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mmo /played

How much time have I spent plugged in to virtual worlds over the years? Idunno. Can’t really track it very accurately because a lot of the numbers have been thrown away or were never recorded in the first place. I’ve been meaning to take this survey for a while now, and a few minutes of investigation have proven enlightening or at least vaguely entertaining (to me).

world of warcraft

I primarily play Allaryin, a dwarven hunter, my only lvl 70 char. I don’t raid and I burnt out on PvP a while ago. In fact, I hardly play any more. My account is currently pending cancellation (like the 4th or 5th time) as soon as my paid time runs out again.

Despite all of that, my total /played for all of my extant characters is about 53 days. 37 of those were spent on Al.

everquest 2

I’ve had 3 main characters over the years. That said, however, my total playtime on all remaining characters is barely 7.5 days. Half of that has been spent on my current ‘main’, Juvu, a lvl 35/31 sarnak shadowknight/armoursmith – my first serious attempt at playing a tank in any MMO in over 10 years.

city of heroes/villains

I don’t know what my CoH/CoV played time is. My subscription is not active. But I have two characters that I’ve spent the bulk of my time on, Tetris and Columns. I suspect Tetris’s /played time is 2x that of Columns’, despite their vast level differences.


I have no idea how much time I spent on FFXI. I don’t even remember if that sort of data was easy to acquire or not. My main character, Kikichikki the Taru WHM hovered at the lvl 20 boundary off and on for months before we finally pulled the plug on our accounts for the last time.

three kingdoms

3K is the mud I played the most during college, and despite my lack of desire to continue playing there, I have hosted several sites for different guilds over the years. My character has hopped between just about every class available in the game, and is finally back in Priests where he started. He is 65 days old.


The Discworld mud is probably still my favorite text-based game of all time. I’ve put in a lot of time into every class in the game, but all of my alts appear to have been deleted over the years. The only character I have remaining is my main, the current incarnation of Allaryin of the Venerable Council of Seers – 14 days old.


I guess it’s not much surprise that I’ve spent more time on my own game than anything else. Since I first added character age tracking, Allaryin has logged in excess of 260 days of play/idle time.

Of course, in all of these games, I’ve had other characters that took time but were eventually deleted for one reason or another. And then there are all of the games I only demo’d or beta’d… and the numerous derivative faceless Diku clone MUD’s and cookie cutter Korean MMO’s…

It will take a LONG time for these newfangled graphical games to even come close to the time I’ve spent on MUD’s.

city of everquest

So, it was announced today that NCsoft will be doing some MMO work with Sony. Both have major operations in Austin, so that makes sense. NCsoft is one of the better MMO studios on the planet, so that certainly doesn’t hurt my PS3’s prospects, either.

I’d link the actual press release off of NCsoft’s site, but they’re dumb and don’t seem to give permanent links to them? *mutter* Anyhow, the relevant portion reads:

Santa Monica, Calif., July 11, 2007 — NCsoft® Corporation (KSE:036570.KS), the world’s leading developer and publisher of online games today announced an exclusive game development deal with Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) that provides for NCsoft to create several online games for SCEI’s PlayStation® platforms, including PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) and PSP® (PlayStation®Portable), accessible through PLAYSTATION®Network. The announcement was made today at the E3 Media and Business Summit taking place in Santa Monica, California.

Although company officials did not divulge any details regarding the names or types of games in development, NCsoft officials did say the games would be created from both existing intellectual properties (IP) owned by NCsoft, as well as new IP.

… irrelevant self praise and other generic info snipped …

But I am a bit confused… after all, doesn’t Sony have their own MMO department? Are there implications for closer cooperation and eventual buying and merging in the future here? The possibilities melt my brain slightly. While I’m pleased to hear that NCsoft will be producing PS3 software and am especially pleased to hear that they’ll be building games from existing NCsoft IP, I’m very interested in seeing how the crossover with Sony plays out. [Insert silly visions of SOE becoming absorbed by NCsoft and producing City of Everquest’s Lineage Wars]

One really interesting little side note to this whole deal is the future status of City of Heroes/Villains. After all, Marvel and DC both sued Cryptic/NCsoft over their use of the word ‘superhero’ and all that fun stuff a while ago. Now, Cryptic is working with Marvel to produce an MMO for the 360/PC – a game that will come in direct competition with City of Heroes. With this news, NCsoft (who shares the CoH/V trademark with Cryptic) will possibly be working with Sony on their DC based MMO for the PS3/PC – another game that will likely compete directly with CoH. Interesting times.

I’m still kind of bummed that the 360 got the Marvel contract and the PS3 was stuck with the DC contract. I don’t like DC 😛 I mean, ok, fine, Batman’s cool… but that’s really about it. I actually buy and read Marvel comics 🙂 Of course, nobody’ll actually be playing as either Batman or Spiderman, so I doubt the IP really matters all that much, but it’s the principle of the thing, ne?

eq2 feign death

Just a quick note.

The EQ2 folks released some details on their plans for PvP today. While I think that a lot of their decisions are taking a big stupid step backwards (like breaking language comprehension between folks just because of alignment reasons)… one happy little feature in particular did catch my interest:

“Stealth, Invisibility and Feign Death effects cast during combat will force anyone targeting you to lose their target.”

Now… if only Blizzard would to that… Feign would actually be a valid option in PK 😛 Sigh.

Story of my life?

You cast feign death.
Bob the cow crits you for eleventy billion damage.
You die.

more everquest

Ok, you know it’s bad when you can’t sleep because you’re thinking about a stupid video game. Specifically, a stupid video game that nobody else will play with you…

I’ve given a bit more thought to the whole EQ2 thing and am pretty certain that I want my dwarf to become a guardian. He’s halfway through the job upgrade quest, having hit lvl 9 this morning before my stomach rebelled on me.

Minor adventure:
Was simply grinding away at mobs in the forest ruins outside of Baubleshire (since my primary is a hobbit, alts just bum off of his house for storage when their vaults fill). At level 7, the dwarf could pretty much inflict a constant stream of death and carnage against mobs his size or smaller without stopping – because mini-dings are cool (every 10% of a level in EQ2, you’re healed to full).

Well, very nearly approaching the boundary for level 8, a rabbid aggro badger (elite, honor, whatever EQ calls them) spawned behind me and proceeded to chew me into pieces. Surprisingly, I almost survived. Debt was only 2%, so no biggie, I came back, tried again, and did much worse that time around because I wasn’t quite as prepared as I should have been.

Wander around for 10 minutes until I ding 8 and make my way back to find that nobody has killed the badger yet. Yar! Badger dies. Badger drops nice shield and Adept I book for lvl 12 Warrior skill. A sign? I think so. Fighter->Warrior->Guardian it is then 😉

Will probably have enough xp to ding 11 shortly after switching to guardian, and Al will probably be able to find himself a decent enough supply of friends. If not, he will still tank like a Buick, and I don’t mind Jeopau twinking him out a bit with some of his carpentry earnings if I need to squander some on happy armour…

Argh! Somebody play with me!


Once again, I hear the siren call of Everquest. Kind of. (2 of course, the original was completely unplayable)

Penny has shown a little interest in the game and has taken a wood elf priest through the newbie island but has yet to actually go through the apartment quests and all.

We were having minor issues with Tarma at the time – go figure, Athlon64 3200+ with an nVidia card (which SOE apparently swears by) having trouble keeping up with the lowly Athlon 1400 with its ATI card. Grin. Probably helps that Rincewind has about a gig and a half of ram and a better motherboard by miles – and of course that nVidia really isn’t worth the silicon its printed on 😉

Either way, I’ve throttled the graphics options way below the settings I’m using on Rincewind, have moved Tarma onto the wireless bridge (we think that her PCI wireless nic was causing most of the unreliability), and things seem to be playing smoothly – if a bit uglier than I would have liked.

My main is a lvl 14 halfling bard (and lvl 20 carpenter). I have kind of reached the point with him where soloing isn’t very effective. He can’t exactly tank, and he can’t exactly deal the kind of damage he would have if he had gone to either of the other scout subclasses. Bard needs party, and frankly, I’m hesitant to start hooking up with the natives for some odd reason or another.

Thankfully, there is the mentor system, which will allow me to use him to play with Penny. Of course, she’s so low level right now, that he ceases to become a bard if that happens 😛

I’ve got four other chars on the server atm: two fighters, a priest, and a mage. None of them are above lvl 7 and I am wondering about playing around with them. Looking at power sets makes me wish (strangely enough) that there were more than 24 classes in the game. I’m having a hard time finding something that interests me enough to blast through to lvl 10 or so. Silly, no?

Hrm. I’ve got a bit of time before I plan on going into work. I think I just might grind with my dwarf (fighter) for a bit and see if I can’t get the poor guy headed in the direction of becoming a useful tank.

Plans for chars?
dwarf fighter – tank, paladin or guardian (prolly guardian)
kitty fighter – dps, monk
human priest – not really sure
frog mage – nuke, prolly wizard
hobbit bard – spoony, dirge