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About this time last year, I had an idea for putting together a collection of interesting stock characters for D&D campaigns. The thought was that they would be useful as either NPC’s or as quick replacement/disposable PC’s. They were intentionally not perfectly optimized – in fact, some were intentionally designed to be subpar from a game mechanics standpoint. But they would be interesting, fleshed out, and ready to fill voids in a game.

I called this project the DM Binder because it reminded me of my old binders of notes. I spent weeks on it, writing for hours every day. I built spreadsheets to make sure I was balancing my selections across the full spectrum of character options. I used the full set of official sources and pulled in Unearthed Arcana rulesets. All told, I stubbed out basic ideas for 67 different characters.

But then I started to choose their abilities, planning advancement decisions up through level 12. This took longer. I spent a few more weeks rolling up characters until I had about 10 fully planned out, with another dozen or so mostly planned…

But I still hadn’t really written backstories and the like for many of the characters. Many of them only had one or two sentence histories. But most had even less – a single word for their concept beyond the race/gender/subclass/background/etc… selections that I had already made.

So the project stagnated. I’d started with the foolish goal of finishing a full write-up every week, and even organized the characters into a schedule that would last a year and a half. I had set up a subdomain here to post things onto, with the intent of waiting until I had achieved some degree of traction before publicizing it… but that never happened. Summer had passed and I still wasn’t in a position that I was happy with showing to people.

So, in an attempt to consolidate projects, reduce my compute load on the server, and generally make myself appear to be less of a slacker, I have shut down the other site and absorbed these other posts into this one.

I’ve not re-published any of the completed characters yet, but will be doing so as soon as I am happy with them, regardless of the schedule involved.

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