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mmo-a-week: week 3: ether saga online

Sorry I was 9 minutes late according to blog clock, but I took my time sifting through and retaking screenshots. It’s still the Wednesday here in California though 😛

So this time around was rough picking a game. After a lot of internal debate, the deciding has been made.

Lunia Chronicles just launched this week and has some good things going for it, but it looks like another goofy footed wrist breaker in the vein of Dragonica and I’m still healing from week 1. But they have SLIME as an unlockable character class… No. I will resist. The lure of bashing heads as a baby slime is strong, but not strong enough. Maybe next month.

Week 3: Ether Saga Online


No, it had to be a traditional click-to-move Korean style MMO. After all, that’s what I said I’d be playing for this series and I’ve not done one yet. The strongest initial contender was Ether Saga Online in light of their recent parenting award. That’s enough news of interest to give the game a chance.

Other candidates were games I’d seen in banner ads this week… but after a bit of googling to see what gameplay looked like, this music video (to Usher’s “Yeah!”) was the deciding factor this time around. If the characters are that expressive in game, I can’t help but try. Ether Saga it is.

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