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mmo /played

How much time have I spent plugged in to virtual worlds over the years? Idunno. Can’t really track it very accurately because a lot of the numbers have been thrown away or were never recorded in the first place. I’ve been meaning to take this survey for a while now, and a few minutes of investigation have proven enlightening or at least vaguely entertaining (to me).

world of warcraft

I primarily play Allaryin, a dwarven hunter, my only lvl 70 char. I don’t raid and I burnt out on PvP a while ago. In fact, I hardly play any more. My account is currently pending cancellation (like the 4th or 5th time) as soon as my paid time runs out again.

Despite all of that, my total /played for all of my extant characters is about 53 days. 37 of those were spent on Al.

everquest 2

I’ve had 3 main characters over the years. That said, however, my total playtime on all remaining characters is barely 7.5 days. Half of that has been spent on my current ‘main’, Juvu, a lvl 35/31 sarnak shadowknight/armoursmith – my first serious attempt at playing a tank in any MMO in over 10 years.

city of heroes/villains

I don’t know what my CoH/CoV played time is. My subscription is not active. But I have two characters that I’ve spent the bulk of my time on, Tetris and Columns. I suspect Tetris’s /played time is 2x that of Columns’, despite their vast level differences.


I have no idea how much time I spent on FFXI. I don’t even remember if that sort of data was easy to acquire or not. My main character, Kikichikki the Taru WHM hovered at the lvl 20 boundary off and on for months before we finally pulled the plug on our accounts for the last time.

three kingdoms

3K is the mud I played the most during college, and despite my lack of desire to continue playing there, I have hosted several sites for different guilds over the years. My character has hopped between just about every class available in the game, and is finally back in Priests where he started. He is 65 days old.


The Discworld mud is probably still my favorite text-based game of all time. I’ve put in a lot of time into every class in the game, but all of my alts appear to have been deleted over the years. The only character I have remaining is my main, the current incarnation of Allaryin of the Venerable Council of Seers – 14 days old.


I guess it’s not much surprise that I’ve spent more time on my own game than anything else. Since I first added character age tracking, Allaryin has logged in excess of 260 days of play/idle time.

Of course, in all of these games, I’ve had other characters that took time but were eventually deleted for one reason or another. And then there are all of the games I only demo’d or beta’d… and the numerous derivative faceless Diku clone MUD’s and cookie cutter Korean MMO’s…

It will take a LONG time for these newfangled graphical games to even come close to the time I’ve spent on MUD’s.

city of everquest

So, it was announced today that NCsoft will be doing some MMO work with Sony. Both have major operations in Austin, so that makes sense. NCsoft is one of the better MMO studios on the planet, so that certainly doesn’t hurt my PS3’s prospects, either.

I’d link the actual press release off of NCsoft’s site, but they’re dumb and don’t seem to give permanent links to them? *mutter* Anyhow, the relevant portion reads:

Santa Monica, Calif., July 11, 2007 — NCsoft® Corporation (KSE:036570.KS), the world’s leading developer and publisher of online games today announced an exclusive game development deal with Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) that provides for NCsoft to create several online games for SCEI’s PlayStation® platforms, including PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) and PSP® (PlayStation®Portable), accessible through PLAYSTATION®Network. The announcement was made today at the E3 Media and Business Summit taking place in Santa Monica, California.

Although company officials did not divulge any details regarding the names or types of games in development, NCsoft officials did say the games would be created from both existing intellectual properties (IP) owned by NCsoft, as well as new IP.

… irrelevant self praise and other generic info snipped …

But I am a bit confused… after all, doesn’t Sony have their own MMO department? Are there implications for closer cooperation and eventual buying and merging in the future here? The possibilities melt my brain slightly. While I’m pleased to hear that NCsoft will be producing PS3 software and am especially pleased to hear that they’ll be building games from existing NCsoft IP, I’m very interested in seeing how the crossover with Sony plays out. [Insert silly visions of SOE becoming absorbed by NCsoft and producing City of Everquest’s Lineage Wars]

One really interesting little side note to this whole deal is the future status of City of Heroes/Villains. After all, Marvel and DC both sued Cryptic/NCsoft over their use of the word ‘superhero’ and all that fun stuff a while ago. Now, Cryptic is working with Marvel to produce an MMO for the 360/PC – a game that will come in direct competition with City of Heroes. With this news, NCsoft (who shares the CoH/V trademark with Cryptic) will possibly be working with Sony on their DC based MMO for the PS3/PC – another game that will likely compete directly with CoH. Interesting times.

I’m still kind of bummed that the 360 got the Marvel contract and the PS3 was stuck with the DC contract. I don’t like DC 😛 I mean, ok, fine, Batman’s cool… but that’s really about it. I actually buy and read Marvel comics 🙂 Of course, nobody’ll actually be playing as either Batman or Spiderman, so I doubt the IP really matters all that much, but it’s the principle of the thing, ne?

tetris in the morning

Whee. Apparently, if you hit “enter” after typing in your post title on b2evolution… it is perfectly willing to create and publish an empty entry 😛


A few days ago, I reactivated my CoH account and started playing around again. My new video card makes an enormous difference. Pocket D is just amazing with the effects and sewer maps have a lot more to them than I remembered.

Today the Good vs Evil bonuses went live for online purchase, and I acquired them ($10 for permanent upgrade to all chars – new and old – on the account). The Pocket D teleport ability is cool (just one more way to get around town) and the jumpjet is ok. I imagine it’ll be awesome on chars w/o a travel power (or those with super speed who have problems gaining altitude). Unfortunately, it also has a relatively long cooldown and a 30 sec duration before running out so is only good for one big jump or something.

I’ve not played with the new costume options yet, I don’t want to lose my current one.

The big news is that for the first time in AGES, I’ve earned a level (19) with Tetris. And it was a doozy.

See, last I’d played him, he contracted himself a case of the zombie plague. No actual turning into a zombie, that’d have potentially been cool. Nope. Disease gives you swarming flies around your body and a nasty permanent debuff to both your maximum health and endurance (and endurance regen).

Well, Tetris is a controller, specifically an illusionist. He uses high amounts of end to get his job done. In order to succeed in missions, he relies on invisibility and mind control and stuff. This costs lots of juice. When you have no juice… things suddenly become downright impossible.

So, it took me about an hour and 2 deaths to finally get cured of the disease.

Then the final mission in the story line has you putting an end to Dr. Vahlizok’s latest version of the plague by glowy hunting (something that invisible chars can – surprise – do with zero danger). I think the high level glowy hunt was my true reward for the nightmare that was the diseased portion of the mission.

The final glowy to be hunted (infected body to be incinerated) was in this enormous Frankensteinesque workshop. I tried to snap a picture but apparently it didn’t take. Also, when I turned in the mission to my contact, she said something about actually coming face to face with Dr Vahz. This thing, I did not notice. I’m kind of bummed, because I could have taken him. Zombies are notoriously weak vs invisibility and stuff. Oh well.


Well, life with my little horde of pink and purple villains is pretty good. We’re playing together almost every night and the group is increasing in numbers every week – we actually have more than the 3 people in their 20’s now.

Last friday night, we decided to do the respec TF with one of our allies (a very effective healer who isn’t quite willing to jump ship from her current SG and join us yet). We started at 9pm and didn’t finish until 2am. The reason for this being that the final boss took us something like two hours to kill. With a healer, a nuke, and 2 summoners, we just didn’t have the firepower to beat him down fast enough – especially since our damage types were all wrong.

The boss was a tree. A great honking tree that shoots out poison spines, is surrounded by constantly regrowing vines that also shoot out thorns, and is worshipped by screaming hordes of evil necromancer types. The tree is located in a great big round room and is surrounded by a number of barrier mounds of earth that interrupt line-of-sight between the outer wall and the base of the tree.

The general procedure for killing the monstrosity is as follows:

  • Do a lap around the huge room and eliminate all cultists.
  • Do another lap – much faster this time – and kill all 24 vines.
  • Charge the base of the tree and pound on it until it dies.
  • Beat down any vines that respawn on you while you’re killing the main tree itself.
  • Retreat behind the hills when things get bad and when the occasional ambush patrol of newly spawned cultists shows up.

Had we actually managed to do this, we’d have been fine.

Unfortunately, the three vines that spawn close to the vulnerable portion of the base of the tree tended to all spawn at once and all target the same victim at once – for 300+ damage total per volley. My lich was probably the toughest one in the group – he only has 550 hp. If both the dedicated healer and I turned and healed somebody at once, we could probably keep up with the damage… but only if our reaction was immediate.

We tried several different tactics, including climbing the back wall and sniping the tree and vines. Unfortunately, they all seem to have an infinite range, and by climbing up high enough, we were subjected to fire by more than just the three in front of the tree.

Eventually, we settled into a groove of letting the lich attempt to tank most of the hurt. I spammed heal on him and he endeavored to heal himself from time to time. And this worked, so long as the vines never spawned. But, when they did spawn, they tended to drop him in about 2 seconds since Radio (the healer) was too far away to respond and was busy keepign the rest of the group alive.

When the vines (or ‘VOMES’ as it was typoed in a particularly loud cry for help from Kernel one time) spawned, the lich would usually die and we would turn all of our attention to dropping them. This typically resulted in several minutes spent licking our wounds and trying to resummon our pets – on those occasions where we managed to kill them all before they turned on and dropped a party member in stead.

Had the vomes been the only problem, we’d have been fine.

But, in addition to spawning new vines every 10 minutes or so, the blasted cultists liked to ambush us something like every 30-40 minutes. And they tried to coordinate their spawn with that of the vines… So we’d be very much busy trying to drop the vines before they dropped us when a handfull of demons and ghosts and archers would saunter in through the back door and start hammering on us from behind.

We would then die horrible sucking chest wound type deaths. By the time we all respawned, returned to the tree, and cleaned up the cultists, the tree would have been completely healed and we would get to try all over again.

Finally, we caught and survived an ambush, which gave us enough time to turn around and finish off the tree before yet another wave decided to show up.

Finishing off the boss and completing the mission bumped me up to level 28 and reduced my accrued debt down to 14k. Now… I must have been 12-15k away from level when we finally killed him, and exp earned while in debt is split down the middle. So he must have been worth around 30k exp and I must have racked up something like that in debt… each death costing me somewhere around 3k debt…


One time, while we were all busy running back from the hospital, I threatened that I’d create a new character – a dedicated healer/support spec who would actually do FIRE damage when he was forced to pick up a nuke ability (stupid trees…). And it was decreed that he would be named after the most vicious thing any of us had ever fought.

The CoH character builder utility has found a new home at http://sherksilver.coldfront.net/.


Archetype: Corruptor
Primary: Fire Blast
Secondary: Thermal Radiation

coh/cov build

I was playing around with the CoH/CoV Character Builder yesterday and decided to duplicate my current (and planned builds). And since I was re-creating/planning things in the builder, I figured I may as well dump them here, eh? I’ll prolly go through and link all of the powers to their appropriate descriptions on GameAmp or something.

URL for the character builder is: http://home.comcast.net/~SherkSilver/index.html, but for some reason, b2evolution is blocking the URL – probably some sort of spammish history with Comcast or something 😛


Kiki is the character in limbo. His name comes from my FFXI WHM/BLM Taru result of the random name generator (For some obscure reason that I forget, it wasn’t letting me choose a name to use). I had always planned on making him a summoner whenever I got high enough, but the level treadmill on FFXI is so slow and unforgiving that he never really made it past 20.

He was the first CoH char I ever created, but has been purged and re-created (both as a hero and as a villain) no less than 6 or 7 times now.

If I do ever get around to re-creating him, I’m torn. I would like to preserve some taste of his FFXI class history, but with Tetris already being a healer/summoner/passable nuke – that slot is kind of already taken on the hero side of things.

I’ll prolly post something once I make up my mind as to an appropriate build to live up to Kiki’s name


Ok, on Feb 19, I finally decided to sit down and come up with a tentative build that I’m going to play with until level 10 to see if I like it.

Kiki will be an Energy Blast/Dark Miasma corruptor with Super Speed and Medicine. This gives him rather potent damage, crowd control, and evac/wipe recovery capabilities. He gets good healing, two rez abilities (one for in combat, one for out), and picks up a summon at level 38.

Archetype: Corruptor
Primary: Energy Blast
Secondary: Dark Miasma


On March 6th, and in the wake of Vomes, I deleted Kiki (who was only level 3 at the time) and will probably be creating him again as a Hero char after all – likely with the same power sets as mentioned above.


Archetype: Controller
Primary: Illusion Control
Secondary: Kinetics

Tetris is/was my primary character. I must have created him back during I4 or so (back long before I was paying attention to patch notes and such). He’s incredibly low level for the amount of play-time I’ve put into him – currently only 18.

I’m pretty certain that I like this plan for his development – that he become a primary healer, pick up his future summons as they are made available, and round the whole thing off with a bunch of Ice Mastery.


Tetris finally got around to using his free respec (awarded back around I3 or something). He’s since dropped repel in favor of group invisibility and is most likely not going to pick up the medicine power set. No further plans exist for him yet.


Archetype: Mastermind
Primary: Necromancy
Secondary: Poison

Columns is currently level 23 and holds the distinction of being the first char that I actually planned for more than a level in advance. At 15, I sat down with a pencil and plotted his skill choices through 38.

Future levels are waiting for I7’s Patron Powers to be announced, since I’m probably going to be choosing one of them for my remaining 4 abilities.


Columns has completed the respec trial and will be dumping his nukes in exchange for debuffs. No other plans have been finalized yet. When I do decide upon how to spend the respec, I’ll post the details in a new post.


Archetype: Stalker
Primary: Energy Melee
Secondary: Energy Aura

Kini is currently level 7 and isn’t planned quite as seriously as Columns is. It doesn’t really look like any of the stalker nrg powers are not worth having, so the decisions aren’t as clear-cut as they were in the previous case.

The only decisions that I’m really confident about are those made up to level 14 – and possibly that of grabbing super speed some point later in her career. And ditto to Columns’ indecision on levels 41+, as they’re pending I7.

purple (and pink) meanies

Tonight I wound up partying with a pair of rather cool players in CoV. On a whim, I asked them about their supergroup (CoH/CoV guild) and was invited to join. I am now a member of Malefactors Anonymous. Our colors are … pink and purple. It’s absolutely hideous on my character. Is humorously bad.

Founder(?) of the group’s name is Sweet Sakura – and naturally, she chose colours that worked with her outfit. Other guy is big robot looking thing, so it’s funny on him, but not as bad as on my necromancer. I am strongly considering putting together some sort of group photo (with before and after versions) just to prove how bad the transformation is.

It’s kind of funny how I happened to hook up with them. All three of us were on the same mission – and Sakura and I were both incredibly annoyed at it. Talking back and forth over public channel whether or not we should group to do it I wound up bumping into her as we both searched for our quarry (ie, we both landed on the same rooftop to regroup and get our bearings). So, yeah.

This should increase my general level of enjoyability in the game. They’re cool kids. I also got my stalker alt into the group (catgirl with pink energy punch of doom – Penny actually selected the costume). And, unsurprisingly, she looks good in the pink/purple combo.

If I don’t hear any more about my attempts at creating a web page for my WoW guild, odds are high that I’ll just scrap it and use the space for something for the CoV group 😛

In addition to this group, earlier today, I wound up in another good party – a duo – with a guy who mentioned that he was dissatisfied with his SG, so I might try recruiting him to the pink side as well. Bwahaha!

Update – Mar 6

Apparently it wasn’t Sakura’s idea to go with the pink… so one can only assume that Kernel is to blame. Shrug. I’ve since spent a lot of time tweaking my costumes to make them look less ugly in pink/purple and am more or less resigned to my fate.

However… the thought of gradually shifting the purple to a shade of blue (since I do have that much access to the group’s settings…) is very tempting in deed 🙂