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Feature Completeness*

* For certain definitions of complete

It has been about a week now since I released Fairy Factions version 0.5.2 (not a beta) to the overwhelming silence of the unadvertised void. We’ve had about 100 downloads since then and no error reports, so I’m going to count that as a win.

This week, I will be composing an MCF thread and building a new wiki (or something) for documenting the mod in an attempt to actually attract more people to using it. I’ve never really cared about mod install rates before (with the notable exception of SMB’s AutoPackager – which he totally wrote because I asked him to, btw). But I want people to see this mod. It straddles the line very nicely between vanilla style play and heavy modding, and I think it would make a lot of people smile.

I have commitments for German and Italian translations, so that is also a thing that should get the ball rolling 😉

Fairy Factions 0.5.2 Features

But what exactly do I mean by “feature complete”? I mean that the current mod is stable on 1.7.10 and has all of the standard features from the original 1.2.5 mod that people would expect:

  • Fairies spawn as tribal factions in the world, surrounding a queen.
    • Except sometimes, lone fairies spawn as well.
  • Fairies come in a variety of subclasses: normal, guard, scout, rogue, healer, queen…
  • Fairies will fight back if attacked, but if you either kill the queen or kill everything in a group except the queen, the remaining fairies may be persuaded to join you.
  • Tamed fairies may be carried on your head, and will grant minor powers of flight (eventually they get tired).
  • Tamed fairies may be renamed by handing them a piece of paper, and may have their hairstyle changed by using shears on them.
  • Tamed fairies will generally follow their leader (but they’re not great at it), so can be assigned to a post by placing a sign down with their name on it.
  • Posted fairies will perform a variety of tasks based on tools provided in a chest near their sign:
    • A hoe will allow them to farm wheat, carrots, and potatoes.
    • An axe will allow them to chop any vanilla trees.
    • A fishing pole will allow them to fish in a nearby body of water of sufficient size.
    • Shears will allow them to collect wool from sheep.
    • Appropriate feed will allow them to breed animals.
  • Posted fairies will also attempt to farm sugarcane, but they’re terrible at it.
  • Posted fairies are also somewhat protected from poaching by other players.

Oh, and there’s also a fairy spawn egg now, because yay spawn eggs.

It works well, I’m happy, and my kids are happy.

But we can do more.

Plans for 0.5.3

I have already started on porting the mod to MC1.8.9 (since I don’t expect a stable Forge release for 1.9 to land for a bit longer – as it only formally released today). My port is making decent progress, and I’m mostly down to rendering issues before I can start testing it. My plan with MC 1.8 is similar to that for MC 1.7 – I am going to get it running and stable with as few changes as necessary, as quickly as possible.

So far, the only planned new feature will be ensuring that rabbit breeding works 😉 I can’t see how that could possibly end badly.

Whenever the 1.9 Forge update drops (hopefully in a couple of weeks), I plan on giving it the same treatment (adding support for farming beets, etc…).

Beyond that, I can’t say… but we do have a bunch of actual new features planned that I will be compiling somewhere public for people to discuss/vote on for when the time comes. At the very least, we want to add a lot of compatibility with other mods and would like to address the question of how fairies spawn and are tamed (especially in peaceful mode).

Fairy Factions

After several months of headaches and confusion, I am happy to announce the beta release of my official update to KodaichiZero’s Fairy Factions mod.


What was Fairy Factions?

Fairy Factions was an adorable utility mod for Minecraft 1.2.5 from back in 2012. It populated the world with little tribes (factions) of fairies that you could tame and use to defend your base and automate simple farming tasks.

It was very popular among a small subset of the community – and was easily my 5-year-old’s favorite thing in the game at the time.

But it didn’t last very long. The mod author quit modding and things were never updated to Minecraft 1.3.

So it’s back now?

Yes, it is back. As I mentioned, my daughter was a MASSIVE fan of the Fairy mod back when I introduced it to her. For years now, she has bemoaned its disappearance from our servers, occasionally loudly. And she has, on more than one occasion, asked me if I could write my own alternative version. We actually sat down some time in 2014 to work on something like that – writing design notes and building a rudimentary 3d fairy model. Unfortunately, I had to bail on the project because of real life… and more so than any other project I’ve left undone… that one really bothered me.

Fast forward to November 2015. I saw Kodaichi post something on a forum (I don’t remember what he was saying or what forum it was)… but I decided to contact him about the mod, and after a brief email exchange, he agreed to let me continue work on the mod and sent me the last working version of the code.

I spent the next 6 weeks porting the mod to Minecraft 1.7.10 and had a proof of concept build ready just in time to show it to her on Christmas morning. She was suitably happy, but I was also unfortunately not able to just hand over the keys to the mod because there were 2 showstopper bugs that prevented it from being more than a novelty to look at.

Fast forward a bit more to mid February 2016, I figured out what was going on in both cases and was able to finally soft-launch playable alpha builds of the mod. A couple of builds and a couple of days later, the mod is actually useful and stable enough that I’m going a bit more public with it and declaring the latest build a beta 🙂


2016-02-22_15.37.45 2016-02-22_15.35.13 2016-02-18_14.31.26 2016-02-18_12.16.33 2016-02-18_12.12.38

Licensing and stuff

My first priority is to get the mod running and useful for people, after that we can worry about adding features and porting it to Minecraft 1.8 (and eventually to 1.9).

I have a bit more information on plans for the project on the mod’s CurseForge site. I’ll get around to creating an MCF thread when I get around to it, probably when I declare the port 100% feature complete.

All source code (including that for the original version of the mod) is available on GitHub at We have agreed to release the project under the Apache 2.0 license and I plan on managing official releases for the foreseeable future.

Kodaichi’s original fiction and IP for the mod is not part of the remake, and is not being open sourced. Where there is need for further fiction and design, I plan on taking care of it. In fact, my daughter and I have several thematic changes planned for the mod’s future that will distinguish us nicely from any further projects Kodaichi may launch.


I’ve been threatening to do it for a while now – and finally gave up and released my “first” Minecraft mod. Of course, I have been modding MC for years now, and my code has made its way into many people’s games… but never through a project that I started myself.

One of the big things I’ve always wanted to do is make ranching better. For years, I’ve been offended by the way Mojang implements 1/4 of a feature before moving on. Chickens lay eggs, but you can’t eat them. Traditionally, sheep are only good for wool, and cows are the only source of leather. It’s sad, really.

MC1.8 FINALLY makes sheep edible, but nobody in the modded MC community plays on 1.8. Everything is still on 1.7.10, which is fine by me.

My new mod (for MC1.7.10) is called Carnivora, and it encourages you to eat more meat. The build that I have published today is version 0.1 and it only adds 4 things to the game:

  1. Sheep drop mutton, which can be cooked and eaten.
  2. Squid drop calamari, which can be cooked and eaten.
  3. Eggs may be cooked and eaten.
  4. Zombie meat may be cooked into leather.




I know, I know. There’s nothing really original here. But this is a baseline, I am going to building up from there. Everything in the mod can be turned off completely in the config file. So if you already have a good zombie smelting mod, then you can use their implementation instead. My feelings will not be hurt in the least.


I will be adding animal hide drops to pigs, wolves, and horses. None of these will be vanilla leather, but may be processed into it. I might also make cows drop hide instead of leather.

Hides will probably be craftable into some very crude but durable armour, but I’m not sure – I want them to be useful for something. At the very least, you should probably be able to hang them on walls or use them for flooring.

I will be adding a meat grinder, a sausage machine, and a smoker for processing animal products. Grinding meat will allow you to get more meals out of a single animal, and sausages are just plain cool.

I will be adding meat drops to other animals, which will probably be disabled by default. I am looking for other ways to use bones that aren’t silly, and if so will add other sources of bones to the game. I would also like to add fat as a resource, but am not sure how I will utilize it yet.

Other than that, I may add a few more things – but these are the core goals. I don’t want the mod to bloat, so it will remain smallish. Lots of other ideas have come up in discussion. Some of these ideas have been formally attached to other mod concepts we have in the works.


I am releasing the mod under the MCUpdater banner, and like all other Team MCU mods is Apache licensed. I’m doing all of the development on a public Github repo and am hosting downloads on our server at in addition to the normal Curse listing.

So far, all art is by Zenth, the Extrabiomes artist. I promise not to tear him away from working on EBXS stuff any more than I do myself… 😉

Finally, I do not plan on creating an MCF thread for the mod any time soon. We may eventually create something but it would likely be for all Team MCU content, not just one mod. If you want to contact us, we hang out on IRC at in #MCUpdater. For bug reports or PR’s, see the project on Github.


the exiles of kimberon – year 3

<< Year 2

Year 3

We’re having a major lumber shortage. We also have to bring our housing level up to 8 before the year ends or I fail the challenge. If I can’t build two houses before the end of the year, well, yeah…

To that end, we are squandering all of the lumber we don’t have yet to build a very expensive bridge to The Land of Convenient Trees To Be Cut Down.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.23.32 PM

I’m also going to selectively designate a dozen trees for manual clearing from our current forest. They’re probably getting older and are what the forester will start trimming anyway – that is once I allow him to start cutting trees instead of just planting.

Early summer, and the bridge still doesn’t quite have enough wood – but food supplies are way up. We have 1600 surplus, double what we’d ended the year with. Some of that is thanks to the butcher extending the value of our venison, but not much. The fishers are really knocking it out of the park – having almost matched their catch from the previous year (which, to be fair was a very incomplete year).

And blam. Mid-summer, we have a bridge, and can now safely cut all the trees.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.34.11 PM

In celebration of this, I am going to build a two-story house to handle our growing population.
The ground floor costs 24 wood and 16 stone, while the upper floor costs 32 logs and 8 stone. This is more than the price of 5 shacks and almost 4x the price of vanilla wooden housing. But it’s permanent housing – we won’t ever need to replace/upgrade it.

And they look awesome, Redketchup did an amazing job here.

Each floor is a separate building, capable of housing a separate family in comfort. The fact that the house renders in two stories is just a bit of voodoo – it is possible to build the floors as independent buildings, but the second floor buildings look strange without the ground floor below them. It’s also possible to jam a bunch of 2nd floor houses all up next to each other… which looks hideous and is kind of an exploit I guess?

We will be making heavy use of these houses, and will be using them as they are intended to be used. Occasionally, I will place a ground floor by itself, but will always leave room to add a second story in the future.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.36.00 PM

Early autumn, and we have the first floor built, and the family moved in. Clearcutting the convenient forest is providing enough wood for now, so we are already ready to start building the second level as well.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.42.41 PM

And that didn’t take very long at all. Second floor is complete. One of the fun things about this mod is that you can pick which color roof you would like. I am committing to complete randomness with these, so the ground floor had a red roof when initially built, but the second floor replaced it with a black roof when finished.

There are greens and blues as well, so it will make things look more interesting as we slowly replace many of our lower grade houses with these.

CC adds a number of nice houses itself, but most of those require materials that we cannot yet produce (rope, glass, bricks), so we’ll not be building any of those houses any time soon.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.43.47 PM

Now we need to finish that tailor shop and get a forester planting saplings. Since the year is already half over, I think the tailor really is priority – because I expect to run out of coats this winter otherwise.

We’re also a bit short on firewood after adding the two new houses, so it’s a very good thing that we wasted 60 lumber on bringing all of that extra lumber closer 🙂

Early winter, the firewood supplies are running dangerously low, and the tailor STILL isn’t started yet…

3 new babies were just born.

Mid-winter, we still have 2 coats to spare, and they’re almost done building the tailor’s shop.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.50.40 PM

And 3 more babies were just born, bringing our population up to 16 adults and 8 children. Every house has exactly one baby – 2 of which will become adults next spring, requiring us to build a 9th house.

Late winter, and the tailor is finally completed as we consume our last two coats.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.55.50 PM

Not a moment too soon. Also, since the construction project is done claiming all of the lumber production, the woodcutter is starting to build up a surplus again.

Our food supplies are over 2500 now, and I’m going to pull 3 food producers (one from each source) off of their normal jobs to assist in tree chopping and building duty until we can get a barn and the forester put together.

Year 4

The tailor made a coat. Actually, she made 4 coats, but 3 of them were claimed immediately.

All of our food production numbers were much more in keeping with my expectations for the buildings in question this year. Once the forester comes online, we will have achieved a level of stability that allows us to start thinking about commerce, so that’ll be fun.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 1.02.15 PM

Of course, people will keep breeding. And they’ll probably start to need medicine soon – their diet isn’t quite varied enough to keep their health from degrading slowly as it is otherwise wont to do.

Medical care will actually be a fairly major concern of mine as the settlement grows. I don’t know if it’s superstition or what, but larger populations seem to have more problems with disease and once I start allowing immigration, they’re absolutely going to start introducing new and exciting bugs to the mix.

Thankfully, since we won’t be spending any resources on schools, we will be able to build a physician much earlier than I would normally consider affordable – before we build our town hall 🙂

the exiles of kimberon – year 2

<< Year 1

Year 2

Welcome back! We’re just starting year two, and the various resource belts are feeling a bit tight. Food is holding steady, but we’ve cut down most of the convenient trees (apart from those we want to keep). We’re also running very low on tools and coats, so that’s our next priority.

Hunters are gathering leather – they got a single deer at the very tail end of winter, so as meager as it is, we are producing raw materials for coats.

The real problem with the smithy is going to be raw materials.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 9.55.33 AM

We simply do not have enough stone or iron gathered. There are a lot of rocks in the general area, but people are being stubborn about picking them up – so I’m going to have to tell them to prioritize it.

We’re also going to finally break down the original cart that all of our starting supplies came in. People keep threatening to walk down to it, and that is something that cannot be allowed.

It is mid spring, we have 15 adults and have gathered enough materials to finish the smithy… and have run out of tools. So not a moment too soon. Now I just need to bully the builders into actually building.

Well, that was the most useless spring ever. Because tools are breaking for people, they’re working slower… which means food production is slightly down. The smithy is almost complete, however, so hopefully we’ll be able to replace all of our tools before summer is out.

The smithy is complete. I’d planned on building the butcher next, but right now, I think a fishery is more important as our food stores are under 400 and the population is only growing.

With Colonial Charter, the base smithy is changed. Instead of producing iron and steel tools, it gives you the choice of “crude” or iron tools. To get steel tools, we need to first upgrade the smithy (which will require bricks).

I normally don’t ever produce crude tools, but I think we might have to in this case. They wear out much more quickly (4x as fast), but are that much cheaper to produce (1 iron makes 3 crude tools – vs 1). And flimsy tools are better than nothing.

Once we restock up to some sort of surplus of tools again, I’ll switch the smithy back to normal iron mode.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 10.08.05 AM

It is mid autumn, and everyone has tools again, and there are 15 spares in the shed. Back to iron.

The fishing dock is working and feeding into an adjacent meat locker. This puts our next priorities as a butcher and a tailor to process all of the deer we are producing.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 10.24.36 AM

I’d really like to see coat production started before winter hits… and I think the best place for the tailor is going to be back behind the woodcutter. Unfortunately, I’d placed some dirt roads in the way, so those will have to go.

In the meantime, I guess we’ll also resume work up the butcher shop.

People are having to walk a long way to find trees now. After these buildings are done, we need to add two more houses – as our adult population is up to 16 but we only have 6 houses. But in order to make the houses, I am planning on deforesting the other side of the river… which means we need to make a bridge. Got all of that?

  1. butcher
  2. tailor
  3. bridge
  4. 2 houses
  5. forester

Yeah, a forester. Thickening the forest here will increase our food yield significantly, and prevent as much long walking to neighboring forests.

Early winter, and we’re down to 2 coats. The space for the butcher shop has been cleared out, but not for the tailor yet. I’m having to encourage people to go collect logs.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.00.09 PM

Sigh. And after we cleared out the roads… it turns out the ground isn’t quite flat enough in that area for the tailor shop. I’ll put a stockpile in the usable space where the roads used to be and place the tailor on the other side of the road. instead.

Late winter, and the butcher shop is finally under construction. We still have 2 spare coats. I think the bridge is a higher priority than the tailor or new houses now.

Yeah. We’re going to build the bridge next, this is ridiculous.

Year 3

And that’s the end of year two and food production is finally going up again. We probably need to add a general purpose barn to accomodate it, actually… but that’ll cost 48 wood we don’t have.

The butcher had just started processing some meat as the season turned, but hasn’t finished anything yet. Thankfully, the fishery managed to produce enough to keep the people from eating too much plain venison.

The gatherer produced a decent amount of food, all things considered, but I think that it could be producing 20% more once we get the forester online – even without educated labor (which only half of our adults are now).

The hunters actually did an amazing job, producing 720 meat and 20 leather. The tailor will be able to stay busy for a while once we get around to finishing it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.08.53 PM

I am mostly concerned about wood availability right now. Cheaper houses burn more wood to stay warm during the winter, but more expensive homes cost more wood to produce in the first place… it’s vicious, I tell you 🙂

the legend of stillmanors – part 11

Autumn, 252

So while last season took a ridiculously long amount of time and was played across 3 different builds of the game, we still made excellent progress. Workers were “better” organized, an above-ground farm was started in earnest, a good bit of mining happened, and mysterious trails of vomit appeared throughout the fort.

Our current top priorities are textiles production and housing improvements. I’ve queued up some of our pig tail stockpile for processing and will have to schedule 2 more batches to finish it all. By then, maybe we’ll be looking at some rope reeds to augment things. I don’t plan on getting into dyes any time soon – we can always expand out to that later.

I’ve also requested that all of the rocks salt apartment floor walls be smoothed to match those we constructed after digging out the initial iron strike.

1st of Limestone

An animal has grown to become a Stray Mule.

Whelp, time to process him I guess.

3rd of Limestone

‘Gulfmine’, mayor cancels Store Item in Stockpile: Taken by mood.
‘Gulfmine’, mayor is taken by a fey mood!
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