now that was an adventure…

So I decide I am going to be responsible today and come into work early… like before noon 😉

I hop the bus after taking Penny to work (and leaving the car at the dental office :P) and arrive on campus at 8:30 only to discover that the ECE lab is locked (my office in this building is tucked behind a general-access computer lab).

The lab is almost never locked when I arrive, but no harm as I happen to have the key code in my pocket. I enter the number in and notice that there is an alarm blinking in the back of the room. This is new. I’ve never had to disable the alarm before…

So, I walk over to it and verify that yes, it is in fact a security device that is about to report me to the police. I don’t know the combination to deactivate it. There is a phone number next to the alarm, which I am unable to call because the phone in the lab doesn’t seem to work.

I then remember that Tony had mentioned the alarm code to me once in an email tho… so I scramble to find the email… but by the time I have located the number, the alarm is going off.

I walk over, punch in the combination, clear the alarm of error status, and begin work for the day. About 10 minutes later, the lab monitor shows up to open the lab – we never talk, but they see me frequently enough to verify who I am when the cop shows up 40 minutes after that.

Yup, talk about your rapid response… alarm goes off in a room full of thousands of dollars worth of equipment and the police arrive almost an hour later 😉 Whee!

and here we go again

Sigh, ok, is likely time to actually stop playing with this thing and get ready for school/work. Danny is likely en route as I type, so I should probably consider finding some pants so as not to embarrass him too much when he comes in.

Our OS project ( is evil. But that’s ok, we don’t mind… as long as we can wrap our collective brain around the topic… which I don’t know that we can. An A in this class will take my GPA from abysmal all the way up to only moderately abysmal. I need that. Besides, I actually like the course material. It’s fun stuff. Brain melting, but fun.


And here we go again. This has the potential of being a very vicious cycle. Especially now that I have discovered the RSS feeds. See… I like RSS, it’s a wonderful technology. Everything that is interesting and important and worth reading on a regular basis should publish an RSS feed.

I am contemplating making a feed for the conglomerated sites, but have insufficient motivation and/or time to make that happen any time soon. It wouldn’t be too bad. All I would need to do is combine the mud’s extant feed with the comic’s rants and a third source that would send things only to the feed.

What I -really- want is an RSS client that is fully integrated with BitTorrent so one or more of my machines could be set up to automagically grab certain files the instant they are released… would be both a convenience on my part and a service to the community, making high quality seeds readily available for the initial launch of my favorite fansubs 😉

You know… I could write something like that. It wouldn’t be difficult at all, it’s just a simple matter of programming. Sigh. Like so many other things I have designed. If I only had a good 60 hours a week I could dedicate to software development… Oh well.

Of course… people likely already have done this. In fact, on a whim, we enter Google mode now…

Yup, it happens. Now if only the files I was interested in were released this way, eh? 😉 Perhaps I should talk to people about this… hmm.

well, that’s done…

I just finished making cheese of our old personal site, which really was not very impressive to begin with. It will now throw lovely 404’s to all those engines out there that have spidered it.

Our web stats are kind of funny on Hedwig (my primary web server), roughly 40% or so of people arriving at the site (when I last checked) were searching for ‘engagement pictures’. Penny and I had some pics up from our engagement. I was probably 50 pounds lighter back then. She made me fat.

Cosmic rays made me fat! Or thus quoth Danny, in reference to me.

See… I don’t really eat food any more because I am too lazy to prepare it (esp in the bleeding desert heat – it’s like eleven billion and a half degrees outside, possibly twelve) and am usually too cheap to go out and purchase instantly edible food. Thus, I have been averaging one meal per day for at least a year, possibly more.

Not only have I not really been eating real food, I don’t go outside. I am a computer geek after all, and we just don’t believe in that sort of foolishness very often. So it can’t be photosynthesis. Hence, the only remaining option is cosmic radiation. Beams of fatness shooting through everything in their path and latching onto me.


Well, this is the sort of thing I really promised myself that I would never do… that is, use some third-party ego page service to post random tidbits about my life in the strange exhibitionist hope that complete and total strangers will stumble across me and identify with what I have written.

After all, I have my own stupid server for that sort of thing. Why should I use this anyways? Don’t I always mock such people? I don’t know. I honestly don’t care any more. Found a friend’s journal and figured I’d jump on the bandwagon, just because.

And so, here I am, in bed with my laptop (which is plugged into the wall because the battery is borked), typing into a little web form in stead of doing things manually like I have always done before for the last 8 years or so.

I think I am going to take down our personal site and not actually bring it back up until it is tolerably completed. The last two attempts were famously bad.

and still for good reason.