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mmo-a-week: week 7: eden eternal

Aaand here’s another half-written review – this article was written the first week of June 2011. I’m really great at this sort of thing, but whatever. CONTENT! I don’t have impressions recorded, so will let my playsession monologues speak for themselves this time.

It has been something like 18 months since the last article in this series. Week 6 happened some time last summer, when I reviewed Allods. In a failed attempt to get my kid brother involved in the exercise, I wrote the review in such a way that it really depended on his input to be worthwhile… I will have to sit back down and play the game again in order to make things work. So I plan on revisiting them next.

This week, I did Eden Eternal, another title made possible by Aeria – one of my favorite publishers of F2P games (the game is developed by some Chinese studio I’ve never heard of). I really like Megaten and DoMO; Grand Fantasia was on my todo list and might be slated for a future installment if I can keep this up.

I heard about Eden Eternal through a Massively article and had pounced on their beta key giveaway a few hours before noticing that a few people I occasionally banter with online were playing the game over their lunch breaks 😛 That’s good enough of a reason for me and I downloaded the game that evening.
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mmo-a-week: week 6: allods

This post was only partially completed, as my coauthor bailed on me. Two years later, I’ve decided to just post it in all of its incomplete glory. I haven’t finished my normal editorial process or anything else that normally buffers my opinions. But I’m actively annoyed by the whole domain name theft thing right now and am just putting content up now because CONTENT.

Ammon – 2012-07-30

Methinks the break has been sufficiently long. I apologize for the extended hiatus – I had only planned to take one or two months off… The final 6 months could have been 24 more games examined, but the pressures of work and then the pressures of no work have conspired to prevent me from resuming the project. Either way, things are quiet/stable enough at present that I am going to give things another go.

One game that I had always wanted to give a look was Allods. It is out of Europe, which is a refreshing change for starts. There was a lot of love on the net during betas, but life conspired against me. I had signed up for CB last year but never received an invite. Open beta happened in February, in the middle of crazy work crunchings, so I didn’t get a chance to play then either. I figure this is a good place to start – and I’ve got four more games marked on my calendar, so let’s hope that life cooperates 😉
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mmo-a-week: week 5: florensia (incomplete)

Time was actually short this week. I spent a lot of time alternatively between work, a closed beta, and Borderlands. Lots of Borderlands. And some Dawn of War, come to think of it… but anyhow.

The game I had wanted to look at this week is Gatheryn. They’re nominally in “open” beta, but put testers under a clickthrough NDA. So… they go on the list with all of my other closed beta games of interest in stead.

After a lot of debate and consideration, I’ve decided to just go ahead and give Florensia a shot and be done with it.

Week 5: Florensia

character portrait

Florensia looks like a pretty generic Asian sort of MMO. The Western publication of the game is handled by the same folks who’re publishing Ragnarok Online and Hello Kitty Online in english, so I figure it’s worth a look for that reason alone.

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mmo-a-week: week 4: fallen earth

So I’ve actually got a game I want to report on this week. Holiday didn’t allow me to pick up a new F2P game and the first rule of Closed Beta is well, yeah. But Steam had an evil sale on like 300 games, so I buckled and snagged a few.

Fallen Earth is not free to play, and it is not in beta any more. But it was on sale for 50% off last week, so that – combined with the recent comments I’ve been reading on GamerDNA was good enough for me.

Well, that, and there were 15-day trial keys available from The Escapist last weekend. So… close enough 😉

traffic sign

Week 4: Fallen Earth

I’d tried FE near the end of their beta cycle… and hated it. The controls were brittle and confusing. It was easy to inadvertently unwield your weapons, etc… and I died twice and never finished the intro. The experience was frustrating enough that I played the game for two hours before giving up on it entirely.

Thankfully, they’ve fixed a LOT since then. It’s playable. There are still some rough edges, but they’re manageable.

Unlike the previous games I’ve looked at, Fallen Earth is actually rated M (17+) for subject matter and language. I have not encountered anything overtly objectionable yet, and the violence is downright cartoonish for an M title these days, but it’s a harsh wilderness out there…

This might read a bit differently from my previous mmo-a-week reports because I didn’t actually take notes this time – I was too busy just playing the game 😉 Also, I played equally on two different machines, so my screenshots are in two different resolutions (some are full 1920×1080 HD behemoths), so be warned when you click.
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mmo-a-week: week 3: ether saga online

Sorry I was 9 minutes late according to blog clock, but I took my time sifting through and retaking screenshots. It’s still the Wednesday here in California though 😛

So this time around was rough picking a game. After a lot of internal debate, the deciding has been made.

Lunia Chronicles just launched this week and has some good things going for it, but it looks like another goofy footed wrist breaker in the vein of Dragonica and I’m still healing from week 1. But they have SLIME as an unlockable character class… No. I will resist. The lure of bashing heads as a baby slime is strong, but not strong enough. Maybe next month.

Week 3: Ether Saga Online


No, it had to be a traditional click-to-move Korean style MMO. After all, that’s what I said I’d be playing for this series and I’ve not done one yet. The strongest initial contender was Ether Saga Online in light of their recent parenting award. That’s enough news of interest to give the game a chance.

Other candidates were games I’d seen in banner ads this week… but after a bit of googling to see what gameplay looked like, this music video (to Usher’s “Yeah!”) was the deciding factor this time around. If the characters are that expressive in game, I can’t help but try. Ether Saga it is.

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