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rift soul breakdown – oracle – tier 1-3

With the new expansion souls hitting pts and scheduled to drop in the next major patch – 2.7 – instead of waiting to launch along with the expansion 2 patches later in 3.0, they have become increasingly more relevant. They’re also likely to change subtly from their current state – but I doubt they will actually change all that much. So I’m going to take a break from iterating over the launched classes in order to look at the new expansion souls. I’m also going to do these one soul at a time, but do three tiers of each soul per post.

Some sites (notably Magelo) have posted these soul trees already – and I’ve looked at what they display, but I figured it was easy enough to check things out for myself. So all of my information is direct from the current test server.


Each point spent in oracle increases damage by 0.75%, healing by 0.5%, and absorption by 0.5%.

Oracle is the full support spec for clerics. It has always been possible to do warden/druid/justicar heals on top of an otherwise dps build. But all you wind up with is something that hits harder than a tank and heals slightly better than one. Clerics have never been able to provide their group with significant buffs. This is where other classes have really shined by comparison. Everyone else already has one or two souls that do wonderful things to a variety of party stats. Clerics might be able to bring two long-term party stat buffs buffs to a group… but nothing major, and nothing that they could twist like a bard during combat…

The oracle is here to fix that for us.
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rift soul breakdown – cleric – tier 1, justicar

No preamble this time, let’s do this.


Each point spent in Justicar increases damage by 0.5%, armor by 1%, endurance by 1.5%, and resistances by 2%.

Justicar is my thing. Cleric tanking has been a part of my game-playing identity since I did it with pen and paper in the early 90’s, and I’m glad a real MMO remembers that sort of thing.

As a zero point class, justicar grants a passive ability called Salvation that causes all of your damaging abilities to heal you. Justicar attacks heal for double the baseline. Non-justicar AoE abilities restore only 1/4 of the baseline, and ground target AoE restores only 5% of the baseline. Still, it’s a very attractive ability to splash justicar for in most builds since most of the time you don’t need a ton of self healing, just enough to put off casting a heal.
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rift soul breakdown – cleric – tier 1, healing

I’ll admit it. Healing in Rift can be stressful. The healing classes are vastly different and lend themselves heavily to different play styles and situations. They are, however, all amazing. And the improvements they’ve seen in recent updates make me so happy to play a cleric.


Each point spent in Purifier increases healing by 1% and absorption by 1%.

Purifier has always been my favorite healing tree, not only because it is thematically more interesting than sentinel or warden (FIRE!), but because it relies heavily on damage prevention in the form of numerous bubbles. They are supposed to be the best single-target healers in the game, and when I am tanking 5 man content I’d have to agree that I’d rather have a purifier healing me than a sentinel or warden.
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rift soul breakdown – cleric – tier 1, offense

As my wife and I have started playing Rift actively again, I’ve gotten back into the old numberchasing habits. It doesn’t help that my subscription history entitles me with I two or three bonus role slots per character.

I finally dinged 60 on my main the other day, and recorded the final hour of the process. I hope to edit the video down into something watchable soon. In the mean time, I’ve been thinking about other classes. My highest warrior is in the low 40’s, and my highest level rogue is in the high 30’s. I don’t know if I’ve ever broken 30 with a mage.

So I am very interested in the low tier abilities of each soul… because they are the most relevant to me 🙂

I am going to attempt to address every soul in the game over the course of numerous shortish posts, starting at tier 1 and working all the way up to their 41 point branch abilities and 61 point root abilities. Since I know clerics best, that’s what I will be starting with, but I will cycle through all 9 souls in each class… hopefully before 3.0 drops and all of this is invalidated.

Clerics have 4 healing souls, 3 melee souls (1 tank), and 2 ranged dps souls. Defiler is interesting for being a healing soul capable of significantly augmenting general dps, and I almost grouped it together with the ranged DPS, which would have given me 3 neat sets of 3. But meh.


Each point spent in Cabalist increases damage by 1%.

As far as I can tell, this is the least popular cleric soul. Cabalist focuses on AoE ranged damage but is generally difficult to fully exploit – often leaving players using area nukes from other more flexible classes. It didn’t help that they launched with some rather confusing mechanics that made it even more difficult to enjoy the class. But times have changed, and I’ve enjoyed some of the new and improved cabalist features.

As a zero point class, they provide a spammable instant cast ranged aoe nuke that hits up to 8 targets. This is huge. Originally, their basic nuke would split itself between up to 3 enemies, making it unpredictable at worst and underpowered at best. They changed the standard nuke into a standard nuke and dropped Bound Fate from costing a few points to free. Additionally, you get the standard single-target death damage nuke (2 second cast time, etc…). Nothing fancy here.
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rift altohol purification system

I am a well-known altoholic, so I always plan on rolling one of everything. The game’s class mechanics are kind to me in this respect – as I only need to level 4 characters to experiment with all of my options. So after some experience with several good days of beta playtime and almost as much time poring over each and every skill tree in the game… I’ve decided upon five specs that I am hoping to get a chance to play with next month. Two for my cleric, and one more unique one for each of the other classes.

It’s time to talk about the second of my 5 chosen specs.

To be fair, the cleric specs are the ones I’ve spent the most time considering and the others are just being thrown in for completeness – and because they hopefully show some of the cool things that should be possible in this game. I’ve already shared my tanking cleric spec, and it is proving to be quite successful. I am level 27 now and have tanked invasion bosses with it – but will admit that I’ve not done any instances with this build since I’m uncomfortable tanking pugs in unfamiliar content.

One thing with which I am comfortable in unfamiliar content, however, is healing. At 18, I successfully healed an IT run with a Warden build that I kind of slapped together on my way to the instance. It was not pleasant. Warden healing is very effective solo or on trash pulls, but its lack of mitigation and burst heals make for very stressful boss fights. I found myself depending heavily on my Sentinel off-spec spells to keep the tank standing.

Last night, my guild ran DSM 4 times in succession – after a failed clear attempt the night before where we did not bring enough dps. For three of those four clears, I main healed the group – which shifted membership slightly between each run so it was a unique experience every time. The build I used was level 26 Purifier/Sentinel/Warden containing most of the purifier points planned for the larger level 50 build discussed here and a handful of the sentinel ones. Overall, it went very well and with the exception of the final boss fight, I didn’t have any problems – but even then, I was able to keep everyone standing and had zero problems with threat generation, mana efficiency, or self preservation.
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