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valentines events

Well, it’s that stupid time of the stupid year again.

I’ve never liked Valentine’s Day. It just never appealed to me. Something about forced emotions and all. Shrug. That, and I don’t like chocolate 😛

Both CoH and WoW are running markedly different events for the holiday. I’ve played around with both of them a bit and find the differences kind of interesting.

City of Heroes

In CoH/CoV, the event centers around an interdimensional nightclub that players of both factions may visit. It’s kind of a neat place. Loud music, flashing lights, and no PvP allowed. Anyhow. The place opened in late January if I am remembering correctly.

As a way of pushing attendance, they then launched this V-Day event that enables/requires heroes and villains to party together and do some fairly demanding missions. It’s repetitive – in order to get the badge, you have to kill the same boss 5 times (and for each of those five times, you have to kill him 3 times within the same mission…).

But it’s cool. I got to run around with my lvl 22 necromancer sidekicked to lvl 40 defenders and scrappers (hero healer and melee dps classes respectively). It was great fun. Much overkill happened.

They also sell temporary party buffing/healing powers at the nightclub that are most effective when used on a member of the opposite faction. I burnt through one of each type, with absolutely amazing results. Scrapper with my +attack and +def buffs was unstoppable. The defender got hurt, I healed her for something like 900 damage. (For reference, at level 22, with a squishy type character, I have something around 300 hp. My normal heal does around 100 points and is very useful. I assume that since defenders are kind of squishy as well, they don’t have more than 3x my hp at only 2x my level).

In addition to the nightclub missions, you are also given a free costume piece just for logging in during the event – a toga 😉 Apparently you can quest further and get some sandals and a laurel crown. Event is kind of sponsored by Eros. So, yeah.

I ran around quickly and finished my mission to earn a second costume slot and can now switch into my toga at a moment’s notice. I’ve got to look up on the web and see what has to be done to get my other costume components. What’s really kind of funny with the toga is that since my char’s thematically rather associated with the undead, I made him very very pale. This does not look good at all in a toga. So, when he switches costumes, he suddenly gets a rather nice tan 🙂

As with all events in the game, they send all registered players an announcement of the details. In this case, the document in question is currently available on their web site here. It’s a funny read.

World of Warcraft

Warcraft’s event is also kind of interesting. There seems to be some sort of plague of lovesickness sweeping the planet. And there is this ugly, evil little flying goblin in a diaper with a bow…

Basic event function is spraying oneself with perfume/cologne and giving cards to assorted NPC’s. Most of the time they accept and give you a present in return. Unless it’s the Stormwind city guards. They’re mean. You have to collect a total of 15 items per faction, and the items you get per gift exchange are kind of random (so you will probably have to gift more than 15 NPC’s to get them).

Tony and I both did all of the gifting we needed to do in Ironforge last night, and each only got rejected 1 or 2 times. I am about 2/3 of the way to finishing my Stormwind collection and have been shot down no less than 5 or 6 times.

Yeah. Tony and I are both IF natives. So, it could be some really subtle racism code, but I’m not certain. It could also be somehow related to one’s current faction standing with the city in question – we’re both very well loved at home, but my worst Alliance faction rating is with SW.

Or… it could be somehow related to the buff you get when you cure somebody who just got rejected. When you get shot down, you get a heartbroken debuff that lasts for an hour unless some other player gives you a friendship bracelet. Yeah. Cute. Anyhow, when you give it, you receive a positive status effect without any apparent numerical significance. Since Tony and I had both healed each other, we were both running around with the whole Power of Friendship buff or whatever it’s called. I wonder if that offers you a bit of protection from the heartache? 🙂

Anyhow. In addition to this whole running around and smelling pretty and giving out cards nastiness that has infected all six capital cities in the game, there are NPC’s who are concerned about the whole situation and agree that something is not right. I don’t know about the Horde side of things, but I’ve been sent on something of a wild turkey chase all over Stormwind to get perfumes analyzed and such. I’m not actually being sent out of town to hunt down the supplier of the chemicals 😉 It’ll be funny. It’s a mid-low level area that they want me to visit.

pinnacle down 2.0

Aaarrrggghhh!!! It’s time for another bad haiku.

Bleepitty bleep BLEEP!
Again, with the crashing
Amused, I am not

This crash didn’t last as long as the previous one. And, also unlike the previous crash, only Pinnacle was affected this time. We think it was our fault, somehow. We. I was in a strikeforce who had only just attacked Bat’zul.

The fight was literally only seconds old when the server went down. I took a picture, but was most dissapointed to discover that the HUD was removed by default. Thus, the big “CONNECTION LOST” message isn’t hovering over the middle of the screen. I’d also have liked to have the party roster in the picture, just to verify who all helped crash the server 🙂

So… after a few minutes, when the server came back up, we had to do the entire last mission all over again. The bright side of all of this is that we got to kill the mini-boss a second time. He drops lvl 23 single origin enhancements. So, we each got two off of him from that 🙂 Then the final boss seemed to drop between 2 and 4 more SO’s for people. So even though the entire run took us something like 3 hours to complete, it was muchly worth the trouble.

I went from barely into lvl 16 to just under 19 from all of that. I have FOUR zombies at a time now 😛

*Muahahahahaaaahaa..ha…haha* *cough* *sputter* HA!

pinnacle down

Le sigh. My CoH/CoV server is down right now. I should write a bad haiku, because, well… that’s what one does when servers go down, isn’t it? 🙂

like rivers of ice
my connection timed out
the server has crashed

Last week, I finally picked up City of Villains when I noticed that the price had dropped to $30. Happy deal since I already have an active City of Heroes account and the expansion just plugs right in w/o increasing subscription costs or anything.

In the grand tradition of all things of this nature, I was compelled to see what could be done about raising an undead army. Several hours of play later, I have a 14th level mastermind (necromancy/poison spec). He’s neato. While his individual attacks don’t do a terrible amount of damage, he currently has three zombies who are also attacking at the same time. I can generally drop a single yellow mob before he has time to react. I don’t handle additional mobs as quickly, since I generally burnt everything on the first kill and have to wait for everything to cool down, but that’s ok.

I have hit points. Lots and lots and lots of hit points. Granted, my character himself isn’t all that impressive. He has no defensive abilities and is one of the squishier archetypes in the game. But, when you take into account the three literal meat shields he has in constant attendance, the amount of damage required to take me down becomes significantly increased.

Matt (friend from TAMS, works hacking perl for NCSoft’s billing system) finally got around to playing CoV. For some reason, he never really did CoH. It was actually his fault I got started in the first place, and then discovered that he wasn’t playing 😛 Hooray for consternation. Well, early this week, we actually managed to party together in CoV. It’s great, our chars were not only the same level with similar power sets (he’s a dark blast/miasma corruptor), we were actually working on the exact same quest arc.

This must be a new CoV feature, because I certainly don’t remember it happening in CoH. But when we completed his first mission, a dialog popped up on my screen, asking if I wanted to receive credit for having completed the quest as well. There was much rejoicing. In CoH, I have very strong memories of doing the same handfull of missions multiple times in rapid succession in order to complete it for each of our individual party members who had it.

What was also fun is because he’s so inexperienced at the game this week was really only his second time in a party. It was great 😉 We’ll learn him better next time, eh?