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the legend of stillmanors – part 11

Autumn, 252

So while last season took a ridiculously long amount of time and was played across 3 different builds of the game, we still made excellent progress. Workers were “better” organized, an above-ground farm was started in earnest, a good bit of mining happened, and mysterious trails of vomit appeared throughout the fort.

Our current top priorities are textiles production and housing improvements. I’ve queued up some of our pig tail stockpile for processing and will have to schedule 2 more batches to finish it all. By then, maybe we’ll be looking at some rope reeds to augment things. I don’t plan on getting into dyes any time soon – we can always expand out to that later.

I’ve also requested that all of the rocks salt apartment floor walls be smoothed to match those we constructed after digging out the initial iron strike.

1st of Limestone

An animal has grown to become a Stray Mule.

Whelp, time to process him I guess.

3rd of Limestone

‘Gulfmine’, mayor cancels Store Item in Stockpile: Taken by mood.
‘Gulfmine’, mayor is taken by a fey mood!
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the legend of stillmanors – part 10

And of course, Toady’s released 0.40.18 since I went through all of the changelogs. However, it just looks like a general stability hotfix, so nothing to worry about… I hope. Of course, I also just realized that this all means that I’m operating without Therapist for a while as well. Things just keep getting better.

And of course, I got interrupted halfway through the season and am resuming this well after 0.40.24 has come out and been commented upon… 😛 Unfortunately, my screenshots from the 0.40.18 portion of this season have been lost, so I’ll just have to make up for that in the second half.

On the bright side, I do have Therapist again, so happy 🙂

Now where was I?

Summer, 252

Okay, our people are just getting used to the notion of using rocks, and we’re starting by tiling all of the sand/clay hallways with stone.

I think I’ll schedule a few statues for crafting after all of the previous masonry is done.

We’ll also queue up gathering a bunch of surface plants in honor of the dwarves newly discovered ability to pick up fruit.

2nd of Hematite

Our pet piglet has grown to adulthood. That means the breeding is about to commence.

And Racediamonds has gained hammerdwarf skill 🙂

4th of Hematite

‘Standardblocks’ has begun a mysterious construction!

5th of Hematite

‘Stirredtowers’, Hauler has died of thirst.
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the legend of stillmanors – intermission

I should have posted this sooner, but that would defeat the true purpose of an intermission – which is to take naps. I’ve taken a lot of naps in the last two months.

Actually, the intermission was provoked by a few slightly less lazy things. One rl tragedy that will not be discussed here, one ridiculous workload, and a few game releases… And of course, the new Pokemon comes out tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes 😛

And then there were the patches. DF has been updated 5 times since Stillmanors started. Before I resume normal updates (tomorrow?), I figured I’d go over the changelog as I am curious myself. With this many updates, it is entirely likely that some of the changes will actually affect the game.
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the legend of stillmanors – part 9

Spring, 252

The instant spring hits, our carpenters finished another segment of the aquifer wall. So progress really is happening down there. Ugly, ugly progress.

Aquifer. Must. Happen.

But I also can’t simply let the fortress idle around while I focus on the aquifer with 20 dwarves sitting doing nothing at a time… so a few busywork projects are in order as well.

Glassblower makes coffins, carpenters make more boxes and barrels, food people make food. Actually, I’m going to open up a second kitchen.

2nd of Granite

Patternmines has created a masterpiece wooden jug.

And I’ve quarantined Stirredtowers in the foundry – pending a cure to his affliction.

5th of Granite

Goslings have hatched. (5 female, 2 male)
Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 2.53.34 PM
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the legend of stillmanors – part 8

Winter, 251

Well, we’ve finished rudimentary security on the entrance to our fortress – the only ways in are funneled through places we nominally control.

I also realized that we’ve not placed nest boxes in the fattening pen – so any newly adult poultry can’t lay eggs. We’ll rectify that situation soon enough.

3rd of Moonstone

Thief! Protect the hoard from skulking filth!
Poor kobold got spotted by wall construction crew before he even got close enough to maybe be caught by one of the traps I haven’t yet been able to build…
Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 9.48.23 AM
Huh. He started to run away when spotted (typical), but then he appears to have gone for a swim in one of the ponds… Shrug, he made his swim check and eventually got back onto dry ground – escaping in time to avoid any hint of military response.
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the legend of stillmanors – part 7

Autumn, 251

And now for something completely different! Let’s make a desalination plant on the beach. I’m predicting that someone is going to be hospitalized soon… and a supply of fresh water is likely to be important.

Also, before I forget, I’m going to allow Championpully to play leatherworker in honor of the awesome sharkskin suit she made – even though it was under the influence of a possession and therefore resulted in zero skill points earned and we already have Vesseldips doing some slightly more skilled leatherworking. I figure it’s better to have coverage on the task at this point.

A section of the cavern has collapsed!
‘Factionfountains’, Miner cancels Store Item in Barrel: Unconscious.

Oops. I should have been a bit more careful there – had queued some squaring off of one of the seasonal ponds to make a surface farm. But It looks like I dropped a pile of dirt on Factionfountains in the process, bruising his arm. He’ll be fine once he shakes it off.
Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 12.52.45 PM
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