the legend of stillmanors – intermission 2

Yes, Intermission 2. Because I’m lazy and decided to go to work and spend time with my family and play HotS and Pokemon and FarCry 4 and stuff instead of resuming Stillmanors 🙂 Fret ye none, however, as the fortress lives and is being played – and will be posted tonight. I’m just topqueueing this extra post because many many things have changed again. As of last January, DF is up to 0.40.24 (the fortress was created on 0.40.12) – and thankfully Therapist has also been updated, so we have tolerable dwarf logistics in place.

Because of these changes, I’m going to do another quick grep through the high points of the changelog… Because they are significant – much more so than the last batch.


Added gelding and associated profession/skill/etc…
Wow. Okay. I guess that makes sense… I suspect this is nice for preventing catsplosions, etc, but I can’t think of a time when I’d ever want to sterilize anything else 🙂

Got rid of mating-at-a-distance
Interesting. That almost negates the need for gelding, as I can just separate my animals appropriately to control breeding. I like it. I am also very glad I decided to read the patch notes, because this would have eventually really confused me otherwise.

Added drink tab to kitchen screen
Yay for better organization.


New job selection process where dwarves choose important tasks with more regularity
Very important jobs can remove dwarves from less important jobs
Ability to prioritize a job so that it gets done immediately
Mining, engraving, and other designation jobs can now be prioritized numerically
Thank you, sir. It’s about time.

Designation jobs can be placed in a “marker only” mode, marker can be removed later to start work
YEEHAW!!! No more broken layouts to prevent accidental digging.

Mining jobs can be set to automatically follow veins and clusters
Mining designation can be set to only select visible gems or useful stone
!!!!! Yes, Urist, there IS a Santa Claus.

Hauling jobs that used to need a held container now allow the dwarf to carry many items without a container
Building jobs can swipe items from hauling jobs if the item is not held
I like it. I like it a lot.

Wall/floor construction and road construction use new skill-free labor settings
Interesting. Not entirely sure how I feel about this one, does this mean that building walls no longer trains carpentry/masonry?

0.40.21, 0.40.22

Lots of assorted bugfixes for issues we’ve not had a chance to encounter yet.


Stopped situation where channeling dwarf decides to stand on channel tile
Thank you.


Many many more bugfixes of minimal immediate interest.

Fixed problem causing dwarves to sometimes fail to attack monsters/invaders
Well, it’s a good thing we fixed that before anything decided to invade us.

Made removal of trees check building/bridge/machine stability
Anything that helps prevent accidental cave-ins is okay in my book.

So yay. This is really nice, I’m seriously digging the job management and designation improvements and am sure the livestock updates will actually prove beneficial. Otherwise so many bugfixes. As it’s been a while without a release, it looks like we’re finally at a stable build, so things look good.

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