the legend of stillmanors – part 11

Autumn, 252

So while last season took a ridiculously long amount of time and was played across 3 different builds of the game, we still made excellent progress. Workers were “better” organized, an above-ground farm was started in earnest, a good bit of mining happened, and mysterious trails of vomit appeared throughout the fort.

Our current top priorities are textiles production and housing improvements. I’ve queued up some of our pig tail stockpile for processing and will have to schedule 2 more batches to finish it all. By then, maybe we’ll be looking at some rope reeds to augment things. I don’t plan on getting into dyes any time soon – we can always expand out to that later.

I’ve also requested that all of the rocks salt apartment floor walls be smoothed to match those we constructed after digging out the initial iron strike.

1st of Limestone

An animal has grown to become a Stray Mule.

Whelp, time to process him I guess.

3rd of Limestone

‘Gulfmine’, mayor cancels Store Item in Stockpile: Taken by mood.
‘Gulfmine’, mayor is taken by a fey mood!

This ought to be interesting.

He’s claimed a workshop and started collecting lumber, but now:

Gulfmine screams “I must have logs!”
Gulfmine screams “I must have yarn cloth!”
Gulfmine screams “I must have plant cloth!”
Gulfmine screams “I must have cut gems!”
Gulfmine screams “I must have rough gems!”

This is going to be interesting. We have a LOT of logs, I’m kind of scared that he’s not claiming any more…

Designating all of the remaining undug gems for immediate extraction, building a jeweler’s shop, and cutting one of each type of gem we have available at the moment.

ARGH. Just realized that it’s our clerk who’s in a mood – so I can’t request new jobs through the manager interface. Manually requesting that cloth it is then, and requesting that 3 new trees be cut down, each of different types…

7th of Limestone

‘Channelslid’, Brewer cancels Fish: Interrupted by Albatross.
Le sigh. Sending the whole army to deal with the stupid bird because reasons.

10th of Limestone

The liaison and caravan just arrived, but because our mayor is having a little snit, he wouldn’t talk to them – and the liaison apparently gave up and went home immediately. Joy.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 10.35.32 AM

11th of Limestone

Gulfmine has begun a mysterious construction!

Woo! Saved him πŸ™‚ Also, yeesh, couldn’t the liaison have been more patient?

I’m also noticing that some of my older dwarves are wearing worn out clothing. Nothing is bad yet, but it will be soon enough – so serious textile industry work is definitely in need of happening. Maybe we can buy everything relevant that these merchants just delivered.

But first off, I need somewhere to set up dedicated thread processing. Afterwards, the miners are going to dig a new bedroom for Gulfmine – behind the “throne” room, methinks. Twinklebasements can move into the old mayoral office, since it’s near the barracks already.

12th of Limestone

An animal has grown to become a Stray Dog.

This brings us up to 11 adult dogs (with 5 more puppies in the wings – all of whom I believe are part of the same litter).

I really need to come up with some sort of plan for dealing with dogs – like a target population level to maintain. At the very least, I think each military squad needs one dog. Ideally every soldier and noble will have one?

Two of these adult dogs are pets, so that really only leaves us with 9 potential work dogs. I already have 5 trained for war and 2 for hunting. Two of the war dogs are not assigned to owners yet… feh. I’ll wait until the next puppies grow up to really worry about this.

Meanwhile, I’ve also decided to stop chasing after the albatross, all of the military can go back to whatever it was they were doing – doesn’t help that only 4 of them had crossbows to begin with πŸ™‚

13th of Limestone

The merchants are almost done unloading and two more puppies (bringing us up to 7) were just born.

Dwarves are also having problems finding one of the goslings that has escaped the pen somehow… so I guess I’ll unlock the chicken coop and see if that lets them figure it out.

Merchants have fully delivered everything… and our broker is on break of course.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 10.52.06 AM

15th of Limestone

‘Gulfmine’, mayor has created Imeshatul, a willow scepter!

This is a willow scepter. All craftsdwarfship is of the highest quality. It is decorated with willow and encircled with bands of willow. This object menaces with spikes of alpaca wool and pig tail fiber. On the item is an image of a centaur in plume agate. On the item is an image of Sarvesh Squeezingroads the dwarf in plume agate.

(12,000 dwarfbucks)

Well, we have our mayor back and yup. Legendary (lvl 16) woodcrafter. Should probably enable woodcrafting to allow him to make things in his spare time now.

Time to look at what they have for sale. Generally speaking, we want ALL the cloth. And since we’ve started wearing out clothes, we may be able to offload some of those in the deal. Free money.

As far as useful animals go, they have a lot this time around:

  • 4 sheep (2 male, 2 female)
  • 5 pigs (3 male, 2 female)
  • 1 cow (male)
  • 1 goat (female)
  • 1 yak (male), 1 reindeer (female), and 1 water buffalo (female)
  • 1 guineahen (female) and 1 turkey (female)

I definitely want the pigs and sheep for permanent livestock (though we may butcher ourselves down to the 2 youngest adult male pigs). I probably want the cow, goat, and hens as well. The large livestock are… tempting. They’d each cost 220$ and should process into significantly more valuable raw resources. I think maybe I’m done dealing with ridiculously large livestock. If I can afford it, I’ll buy the whole lot and start culling the herds – leaving myself with more manageable animals.

We currently have about 200 uncooked protein, 170 plants, 810 drinks, and 1675 finished meals. We will be trading a number of those finished meals for this caravan – but should more than make up for it in the process.

In addition to the animals, we’ll also be attempting to buy:

  • 13 bins of pig tail cloth, 12 of leather, 10 of silk, and 5 of wool
  • 5 bags of cave wheat seeds, 1 of pig tail seeds
  • 3 barrels of beer, 3 of wine, 2 of ale, and 1 of rum
  • a copper pick (cheapest quality)

They have cheeses and meats and things, but I’m not interested in that right this moment. Maybe we’ll do another trade if everything works out here.

The total bill is just north of 17k$. The worn out clothing that made it to the depot in my random selection of barrels and bins is worth 248$. If I add 4 barrels of grilled fish and eggs, I almost make up the difference.

Am going to attempt to fill the rest of the trade with individual crafts… Giving him a 3$ profit, let’s see what happens. He’s requesting another (smallish) barrel of food in response, which brings his profit up over 2500$. I’ll haggle that to under 1900$ by switching out which barrels we offer… and now he’s wanting to make a profit of 10.5k$ Sigh. Dude has no patience. My merchant must have completely botched the roll.

Tried giving him a few presents worth a total of 200$, but it isn’t improving his mood. Let’s break this up. Going to trade him for all of the livestock first (at a loss of about 2k$). This has made him pleased. Let’s do one more – for the booze, seeds, and pick (at a loss of 800$).

Now that the dude is very happy, let’s try for all of the cloth at a 3k$ profit to myself… Aww. He won’t trade at any sort of perceived loss. So fine, here’s an offer with a 9$ profit for him.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 11.41.26 AM

He countered, increasing his profit to 287$. I’ll take it.

So final damage was a loss of about 3300$ vs his original counter that would have only cost me 2500$. Sigh.

Oh well, we’ve got a lot of things to process now as a result – and our farmers should be able to fill out the underground plot again now.

First off, we need to empty all of the animals from their cages… and it looks like I may have missed a few pigs in my initial trade? Fine, we’ll set up the animals we did get, then worry about everything else after the broker wakes up.

18th of Limestone

Stray Horse (Tame) has given birth to a horse foal.
Stray Reindeer Cow (Tame) has given birth to a reindeer calf.

One of the missing pig cages has mysteriously appeared. I guess someone had been hauling it? So only one pig is missing now…

And the merchant woke up, but I don’t see any other pig for sale. So I either miscounted, or there’s a hauler walking around somewhere with a pig in a box.

While all of that mess was going on, the miners dug out a spot for us to set up plant processing. It’ll house a farmer’s workshop and a small stockpile allowing only pig tails and rope reed (and wool just because).

I also just realized that we don’t have room in the current textile mill for all of the cloth I just bought… We’ll need to set up a much larger workspace for all of this, probably behind the workshop I just finished digging out.

20th of Limestone

Oh. Immigrants are arriving…

Woo! Our piglet just grew to adulthood, and Gulfmine just crafted a batch of masterpiece wooden crossbow bolts πŸ˜›

23rd of Limestone

It looks like the migrants have finally all arrived, 13 dwarves and a pet pig:

  • Odordance – a lvl 11 soaper with ridiculously good social skills, lvl 3 pikeman, lvl 1 marksdwarf (and other military skills), and lvl 1 fishing
  • Agewheeled – a lvl 11 tracker, 3 speardwarf, 1 fisher
  • Tradedhair – a lvl 2 miller, lvl 1 brewer/milker/presser
  • Cobaltpaddled – a lvl 2 animal trainer
  • Glovedsearched – a lvl 2 dyer
  • Walledtramples – a lvl 2 gem setter
  • Gleefulwheel – a lvl 2 siege engineer
  • Strappedcrystals – lvl 1 fisher
  • Distincthammers – lvl 1 tanner/milker/beekeeper
  • Weakglazed, Gearedspeakers, Papergranite, and Rimdawned – children

This brings our total population up to 86 adults, 23 children, and 15 babies.

And Gulfmine just made two more batches of masterpiece ammo.

Twice now, DF has crashed while I tried to name my people via Therapist. Something funny is going on. Also – Odordance is now showing up as named Handlebelt…

Two more attempts at setting nicknames have failed…

Trying to just nickname the new children resulted in Papergranite getting named ‘386’ and nobody else getting any names. Something VERY weird is going on. I’m going to set the nicknames the old fashioned way I guess.

Setting nicknames the old way started to work, but crashed DF when I tried to scroll to the second page of dwarves?! I suspect it was corruption introduced by the failed attempt to rename the children.

Sixth time’s apparently the charm. Renamed everyone by hand from scratch this time. Odordance can stick with being named Handlebelt I think after all he went through just now.

And running everyone through the optimizer didn’t crash. Good.

Designating 3 more mason’s workshops down by the rock pile on the clay floor since I realized I was running short on those – and heavy on spare rocks now that we’re actually digging in stone.

In keeping with our recent textiles acquisition and the large population, I think it’s time to look over the state of everyone’s clothing.

  • 23 dwarves have one or more article of clothing in need of replacement. Most of these have almost entirely all worn out clothes. Many of these are our original colonists.
  • 2 of our children are missing shoes.
  • 22 dwarves are missing tools of some sort or another. These are mostly military requirements, but one is a miner in need of a pick.

Since the merchants are here, I’m going to try to purchase some military hardware to flesh things out. I need 3 axes, 2 swords, a mace, and a pick to make people happy currently… but I’m going to be trading a barrel of food for things, so will get a bit more than I actually need.

We wound up bartering for 3 picks, 2 spears, 2 axes, 2 warhammers, 2 shortswords, and 2 maces. This leaves us a with a small surplus of general weapons but is still one axe short. I guess I can try to craft one? πŸ˜›

As far as things we are in a position to craft ourselves, I’ve queued up production of 15 backpacks, leather shields, and waterskins as well as a few more crossborws, quivers, and wood/bone ammunition.

Back to the question of clothing… we need to craft at least 25 sets of clothes. I am going to queue up the following:

  • 10 vests, 10 dresses, 10 robes
  • 15 trousers
  • 20 socks, 10 shoes

Half of these will be from cloth and the other half will be from yarn.

And we definitely need to expand the textile mill. I’m thinking we make room for 2 looms, 2 clothiers, 2 leatherworkers and the understanding that dye industry will be coming along eventually. Actually, we may as well build a dyer’s shop just because.

Meanwhile, Gulfmine has made 3 masterpiece wooden crafts. Make that four.

1st of Sandstone

The battleaxe has been successfully forged. Yay. Unless I’m remembering incorrectly, this is our very first metal anything.

2nd of Sandstone

Rackspeech has given birth to a baby girl, Swordscrapes.

And the exploratory mine has struck damp stone. Interesting.

Silveryfortunes has grown attached to a bronze crossbow.

8th of Sandstone

Championpully has given birth to another daughter, Ragorders. This is their fifth child – fourth born in the fortress.

Not to be outdone, Patternmines has created some masterwork wooden ammo.

Most of Gulfmine’s furniture has been installed in his new quarters. Time to reassign ownership. The stone smoothing is still underway.

The archers are still whining about ammo, so we’ll forge 20 batches of copper bolts (this is half of the copper we’ve smelted so far), and burn 20 more charcoal to replace that spent.

Most of the exploratory mining on the first rock salt floor has found nothing, I’m queueing up another search pattern on the next floor down while I remember.

4th of Timber

Nothing of significant interest happened over the last couple of weeks – things went well. Very few dwarves sat idle, clothing and equipment were produced in large quantities, work on the throne room continues to progress steadily.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 2.36.17 PM

Tradedtomes has given birth to a son, Hallsneaks.

5th of Timber

Hatchetscalds has given birth to a son, Crowdedbusts.
Vesseldips has given birth to a daughter, Channelblunt.

7th of Timber

Monklenses has grown to become a Dwarven Child.

Hrm. Nobody’s letting the pigs out of their cages… or the buffalo or birds… The sheep are all free in pasture, but most of the other new animals are still sitting in boxes. It doesn’t seem that there’s a way to prioritize that particular task? Hrm. I’m going to tear down the cages and hope that prompts people to relocate the animals.

Standardblocks has made some masterpiece bone ammo.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 2.58.10 PM

10th of Timber

Wheelsyrup, a child, has organized a party in the newly designated dining hall… that didn’t take long at ALL. Seriously, I hit the button and the kid practically teleported downstairs into the new room and called everyone to a party.

And a very messy mongoose corpse has appeared in one of our food stockpiles… I get the impression that it snuck in there somehow before being killed. Ahh, it looks like a dog killed it.

12th of Timber

Silvermiles has given birth to a baby girl – at the party.

And the second pet piglet has grown to adulthood. This gives us 8 adult pigs – 5 of which are male. I’m tempted to queue two of them for butchering but since pigs don’t actually eat anything, I think I’ll leave them for a while longer.

I will go ahead and butcher the one adult male yak we have, and will also refrain from killing any of the other livestock for now.

15th of Timber

21 dwarves are currently attending the party. I think it’s time to break things up.

Broke up the party… and IMMEDIATELY afterward, Eyemetal has re-organized a party.

Broke up the party… and Bridgewild has organized a party.

Broke up that party and Bridgewild has organized a party.

Broke up the party AGAIN, and I think they got the point. Yeesh.

17th of Timber

Eyemetal has organized a party… *cry*

Mastercoal has grown attached to a bronze crossbow!

Broke up the party, designated the dining hall as an activity zone. Let’s see if that fixes the problem.

19th of Timber

Two goslings have grown up. This prompted me to look at the nests only to discover 4 batches of new eggs, with dwarves en route to collect. Forbidding all of them for now.

Glowtours has crafted more masterpiece bone ammo.

And we’ve finally got all of the animals out of their cages – so I’m going to put this glut of cages to good use. We’re going to build cage traps πŸ™‚

I’ve also realized that we need to work on housing. I’ve got about 19 or 20 adult dwarves without their own bedrooms. This needs to be fixed. Thankfully, the exploratory mining project has made a lot of space available. So I think we’re going to dig out some more rooms there.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 3.52.41 PM

32 new 2×2 rooms ought to suffice for now. But that also means I need to make more beds (24), doors (32), and cabinets (31). Queueing all of the doors and cabinets out of stone this time just to maximize parallellization.

Once this new housing is dug out, I think it’s time to do a bit more downward mining…

28th of Timber

Godsilver has cooked a masterpiece!


The year is almost done, and it feels like our economy is humming quite nicely.

We’ve been churning out new clothes – but the people demand more. 24 dwarves currently own a piece of old clothing, but the majority of those are now gloves. We’ll fix that next season.

We also need to figure out a way to consolidate all of the old clothes for export. I’ve dug out a chamber behind the trading post for export goods… just need to populate it now.

Our population is 130 dwarves, and our food and drink supplies are holding strong. We have over 100 animals, and as soon as a few more grow to adulthood, we can start producing domestic meat in a very serious way.

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