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virtualbox rules

Nothing much to say here, but with absolutely minimal pain and suffering, I have 64-bit linux virtual machines running on top of my 32-bit windows XP install. This pleases me.

The recipe:

  1. Compatible CPU with VT-x/AMD-V enabled in the BIOS
  2. Innotek/Oracle/Sun VirtualBox (a current version) with hardware virtualization enabled
  3. Profit!

The one downside to this? 64-bit VM’s running on 32-bit host OS can’t see multiple cpu’s. Boo. Hoo. I’ll just run more VM’s!

64-bit centos installer 64-bit ubuntu livecd

(almost) all systems go

Well, it took a bit longer than originally planned (illness certainly didn’t help), but I finally found the time and have a full Linux install running on my PS3.

Hostname? Anathema. Not in the traditional dictionary sense, but as in Anathema Device, the heroine of Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens.

Hostnames matter to me. It’s also nice to keep a pattern to them. The current criteria I use when determining hostnames is as follows:

  • The name must be a character from a fantasy novel, preferably by Terry Pratchett.
  • The name should ideally be a female character – as every server I’ve ever had with a male name has been nothing but trouble.
  • I should ideally be able to make some sort of pun or other bad joke about the hostname and the computer’s intended purpose (ex, Hedwig was my mail server).
  • The name can’t have already been used on any machine I’ve had any sort of shell script level access to.

Well, Anathema meets the desired criteria. It’s an unused female name from a Terry Pratchett novel, and there are certainly some connotations and jokes that could be made about it. That, and it’s been a name that I’ve been kind of sitting on in hopes of finding powerful enough of a machine for it.

Gentoo PS3

I followed the guide at http://overlays.gentoo.org/proj/cell/wiki/InstallGentooOnPS3 with one minor exception. I did 99% of the work over SSH because I don’t actually have a high res display to plug the system into… but other than that, this was my easiest Gentoo install ever.

The Gentoo PS3 LiveCD (Beta) does not support the WiFi device in the 60gb PS3. Turns out, no distro does yet. According to Terra Soft, this is currently under dev with some support from Sony. Unfortunately, there are also no USB WiFi options that I know of that are supported under Linux either…

So until that happens, the device will be using a wireless bridge/router toy that I’d picked up to support my laptop in my travels.

I’m also only seeing two cores atm… so that’ll also take some doing. But we’re running. And that’s what matters most.