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mmo-a-week: week 6: allods

This post was only partially completed, as my coauthor bailed on me. Two years later, I’ve decided to just post it in all of its incomplete glory. I haven’t finished my normal editorial process or anything else that normally buffers my opinions. But I’m actively annoyed by the whole domain name theft thing right now and am just putting content up now because CONTENT.

Ammon – 2012-07-30

Methinks the break has been sufficiently long. I apologize for the extended hiatus – I had only planned to take one or two months off… The final 6 months could have been 24 more games examined, but the pressures of work and then the pressures of no work have conspired to prevent me from resuming the project. Either way, things are quiet/stable enough at present that I am going to give things another go.

One game that I had always wanted to give a look was Allods. It is out of Europe, which is a refreshing change for starts. There was a lot of love on the net during betas, but life conspired against me. I had signed up for CB last year but never received an invite. Open beta happened in February, in the middle of crazy work crunchings, so I didn’t get a chance to play then either. I figure this is a good place to start – and I’ve got four more games marked on my calendar, so let’s hope that life cooperates 😉
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