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mmo-a-week: week 5: florensia (incomplete)

Time was actually short this week. I spent a lot of time alternatively between work, a closed beta, and Borderlands. Lots of Borderlands. And some Dawn of War, come to think of it… but anyhow.

The game I had wanted to look at this week is Gatheryn. They’re nominally in “open” beta, but put testers under a clickthrough NDA. So… they go on the list with all of my other closed beta games of interest in stead.

After a lot of debate and consideration, I’ve decided to just go ahead and give Florensia a shot and be done with it.

Week 5: Florensia

character portrait

Florensia looks like a pretty generic Asian sort of MMO. The Western publication of the game is handled by the same folks who’re publishing Ragnarok Online and Hello Kitty Online in english, so I figure it’s worth a look for that reason alone.

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