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So, it is January of 2018. In one form or another, I have been writing “here” for almost 15 years now. That is, quite frankly, ridiculous.

I’ve talked about linux systems administration, video game development and depression. I’ve reviewed newly released anime and 10-year-old anime and free to play mmorpg’s. I’ve attempted various strategy game let’s plays and fiction writing challenges. I’ve speculated about the future of various games and theorycrafted ways to play them. I’ve apologized numerous times for not writing anything.

What I haven’t done is stick to a reliable release schedule 🙂

While talking to my friend at Two Hour Blogger, I realized there have been times when I posted 10 times a week… and times when I never actually completed a post over the course of a year (as per recent history). But I’ve always been writing – even if posts never came out, there are stubs that never quite hit completion.

Seriously, though. My historical ratio of completed to uncompleted posts is rather poor. Right now, I have 16 things that I tried to write over the past two years but never got around to… and of them, I only feel one post is worth trying to finish… and IT was originally written in the context of Borderlands 2, a video game that shipped over 8 years ago. So maybe?

I want to set and stick to a schedule for the coming year, but at the same time I also want to increase the quality of what I produce here. I also want to start streaming gameplay (or game development) on Twitch and releasing video content on YouTube somewhat regularly.

I’ve contemplated scrapping all of this backlog of history in favor of a clean slate… but am not going to do that right now. If I wipe the blog, I’d only do so as part of a migration to a new domain – which is only likely to happen at this point if I somehow wound up making a living off of the blog… which, yeah. Nope 🙂

So… this is my semi-regular announcement to nobody in particular that things are going to be different. We’ll see how that goes.

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