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ar tonelico on ps3 problem

12-14 hours into playing Ar Tonelico (NIS/Gust‘s latest PS2 title) on my PS3, my save file got corrupted last night.

Specifically, it happened shortly after clearing “Phase 1” and engaging in a bit of diving (getting both girls to lvl 6) before heading back down the tower. I went back to the inn to save one final time before leaving town and got a “Load failed” error. I tried switching out virtual memory cards but no luck.

Upon eventually rebooting the console, the save failed to read again… so I’m stuck with much lost progress. And it chose a very dramatic moment plotwise to die on me. Ammon is not well pleased.

Kotaku has a report of somebody else experiencing exactly the same problem. He even provides a screenshot. [However, Kotaku is also a bunch of elitist meanie-heads and they won’t let me comment on the post :P]

I’m still not certain whether it’s the PS3’s fault or the game’s itself. I have noticed a few possible bugs that I am blaming on the software not the hardware (I do have a pre-order of the game, so there could also just be a bug with the first print or something…). I’ll reserve passing judgement against the console until verifying that the problem only happens on the PS3 and not on the PS2.

I’ll write more about the game later… when my heartache heals enough to start over from scratch… on my PS2… *sniff* For now, just the warning.

update – feb 14, 10pm

After reading the comments on the Kotaku post, it was suggested that the problem was with a lack of free space on the virtual memory card. I copied the save over to a fresh card and attempted to restore from there, with no luck. So the save file is in fact corrupted. *sigh*