the legend of stillmanors – part 10

And of course, Toady’s released 0.40.18 since I went through all of the changelogs. However, it just looks like a general stability hotfix, so nothing to worry about… I hope. Of course, I also just realized that this all means that I’m operating without Therapist for a while as well. Things just keep getting better.

And of course, I got interrupted halfway through the season and am resuming this well after 0.40.24 has come out and been commented upon… 😛 Unfortunately, my screenshots from the 0.40.18 portion of this season have been lost, so I’ll just have to make up for that in the second half.

On the bright side, I do have Therapist again, so happy 🙂

Now where was I?

Summer, 252

Okay, our people are just getting used to the notion of using rocks, and we’re starting by tiling all of the sand/clay hallways with stone.

I think I’ll schedule a few statues for crafting after all of the previous masonry is done.

We’ll also queue up gathering a bunch of surface plants in honor of the dwarves newly discovered ability to pick up fruit.

2nd of Hematite

Our pet piglet has grown to adulthood. That means the breeding is about to commence.

And Racediamonds has gained hammerdwarf skill 🙂

4th of Hematite

‘Standardblocks’ has begun a mysterious construction!

5th of Hematite

‘Stirredtowers’, Hauler has died of thirst.

Serves you right, going berzerk while locked in a room like that. Yeesh. I guess we can open the door to let someone bury him now.

Goslings have hatched. x4

And the mother layed 5 new eggs, which we will also earmark for fertilization. This brings us to 24 pending goslings (and 12 poults). Unlocking the room to the nests and allowing the new hatchlings to move into the fattening pasture.

Goslings have hatched. x4

And that mother layed 4 new eggs, bringing us down to 23 pending goslings 🙂

8th of Hematite

‘Standardblocks’, Beekeeper has created Goshistrinmol, a goose bone animal trap!

This is a goose bone animal trap. All craftsdwarfship is of the highest quality. This object is adorned with hanging rings of rock salt and menaces with spikes of rock salt.
On the item is an image of Larina Embracedspiral the tiger in goose bone. Larina Embracedspiral is laboring. The artwork relates to the settling of the tiger Larina Embracedspiral in the Hill of Cover in 48.
On the item is an image of cushion cabochons in blue jade.

(7200 dwarfbucks)

‘Standardblocks’ has become a Bone Carver. Remember how I said that the goose bone chain was the lamest artifact ever? It still is. This one’s at least worth 3x as much – and it has a historical engraving to boot.

This leaves me with a slight dilema. Whenever we get legendary crafters from moods, I like to give them a dedicated workshop… but this time around, the guy was our sole beekeeper… and is now our second legendary bonecarver. So I think I’m leaving things as they are for a while. I guess.

11th of Hematite

One of our pet puppies has grown to adulthood.

And we are so close to completing excavation of the great hall.

And I also realized we’ve not yet buried Stirredtowers – serves me right for double locking the door. Oops.

14th of Hematite

Stray Water Buffalo Cow (Tame) has given birth to a water buffalo calf. Male.

And the human caravan has arrived. This ought to be interesting.

Helmedglories and one other baby I can’t find have grown to childhood.

17th of Hematite

‘Gulfmine’, mayor has been re-elected.

SHENANIGANS! We must not allow the gentle reign of terror to continue! But I’m pretty sure he’s running unopposed for office. I wonder if I can groom someone for amazing social skills to take over? Hrm…

Also, the merchants still haven’t actually “arrived” at the depot yet 😛

Two more babies to childhood.

Okay, and WOW. He’s finally made the trade dialog less horrible.

I had an awesome screenshot here, but alas, it was apparently not meant to be 🙁

The humans have brought a water buffalo cow, a cow cow, a hen, a bunch of disgusting barrels of blood, a bunch of awesome barrels of booze, a selection of exotic cheeses (kangaroo!), and a bunch of random fruits and vegetables in addition to the standard unwearably oversized clothes and spare crafting materials.

We’re not hurting for livestock at the moment – so I’m going to resist urges to buy the cow. We definitely don’t need the added poultry. But I will buy every fruit and fruity drink they have… And all of the cheeses of course, and some empty bags. Hmm, and three picks and a warhammer. May as well.

20th of Hematite

They actually accepted the trade at an only 9$ profit, methinks our merchant is getting better.

We’re also done with the basic dig for the new apartment floor. Most of the doors are installed, and beds are queud for installation in rooms that won’t need constructed walls to compensate for the hematite and gems we’ll be extracting from them.

Silveryrisen, Hunter has grown attached to a bronze crossbow. Sure, knock yourself out.

23rd of Hematite

Wallwrung has created a masterpiece date palm wood bin.
Helmsidol has created a masterpiece avocado wood barrel.

I like masterpiece containers. They’re useful and sellable.

And yeesh – Stirredtowers is still lying there in the forge. Turns out, while we had 13 empty coffins all set out, none of them were flagged for use. Let’s rectify that.

Helmsidol has created a masterpiece macadamia wood bin.

26th of Hematite

Laborscrape has cooked a masterpiece!

28th of Hematite

5th of Malachite

Let’s test out this whole vein mining thing. Designating all of the visible hematite on the apartment floor for extraction now.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 3.04.35 PM

It’s so beautiful. It just works. I love it. Found some plume agate along the way and am designating that for bulk extraction as well.

Two babies (Axecreeds and Craftbronze) are now children.

9th of Malachite

The vein mining is a wonderful thing to watch. But while I sat doing that, we’re up to 20 idle dwarves (almost 1/3). While most of those are haulers and is to be expected, we’ve also got no work assigned for the hunters, masons, leatherworker (Hearttreaties), and stonecrafter (Oarburns).

Time to come up with some busywork.

This is one thing I really like about Banished – when someone with an assigned profession runs out of work, they revert to general hauling/gathering behavior. I guess this is doable in DF by assigning folks to lots of jobs with low priorities… but ugh.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 3.38.17 PM

Let’s see if Therapist lets me sort this mess out… not in any way that is immediately obvious to me. Oh well.

Requesting 15 more leather caps and 20 more shiny rocks will at least keep the producers producing. Designating a fresh food stockpile in the throneroom might get the haulers doing something as well perhaps.

Queueing up all of the tetrahedrite (copper with traces of silver) on our throneroom floor for mining while I’m at it. Maybe we should resume work tiling the floor upstairs as well.

16th of Malachite

Bridgesound has given birth to a girl, Knotworked.

Hmm. Maybe I should play with Therapist’s optimizer. I will when I get my next batch of immigrants, I think. Also, nobody’s picking up avocados from outside. Need to figure out why that is. May as well unallocate the food stockpile I made in the throneroom pending the vein mining and downstairs kitchen setup instead.

27th of Malachite

The vein mining is complete, our guys can resume work on channeling out the surface farm now. The total yield brings us up to 137 hematite and 97 tetrahedrite ore to smelt down… which we will go ahead and process with charcoal since no coal nor magma has shown up yet. I’m going to process it in units of 10 iron and 10 copper (and 20 charcoal) a pop for now.

1st of Galena

Freeloaders! Will do the Therapy Optimizer thingy once they finish arriving.

And of course, I misdesignated the final strip of surface farmland… That’s going to be annoying.

Gulfmine has ended whatever mandate he was imposing, and we conveniently completely ignored.

Yup. I knew I’d messed that up. Sigh.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 4.23.50 PM

Cryptslid is unconscious, but looks otherwise unharmed from the fall. The other miners who were in the blast area (Wanedcanyons, Silvermiles, and Roofthunder) were also briefly knocked unconscious, but everyone seems fine now.

Covering the stupid hole with wooden planks and starting the fence around the edge. We’re actually fairly close to being able to start planting surface crops here.

With the surface dig complete, it is time to go coal mining. The rock salt apartment floor where we dug all of that iron is a perfect candidate for some quick exploration.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 12.43.03 PM

6th of Galena

It looks like the migration wave has fully arrived. 10 dwarves in total and one bull calf.

  • Renownedceiling – a lvl 11 tracker, 3 swordsdwarf, and 2 cheesemaker
  • Gearancient – a lvl 2 miner
  • Rampartmagics and Portalwhisper – lvl 2 millers
  • Wheeledfields – a lvl 2 wound dresser and diagnostician
  • Snarledsacks – a lvl 1 weaponsmith/metalcrafter/furnace operator
  • Ponderbell – a lvl 1 fisher
  • Windmanors – a lvl 1 butcher/brewer/beekeeper
  • Evenedtreaties – a child
  • Monklenses – a baby

Huh. DF actually just crashed on me trying to set everyone’s nicknames via Therapist. Very weird.

It is time to figure out this optimizer tool. We’re up to 77 adults, so it’s probably time. First off, I want to look at what some of our current worker levels are.

We have 9 dwarves assigned to military duties in 3 rotating squads with generally extraneous sidejobs on the, er, side. We also have 5 nobles. None of these 14 dwarves will be included in the optimization pass. Otherwise, our current job loadouts (omitting the new arrivals) are:

  • 10 haulers (full time)
  • 10 farmhands
  • 9 fishers – which is probably just a wee bit excessive at this point
  • 8 carpenters – because we’ve been doing a lot of pallisade construction
  • 5 masons
  • 4 engineers
  • 3 glassblowers – but we’ve obviously not been doing well with glass industry yet, it may need to wait for magma to become really useful
  • 3 hunters
  • 3 miners (full time)
  • 2 bone carvers
  • 2 brewers
  • 2 chefs – both of whom also have farming and butchering enabled
  • 2 tailors
  • 2 woodcrafters
  • 1 furnace operator
  • 1 leatherworker
  • 1 stonecrafter

3 of our dwarves are also part time miners, which in addition to the new arrival gives us 7 miners that we want to maintain I think.

So I can probably afford to dial back a bit on carpenters and fishers and glassblowers and make sure I have a few more miners on duty.

First pass at this optimizer thing will be interesting… The settings I’m going to use will give us a LOT of dwarves with farming, carpentry, and masonry enabled, but I’m hopeful that the end result is worth it. I will be exporting my settings file and attaching it to this post in the event that it is worth using.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 1.42.11 PM

Download: dt-optimizer-stillmanors-80.csv

The end result is going to be absolute chaos in the workplace, but hopefully better coverage of duties. I think I need to remove some of my custom profession assignments because they’re likely no longer appropriate… and there. That honestly wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Here’s to hoping it actually works out in practice now 😛

11th of Galena

Gulfmine has imposed a ban on certain exports – ballista arrows. And I for one can get behind the notion of not exporting weapons of mass destruction to the humans. They do not need this technology.

While checking the noble panel, it looks like Gulfmine demands more oppulent quarters and Twinklebasements (our captain of the guard), also needs a noble’s quarters for happiness. So we’ll queue that up after the surface farm is complete.

18th of Galena

Huh, there’s vomit in my mines. Oh eww. It’s stretching all the way upstairs and out the front gate… According to the health report, only one person is nauseous – the newly arrived baby. Surely one baby’s puke didn’t cover the whole place… right? Maybe it was just cave adaptation from one of the new miners or something?

Also, the fields are ploughed for the surface farm – and the outer wall is about 55% complete. I’ve organized things into 6 separate 5×4 fields. We have 9 types of surface seeds on hand – but I’m not going to plant alfalfa, prickle berries or rat weed.

So we’re planting barley, lettuce, potato, rice, rope reed, and watermelon. I may rotate the rope weed into more prominence once our food crops start filling out in order to help bootstrap the textile industry.

20th of Galena

An animal has grown to become a Stray Bull.

That gives us a mated pair of regular cows 🙂

28th of Galena

The surface farm is fully walled off – for certain definitions of fully walled off. An apple tree is growing up adjacent to the wall, so nobody can walk in unless the tree comes down (which won’t be happening any time soon).

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 2.20.59 PM

The farmers are doing a great job of getting the fields filled. Potatoes and watermelons are fully planted, barley is halfway there, and the rest of the crops have at least started planting.

Our subterranean farm is being stubborn though – we lack in pig tail seeds. This is likely because we’re sitting on top of 49 unprocessed pig tails. Time to remedy that terrible oversight. I think we might want a permanent farmer’s workshop nearby our textile shops to expedite the thread production.


And that’s that. Hopefully we’ll get a good foundation for our textile industry next season.

The exploratory mine hasn’t found any coal yet, but it has uncovered a good bit more iron ore and a pile of gems. We’ll collect those later.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 2.35.14 PM

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