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home free

And the hospital finally let us come home.

Alanna’s doing wonderful, even managed to sleep through her first car ride 🙂

Penny’s recovering rapidly, but I still have a shopping list of things to pick up for her (yay, vicodin!) later tonight.

But first! I get to take a shower and change clothes for the first time in what feels like weeks 😛 (It’s actually only been since Wednesday morning… but still…)


Alanna Leola Lauritzen

Born 11:34am, April 5th, 2007

6 lbs, 14 oz – 19″ length – reddish hair

Alanna & Penny in Hospital

I’ve got a camera and I’m not afraid to use it.

alanna-first-pic.jpg alanna-grandpa-kirk.jpg alanna-cleaned-up.JPG Alanna’s First Night Aww, so cute! Awake & Content Sitting Up Sleeping in Daddy’s Lap Tummy Time Her Very Own Bed

Short version of the story:

We were due last Thursday and nothing happened. So, we scheduled to induce today (Penny’s doctor said she would have been worried if it took past the 9th or so).

At or shortly before 12 this morning, Penny started having contractions and didn’t tell me. I laid down to sleep… and she “woke” me at 1am (I can never actually fall to sleep in that short of a time). We walked around the apartment until a bit before 4am, when it was decided to head on in to the hospital.

6am, it started to get bad, so it was decided to get an epidural… which finally happened around 8am because of emergencies tying up the anesthesiologist until shift change. Epidural didn’t really work. Wound up pumping an enormous quantity of stuff into Penny’s back – calling anesthesiologists back into the room no less than 5 or 6 times to attempt to make things more comfortable.

11amish, things were pretty much over. Started pushing, called doctor into the room, baby was out very quickly. Washed and weighed her while Penny was taken care of.

I took first pictures and started with the phone calls. Penny’s parents arrived while I was on the phone with my mom. Around 2pm, Mom and Dad left and we started getting ready to relocate into our actual room. 3:30ish, we dropped Alanna off in the nursery for some monitoring.

4:30, they brought her back to us, and she’s been here ever since. Mom and Dad came back around 6pm with some Wendy’s for me (hospital provided Penny with some 3 meals this afternoon/evening but I was left to scavenge for myself).

I have a fold-out couch to crash on in the room tonight. Hopefully, I’ll even be given a blanket if I can behave myself. 🙂

and so it begins

Actually… it started about 2 hours ago.

Go figure. We were scheduled to go in to induce at 8am today. With any luck, we’ll be done before then 😉

Either way, if she behaves herself and comes today, she doesn’t have to share her birthday with the likes of her Aunt Stori.

it’s a little black and white squiggle

This afternoon was Penny’s first ultrasound. I took off a bit from work to watch, and it was nice. Not quite the same emotional experience as listening to the heart tones a few months back and I’m not sure how to compare the two. But it was happy. A good bit exciting, a little bit terrifying, etc…

Mostly, we enjoy the confirmation that we’re not pulling some enormous prank on people. She really is expecting and there really is a human shaped person in the tummy that’s only just barely started showing.

I am amazed at how far the technology has come with this sort of thing. It was nothing like the chicken bones and tea leaves that I have previously associated with sonograms. The image resolution was incredible. We could see very clear and distinct features. The machine was even able to render the direction of the child’s blood flow.

They gave us four pictures, and if Penny doesn’t, I’m going to have to be the evil one and upload them.

Oh, and apparently, it’s probably a girl. Obviously we’re not 100% certain here, but when the pictures start backing up the gut feelings and dreams I’ve been having for over a year now… that’s good enough for me.


Penny has scanned and posted the pictures in her inaugural blog post.

happy christmas

Christmas went well. We drove down to Thatcher on the evening of the 22nd and just got back around midnight twenty last night. Loot was pretty standard fare of clothing and candy bars. Outstanding toys included a flour mill from my in-laws (and 5 #10 cans of wheat to grind) and an old (1978) Farewell Space Battleship Yamato (さらば宇宙戦艦ヤマト 愛の戦士たち) artbook. For a 27-year-old picture book, it’s in remarkable condition.

I am sore beyond reason after yesterday’s festivities. Penny’s father (Kirk) has been wooed by the siren call of the paintball gun (his best friend is something of a junkie for that sort of thing). I was somehow caught up in all of this and got to spend the majority of yesterday afternoon running around in a sandy river bottom getting shot at by people in entirely better shape than me. Most notable injuries include an almost point-blank shot to my left shoulder (golf ball sized bruise) and a series of three shots to the back of the head by some dufus who didn’t hear time out called (one kid twisted his ankle and we were seeing if he was ok). But mostly, I’m just sore from using muscles I’ve not used in a while – I’ve not done any sort of good simulated combat in about 10 years.

Oh, that and Danny (brother-in-law, ArbyFish person) almost killed everyone with his attempt at building a model rocket. Kirk had an evil idea for uses of their leftover wrapping paper tubes… we spent most of the time leading up to Christmas in figuring out how to launch the things. Eventually a standard design was settled on:

  • Cardboard tube from wrapping paper for body
  • Hard styrofoam ball for nose
  • Cardboard fins glued on tangentially to the tube for stabilization and stuff
  • Pipe insulation to hold the motor in place
  • Motors of size C through E, because overkill is not enough

Our first successful launch was interesting in that it ejected the foam insulation and motor out the back two seconds after the engine cut off – leaving a sulphurous crater in the neighboring cotton field. Our funniest launch (with the exception of Danny’s) was tantamount to a declaration of war on our neighbors (the Bishop) as rocket bits rained down on his house.

Danny… built a little rocket (10″ long or so) and named it Gimpy. He put three huge fins on it and tried to attach them perpendicular to the tube in stead of tangentially. He stuffed an E9 in the back. Upon ignition, the rocket got about 6 feet off of the ground before one of the fins was torn off, at which point, the thing began spinning in loops. The overall flight path took it barely over the house and dove it into the ground on the other side. There was much fear that one of its revolutions would take it in the direction of the spectators. Once catastrophe was acknowledged as averted, there was much hilarity and rejoicing.