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the saga of tickwire – part 5

Early Winter, 251

Winter arrived moments after I finished dealing with the merchants.

Dwarf Fortress 2014-03-17 04-19-51-522

The first room that will be going in downstairs is a mechanic’s workshop right next to the stone pile, and it will probably be paired with a mason’s shop as well.

Dwarf Fortress 2014-03-18 16-09-01-714

Bugeyes is apparently en route to build the workshops, but he’s taking his sweet time getting downstairs to do so…
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the saga of tickwire – part 4

Late Summer, 251

Excavation is going well downstairs – 1/3 of the original rock storage room has been cleared away, which has allowed me to designate the area as a stockpile with 2 wheelbarrows. Dwarves have begun dumping things down there instead of all the way up on the ground floor. I’ve decided to dig the surface farm right next to our subterranean one. This will require a bit more digging (as there is an overhang that needs to be carved away), but should be a bit safer and convenient in the long run.

The engraver (who will receive a name once the month ticks over) has finished smoothing a large portion of the upstairs hallway, and his wife has finally started cutting trees upstairs with her shiny new training axe.

I’m also starting to think that we need to build some traps. Maybe once the next batch of freeloaders shows up that will free the labor to get started there.

Early Autumn, 251

Our 8 nest boxes are all placed (not that we’ll have enough adult turkeys for a while yet – but this way we’re prepared for when the time comes). The final bit of the bottom of the surface farm is queued for digging – now to channel out the area above it.

Dwarf Fortress 2014-03-17 00-06-06-324

Puppies. It looks like our first litter is only one male and one female. We’re expecting two more very soon. We’ve also got a baby male goat – who was apparently automatically assigned to the same pasture as his parents, so that saves some time. I guess this means that we’re also probably expecting a lamb soon.
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the saga of tickwire – part 3

Late Spring, 251

Our mason has created a “masterpiece”. Which is to say, he made a door that is fancier than the other 7 he has previously made. However, it does call to mind the fact that we’ve not named him – nor most of the other dwarves. So let’s rectify that minor oversight.

The game wants to call our mason Clinchedcloistered… which is not only an affront to the eyes but to the tongue as well. We’ll have to think about what to call him a bit more. Let’s see if anyone else has tolerable names…

One of our miners is named Savedtin (which we will abbreviate to Savetin) and the other is Bodicedrums… which. Just. Wow. Unfortunately, I cannot pass this opportunity up. Bodicedrums it is. The brewer is is Stircrafts – which is just awesome; and the cook is Towerfolded (Towerfold).

As far as our poor mason… looking over his description, I think I am going to have to call him Bugeyes – which is sadly better than what the game would have had me call him 😉

Spring is almost over and we haven’t planted any crops yet. Thankfully, the fishing is decent and we’ve got eggs and cheese to eat. But this does not solve what will be a rapidly depleting supply of booze. So getting a farm dug out is our top priority. Maybe we’ll be ready to plant things the first week of summer?

Dwarf Fortress 2014-03-15 04-24-00-433

The clerk has finally finished getting our records to a point where the inventory screens are useful. We are down to 21 drinks – this is critical and will not last the summer (we need a minimum of 28 drinks even if no freeloaders show up). Even though we’ve made a still, there is nowhere to put drinks – all of our barrels are currently in use. So it looks like Mansionwalks is about to start churning out stone pots. I think I want to set up a clay industry soon, that might be interesting.

I’ve also spotted a leopard on the edge of our land. Hopefully it picks on the wombat and not us…
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the saga of tickwire – part 2

Early Spring 251

We have just arrived at the future site of Tickwire, fortress of … fortitude or something. It looks like our initial pack animals are a male horse and a female donkey. Normally, this would mean that we could breed mules, but I am pretty sure the game overlooks that sort of thing because it would be one of the only viable cross-breeds possible.


Our initial loadout is full of animals. One of our first priorities will be setting up nests for the turkeys and pasture for the sheep and goats. But, before we do that, we need to look around.
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the saga of tickwire – part 1

As is wont to happen, Dwarf Fortress was mentioned during the lunchtime video game discussion I was having with coworkers… and I grew homesick. And after looking at the dev blog’s depressing changelog, I decided that it would be pointless to wait any longer for a new release. I’m going to start playing DF again now (v0.34.11).

Between Rift with family, Diablo with friends, and Minecraft with umm, the Minecraft community(?) where do I plan on finding time to play DF? Everywhere. Since DF is such a pause heavy, information dense game, I need to take extensive notes… which I may as well attempt to make entertaining.

So. I am going to attempt to take notes in a more narrative way than I normally do – and take enough notes that I can actually keep track of what’s going on when play alternates between 3 different locations and 7am, lunch, and 2am. It’s going to take forever, but it should be fun. Wish me luck.


I created a world with the default settings and made a sandwich. Or at least, I would have made a sandwich if I was somewhere I could have done that. What I actually did was kick off a stubborn recompile on the build server and think about sandwiches while both it and the world creation ran. The recompile finished first.

When my world finally finished and I hit embark, I was presented with this interesting decision:
I am always tempted to accept the first location the game proposes, largely because I find the search so tedious, but also because it has resulted in some interesting challenges in the past.
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