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rift soul breakdown – mage – tier 1, sturdy

It is that time again. Today’s highly scientific categorization method splits out the mage archetypes who can take the most beating. Summoners manage it by taking the beating by proxy, and harbingers manage it by actually being relatively durable for a clothie.

Mages are unique among the callings for having two full blown pet souls. If you combine the two, you can still only maintain one pet at a time – but you do get other synergy bonuses. So that’s fun.


Each point spent in Elementalist increases damage by 0.5% and pet damage by 4%.

Elementalists are a pet class who as their name implies can’t pick a damage type and stick with it. They do the most varied damage of the mage archetypes: earth, air, water, and fire. And they have summons to go with it. This makes them overlap nicely with a large segment of the other souls.

As a zero point class, Elementalists get a Lesser Earth Elemental. This is a basic tank pet that caps out at level 30 like all other basic summons. I find it the least useful summon these days – barely being able to maintain aggro for the summoner in single target pulls, much less tanking for a group or aoe pull. The upgraded version is significantly more reliable.

The lesser elementalist tank pet is technically almost identical to the lesser necromancer tank pet – but it still feels weaker. This is largely due to differences between elementalist and necromancer mechanics – and in differences between a zero point and an eight point ability. I’ll get into this more when we revisit these souls for tier 2.

For zero points, Elementalists also get their primary bolt, Crystalline Missiles, which does straightforward earth damage with a 2 second cast time.
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rift soul breakdown – mage – tier 1, squishy

I agonized over it for all of two minutes and decided that the three buckets I’ll be splitting mages up into and decided to go with support/healing, the more durable summoner/melee archetypes, and glass cannons. Today’s set of mages nuke hard and fast and depend on their damage output more than anything else to last through fights. That’s right. We’re talking about squishies. Actually, we’re not, but I’m going to pretend we are because it makes the math easier. In all honesty, there’s no good way to split up the 6 core dps mage souls. I could do 2 summoners vs 4 non-summoner… but I am liking the 3v3v3 thing. So 🙂


Each point spent in Pyromancer increases damage by 1%.

Pyromancers are the most iconic “mage” archetype that Rift has to offer. They throw fireballs and fireblasts and fire bursts and other fire things that start with b. And they light the ground on fire and generally kill things with fire. This is not the most subtle class. Originally, they had some mechanics that encouraged the glass cannon schtick even further – making them more effective if they stood still. That’s all gone and now they’re easier and more fun to play in my opinion.

At zero points, pyromancer gives you Flame Bolt, which is an instant cast, high damage nuke with an 8 second cooldown.

In the current skill trees, mages all have one or more spammable nukes that “count as a Primary Bolt”. These abilities are usually earned at zero points. There are numerous talents across the various skill trees that augment primary bolts somehow. The pyromancer’s primary bolt, Fireball, comes at zero points and has a 2.5s casting time with a 40% chance to light the target on fire for 8 seconds.
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