free mounts to all beta testers who wanted one. I did not log in to claim mine 😛
  • The second arrived last night and advertised that they really are completely intent on launching in ONE week.

They released a state-of-the-game article monday night to address a lot of their problems. To summarize it all as succinctly (and as snarkily) as possible:

Yeah, there are bugs, lots of bugs, but we’re actually actively patching things that should have been resolved before we declared open beta. We like crunch mode. Sleep is for mortals who plan ahead. We plan on “hitting” a magical launchable degree of quality before December, somehow.

We’ve finally fixed our billing system, so we can charge forners. Downloading the client works again.

We’re still in denial about our rip of WoW being a bad thing. We’re gamers writing a game for gamers, so clearly since we enjoy a bad copy of a polished product, all other “gamers” should too. We’re trying to copy as many features as humanly possible, regardless of the quality or ethics involved. People don’t complain about bugs, they complain about the “similarities” to “other games” they play. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel or even compete with anything vaguely shaped like a wheel.

Our players who use the forums have drunk the kool-aid. We believe that they will brainwash others, but we don’t want to “steal” players from other games, honest. We’re not in it for the money. We’re all about the ART, man. Clearly we’re not rushing to market to start recouping some of our development costs.

We are totally the first “real” fantasy MMO to launch in two years. Warhammer and Conan don’t count. Runes of Magic and Aion don’t count either. Neither does anything else imported from Asia…

We love you, please don’t hate us for being derivative.

I wish Alganon well, the crazy fools. Really, I do. I just don’t envy the worker drones who’re tasked with making this pig up at the last minute. Surely the insanity isn’t rampant throughout the entire company… just the public facing elements, right? Right? Oh well.

p.s. This week’s report on Ether Saga Online is 2/3 finished. I’ll try to publish it before end of day.

mmo-a-week: week 2: alganon

Week 2: Alganon

When I was kicking off my research for this project, I read up a bit on Massively. One of the games they were talking about a good bit at the time was Alganon… and one item of particular interest was that they were launching open beta on Nov 11th. I figured that was sufficiently coincidental and added it to the calendar 🙂

I’m starting a day late (Nov 12th) because of aforementioned deadness on the 11th.

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mmo-a-week: week 1: dragonica

So here it is, my first mmo-a-week report. I apologize for not posting it yesterday, but I put in over 12 very frustrating hours at work and pretty much fell asleep the moment I finally got home in the evening.

I am going to see how the play-along journal format works out. I’m kind of torn on it, but it’s what I’ve written so it’s what I’m posting. Just imagine that today is really Nov 4th and we’re skipping through days with every couple of paragraphs 😛

Week 1: Dragonica

I’ve heard about Dragonica for a while now through banner ads but didn’t really give it a second thought. My first impression: cutesy korean mmo with all of the cookie cutter website components one expects. Seriously, do they sell MMO-in-a-Box or something at convenience stores over there? Dismissed the game entirely and thought nothing of it (like I do with the five or six other identical games I see this way every day).

Yesterday (the day I decided to torture myself), I got involved in a conversation on GamerDNA where someone had posted some of her screenshots of the game. After asking a few times for specifics on what distinguishes the game from everything else out there, the only answers I got were “pretty” and “no clicky combat”. Which… doesn’t really distinguish it from very much of anything imho. I almost decided against trying the game for week 1 when I read on their front page that the servers were planned for maintenance from 1000 to 1700 GMT+8. Ammon fails at math. GMT+8 != GMT-8 (where I am). So in stead of the game being down from 10am to 5pm my time, it finished patching at 1am, I think.

Away we go!
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mmo-a-week project

Partly because I’ve not posted much recently and partly because I wonder if I can convince myself to do it… I am hereby announcing intent to bully myself into trudging through the hellish wasteland that is the world of free and “beta” mmorpg’s.

The rules are simple. Every week for the next 50+ weeks, I am going to try to choose a free to play mmorpg or one for which I have acquired a nda-free beta invitation. I will register and download and install and play the game. I will attempt to play one character to a decent level and maybe attempt an alt if time/interest allow. I will catalog/tag broad features and elements of the game to allow for easy comparison between all games thusly reviewed.

Schedule-wise, I will attempt to post on Wednesdays. This gives me a running start into the weekend.

I will accept suggestions, but lacking a suggestion will otherwise choose games that jump out at me from banner ads or mmorpg.com over the course of the week, etc… Games chosen will go into a queue and the next new game will be announced when the previous game’s review is posted.

In the case of games I have attempted before but haven’t ever formally reviewed… I’m not entirely sure what to do. I think that many of them are worth consideration and a second chance, so they will likely find their way onto the queue – but I promise to avoid doing two re-reviews in a row and will extend that to a promise that I will attempt to avoid largely similar games on successive weeks.

In the event of closed beta sorts of games where I’m not at liberty to disclose details, I will attempt to maintain my regular schedule in addition to closed beta duties… and will try to produce an end-of-nda sort of review if at all possible.

All that being said, I will begin the torture tomorrow 🙂