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new mmo’s

It’s been a while since I’ve given a new MMORPG a test drive… literally. It was Auto Assault, and I hated it 😉 The driving and shooting bit is kind of fun, but towns are an ugly heinous experience that left me feeling oddly soiled for having looked at them. Partying is meh. I expect it can be better than what I experienced, but the rest of the game is so generally uninspiring that I’m not surprised to hear that NCSoft has been losing fistfulls of money as a result. And, honestly, if I want a driving game… I’ve got several for my GCN/PS2 that don’t require me to pay a monthly subscription fee. Go Mario Kart!

So, I’m looking into the betas of Hero and Deicide Online. (Why can’t people come up with game titles that don’t have the word ‘online’ in them, I wonder?)

We’ll see what happens. I’ve got the Deicide client downloading right now (at the traditional 1kbps rate that one tends to expect from these kinds of downloads). The Hero client won’t let me download until the 14th or 15th when the closed beta actually starts. So it’s really a race. Will the Deicide client finish downloading before the Hero client lets me start downloading? 🙂

update – June 14th, 7:15pm

Well… It’s the 14th. Hero’s site has changed, but the client still refuses to download – saying that “Client Download will be available on June 14th”. Are they trying to kill their bandwidth all at once or something? 🙂

Deicide is still downloading 😛 Though, I admit, I had paused it for a few hours there.

update – June 14th, 9:40pm

And whaddaya know, the Hero client lets me download now 😉

And of course, the Deicide download broke on me so I’m having to start over again. Apparently they patched versions or something and took the other file down. 😛

So far, both games are really failing to impress, ne?

update – June 15th, 6:15pm

Well. Once Hero finally let me download the client yesterday, it didn’t let me play, citing that the servers wouldn’t be open until 11pm PST. I logged in at 5pm PST with no problems. It was slow, but it let me in and let me create a character (more on that another time).

I ran around for 5 minutes before Penny called and I left the game idle as I drove around the corner pick her up from work. Upon my return, I discovered that not only had I been disconnected (which would have been acceptable, even expected), but I also was greeted by a machine that had quit out of the client program entirely. No main menu or login screen. Nothing. Not even a stale crashed process from what I can tell.

My attempts to reconnect all hang – the third time, I finally got a timeout message saying that the server was down for maintainance or something. Perfectly allowable, but very inadequately handled.

And of course, Deicide is still downloading 😛

Actually, it’s funny. The download froze on me again. Just locked up solid at around 31% and resisted all attempts to resume… I’ve got A’tuin downloading it now and will see if that makes any kind of difference. Not terribly hopeful though, for behold:

It’s fluxuating pretty evenly between 5-12K/s and just plain hanging for a 20 seconds before resuming. I think I saw it burst as high as 14K/s a few seconds ago… 😛

rincewind kersplodiness

Last night, I was running around on RF Online, enjoying Rincewind’s “new” video card when the machine died on me again. All attempts at resurrection have bombed. I am expecting that I need to

Now, Rincewind has this habit. Every few months, he crashes catastrophically. He’s uncontested in the race for my most expensive computer ever.

My initial cost was something like $1,400 but after hardware failures during the first week (which waranties I was not able to redeem because the seller was based in Manhattan), my total cost to get the machine running was closer to $1,700. And those are 2001 dollars, back when I was earning $7/hr as a care provider for disabled folks.

Hedwig by comparrison was something just under $1,000 to get running if I remember correctly. Replacement parts over the last few years have only added up to $100 or $200 total.

Anyhow. Rincewind has acquired a new motherboard ($75) since then. And a new hard drive (300gb, 7200rpm, $150). And more ram (a gig, $100). And a better video card (radeon 9200, 128mb, $100) which I just replaced ($100). Total pricetag so far? $2,225 if my estimates are adding up correctly.

And that’s for a machine with a 1.4ghz processor. I’ve finally capped the AGP slot’s capacity with monday’s upgrade. The mobo can handle an Athlon XP 3200+ and up to 4 gigs of DDR400 ram… But a new processor to cap out the machine’s speed would run me $185 at Newegg right now and the memory would run $260 minimum for name brand stuff…

For the money I’ve spent on Rincewind so far, I could have built an Alienware… sigh.

Anyhow. We’re hoping that it’s hard drive issues (which the machine’s been plagued with in the past) and not the new video card that caused the problem. I’ll swap out drives and reinstall windows tonight to see what happens.


Ok, I’m all but done with my little break from the mud. Pre-req’s for my resuming work on the game:

  • The game & associated web page must be running off of Esme. A’tuin is fired.

Yup. Long list. I’ve compiled the latest driver on Esme already and am copying the lib dir over right now. Whenever that’s copied, I’ll hammer on it until the game runs – at which point I’ll prolly make a cleaner copy (shut down game and forums for a bit in order to guarantee a clean shift).

So, hopefully very soon not only will Walraven be back in active production… it will be in production on a much sturdier machine. Yay!


Well, it’s the 22nd and I’ve still not finished migrating the mud… typical. Worst case scenareo is that we make it happen on the 28th – when Acius arrives in town for a week 😛

skullcrusher mountain

Ok, I know this has been around for a while, but I was listening to Mur Lafferty’s Geek Fu Action Grip today and she mentioned it. Which reminded me… It really is the ultimate geeky love song out there.

So, for those of you who aren’t familiar with Jonathan Coulton (and those of you who’ve simply forgotten), or if you’re just having a hard time getting into the spirit of the holiday, do yourself a favor and cruise on over to his site and listen yourself to some good old fashioned Skullcrusher Mountain. It’ll cheer you right up 😉

(I’m not linking directly to the MP3 as per the artist’s wishes – it’s not hard to find the download, just scroll down a bit)

A few other recommended Jonathan Coulton songs for today:

  • A Laptop Like You
  • Millionaire Girlfriend
  • My Monkey
  • Shop Vac
  • I Crush Everything
  • The Future Soon

esme part 2

Well, wow. I’m really getting annoyed with how BSD handles library paths. The ldconfig command has markedly different behavior than under Linux – and even though I take great pains to make sure I am using it the BSD way in stead of the Linux way, it doesn’t always work.

I installed Cyrus SASL today from an official package off of OpenBSD’s site. The package installation apparently didn’t even issue the correct ldconfig command. So, in order to use the library, I had to issue another command – so it could find 8 more libraries that were missed the first time around.

After that, I yelled at OpenLDAP until it finally compiled with SASL support and then repeated the same sort of yelling and screaming fit at Exim before it learned how to play nice with LDAP, SASL, and MySQL.

This took me all of 3 or so hours to accomplish. That’s just plain wrong. Normally, on a machine with this much horsepower, I’d be done with this kind of installation in well under one. I’m beat for the day, so am not gonna play with more stuff at the moment, but tomorrow’s schedule is BIND, SpamAssassin, and amavisd-new (including their supporting libraries and applications). Oh, and Mailman as well, of course 😉

Yeah. The ML is actually gonna be coming back in the forseeable future 😛