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mmo-a-week: week 4: fallen earth

So I’ve actually got a game I want to report on this week. Holiday didn’t allow me to pick up a new F2P game and the first rule of Closed Beta is well, yeah. But Steam had an evil sale on like 300 games, so I buckled and snagged a few.

Fallen Earth is not free to play, and it is not in beta any more. But it was on sale for 50% off last week, so that – combined with the recent comments I’ve been reading on GamerDNA was good enough for me.

Well, that, and there were 15-day trial keys available from The Escapist last weekend. So… close enough 😉

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Week 4: Fallen Earth

I’d tried FE near the end of their beta cycle… and hated it. The controls were brittle and confusing. It was easy to inadvertently unwield your weapons, etc… and I died twice and never finished the intro. The experience was frustrating enough that I played the game for two hours before giving up on it entirely.

Thankfully, they’ve fixed a LOT since then. It’s playable. There are still some rough edges, but they’re manageable.

Unlike the previous games I’ve looked at, Fallen Earth is actually rated M (17+) for subject matter and language. I have not encountered anything overtly objectionable yet, and the violence is downright cartoonish for an M title these days, but it’s a harsh wilderness out there…

This might read a bit differently from my previous mmo-a-week reports because I didn’t actually take notes this time – I was too busy just playing the game 😉 Also, I played equally on two different machines, so my screenshots are in two different resolutions (some are full 1920×1080 HD behemoths), so be warned when you click.
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