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I’ve been threatening to do it for a while now – and finally gave up and released my “first” Minecraft mod. Of course, I have been modding MC for years now, and my code has made its way into many people’s games… but never through a project that I started myself.

One of the big things I’ve always wanted to do is make ranching better. For years, I’ve been offended by the way Mojang implements 1/4 of a feature before moving on. Chickens lay eggs, but you can’t eat them. Traditionally, sheep are only good for wool, and cows are the only source of leather. It’s sad, really.

MC1.8 FINALLY makes sheep edible, but nobody in the modded MC community plays on 1.8. Everything is still on 1.7.10, which is fine by me.

My new mod (for MC1.7.10) is called Carnivora, and it encourages you to eat more meat. The build that I have published today is version 0.1 and it only adds 4 things to the game:

  1. Sheep drop mutton, which can be cooked and eaten.
  2. Squid drop calamari, which can be cooked and eaten.
  3. Eggs may be cooked and eaten.
  4. Zombie meat may be cooked into leather.




I know, I know. There’s nothing really original here. But this is a baseline, I am going to building up from there. Everything in the mod can be turned off completely in the config file. So if you already have a good zombie smelting mod, then you can use their implementation instead. My feelings will not be hurt in the least.


I will be adding animal hide drops to pigs, wolves, and horses. None of these will be vanilla leather, but may be processed into it. I might also make cows drop hide instead of leather.

Hides will probably be craftable into some very crude but durable armour, but I’m not sure – I want them to be useful for something. At the very least, you should probably be able to hang them on walls or use them for flooring.

I will be adding a meat grinder, a sausage machine, and a smoker for processing animal products. Grinding meat will allow you to get more meals out of a single animal, and sausages are just plain cool.

I will be adding meat drops to other animals, which will probably be disabled by default. I am looking for other ways to use bones that aren’t silly, and if so will add other sources of bones to the game. I would also like to add fat as a resource, but am not sure how I will utilize it yet.

Other than that, I may add a few more things – but these are the core goals. I don’t want the mod to bloat, so it will remain smallish. Lots of other ideas have come up in discussion. Some of these ideas have been formally attached to other mod concepts we have in the works.


I am releasing the mod under the MCUpdater banner, and like all other Team MCU mods is Apache licensed. I’m doing all of the development on a public Github repo and am hosting downloads on our server at mods.mcupdater.com in addition to the normal Curse listing.

So far, all art is by Zenth, the Extrabiomes artist. I promise not to tear him away from working on EBXS stuff any more than I do myself… 😉

Finally, I do not plan on creating an MCF thread for the mod any time soon. We may eventually create something but it would likely be for all Team MCU content, not just one mod. If you want to contact us, we hang out on IRC at esper.net in #MCUpdater. For bug reports or PR’s, see the project on Github.