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wordpress category dropdown

I know dozens of people have probably already done this, but I’m quite happy with myself for having figured it out in ~5 minutes.

Ever since I migrated my blog over to WordPress, I’ve had a little dropdown box in the right column that contained a list of my post categories. Well, that box never actually did anything. There was no form associated with it and no javascript.

Well, I finally buckled under and figured out the javascript. The code in question to make the category box automatically jump to the desired category search is something like this:

Of course, if your url scheme is different, you might need to specify something slightly different for the destination. But the point is, this works so far as I’ve tested it, and it was pretty painless to drop into place.

sociable activate

A friend of mine, Peter Harkins, is the maintainer of Sociable, a WordPress plugin that adds magical little links to social bookmarking services at the bottom of every blog post. Well, Sociable 2.0 is in a very stable beta release now, and because I’ve recently upgraded my WordPress install to 2.1, AND because I’ve absolutely never gotten around to installing the plugin… I tested it.

The install took <5 minutes. It was 100% painless.

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Unzip into WP plugins dir
  3. Open WP admin console -> Plugins
  4. Click ‘Activate’ next to Sociable in the list
  5. Go to Options -> Sociable
  6. Set desired preferences
  7. View your blog with cool links at the bottom of posts

Go. Get it now. You know you want to. Your blog will love you for it. 🙂

even more blog spam

Yeesh. They just don’t know when to quit.

Last night, despite my best efforts to hack this package to prevent comment posting, they still managed to find some URL to allow them to do so… I got hit with 92 more spam comments.

In desperation, I started digging through the database schema and discovered that each post has a flag that determines what level of comments to allow. I edited the table to disable comments on all existing posts, changed the default value for new db entries, and found the line in the admin interface where I type new posts that was setting comments to ‘open’ by default and overriding the prefs stored in the db.

This time had better work 😛

stupid spammers

Sigh. I’ve been hit by spam-bots every few weeks since bringing this new site online, but was vaguely content with my previous hack of not displaying comment information/links on the main page. I’d forgotten about permalink pages.

Yesterday, I got strafed – every single entry in the blog got spammed. Thus, I got to hack a bit more code to remove comments from those pages as well. It was surprisingly painless. I’m actually sincerely surprised at how simple it was. 😉

Now, I just get to remove the offending entries from the database because I’m picky like that. 😛