Hello, my name is Ammon Lauritzen. This is my blog. But if you couldn’t figure that out from the URL… you’re in need of greater help than I can likely offer 😉

This site started off as something of a whim/experiment back in ’04. I never actually thought I’d keep it up, but I have, and I’ve gone through a site move and a redesign since.

Because things started off as a way to rant back and forth with a few of my friends, I never really considered the nature of what was being posted. If I wanted to talk about TV, I’d talk about TV. If I wanted to talk about video games, I’d talk about video games. If I wanted to talk about my medical problems at the time or about social issues or about deep technical topics…

It all just sort of got mashed together with the game design rants sandwiched between reviews of the latest anime to air in Japan, discussions of the effects changing anti-depressant dosages, and howto’s on setting up encrypted channels of communication between remote unix servers.

And I kind of like it that way.

If you actually want to, I’ve already got enough of an online presence that it’s very easy to find out information about me without this blog. My writing personal stuff in here doesn’t really change that. If I consider something too sensitive to talk about, it doesn’t get posted 😉

So the site as it stands today is still something of an experiment. There are still several things I’m trying to do here, and if some of my experiences can help people, then great. If not, then great. I still enjoy the writing process even when I don’t have any readers.

It’s one part entertainment, one part technical, and one part personal.

and still for good reason.