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mmo-a-week: week 7: eden eternal

Aaand here’s another half-written review – this article was written the first week of June 2011. I’m really great at this sort of thing, but whatever. CONTENT! I don’t have impressions recorded, so will let my playsession monologues speak for themselves this time.

It has been something like 18 months since the last article in this series. Week 6 happened some time last summer, when I reviewed Allods. In a failed attempt to get my kid brother involved in the exercise, I wrote the review in such a way that it really depended on his input to be worthwhile… I will have to sit back down and play the game again in order to make things work. So I plan on revisiting them next.

This week, I did Eden Eternal, another title made possible by Aeria – one of my favorite publishers of F2P games (the game is developed by some Chinese studio I’ve never heard of). I really like Megaten and DoMO; Grand Fantasia was on my todo list and might be slated for a future installment if I can keep this up.

I heard about Eden Eternal through a Massively article and had pounced on their beta key giveaway a few hours before noticing that a few people I occasionally banter with online were playing the game over their lunch breaks 😛 That’s good enough of a reason for me and I downloaded the game that evening.
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