the legend of stillmanors – intermission

I should have posted this sooner, but that would defeat the true purpose of an intermission – which is to take naps. I’ve taken a lot of naps in the last two months.

Actually, the intermission was provoked by a few slightly less lazy things. One rl tragedy that will not be discussed here, one ridiculous workload, and a few game releases… And of course, the new Pokemon comes out tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes 😛

And then there were the patches. DF has been updated 5 times since Stillmanors started. Before I resume normal updates (tomorrow?), I figured I’d go over the changelog as I am curious myself. With this many updates, it is entirely likely that some of the changes will actually affect the game.

So, in the same order that Toady announced them, here are the changes that I suspect will matter to me (skipping lots of boring stuff or bugs we never encountered).


Re-enabled effects of cave adaptation.

Huh. I’ve not thought about cave adaptation in ages. Never really noticed when he turned it off. This is an old mechanic I remember from my first days with DF. Basically, the longer dwarves spend indoors without seeing the sun, the more adapted they become to life underground. The practical effect is that when they DO eventually come above ground after a year of not having seen the sun, they react poorly. Typically, there is vomiting and unpleasant thoughts are had by all.

My normal response to cave adaptation is digging a skylight over a major staircase. We may do something similar if it becomes obvious that people are spending whole seasons underground – but that is still some time in coming.


Dwarf thoughts have been replaced with personality-dependent emotion/circumstance pairs.
Dwarf happiness has been replaced by a longer-term stress level, and a few new effects have been added.

Huh. That’s… different. I guess the end result should be less volatile behavior? It also looks like he wiped thoughts in the process of making this update instead of trying to import them into the new system. So… I guess everyone will be getting flashy thingied?

The mind wipe may be a good thing – since we did have several deaths and a haunting fairly recently. I just hope the default state is stable enough.

Plant gathering zones can be used to set up fruit harvesting from trees using the new stepladder.
Plant gathering zones can also handle the old shrub jobs, and fallen fruit can also be gathered from zones.

A note — adding stepladders to old saves was not possible, so you’ll have to wait for a new world for those.
— Toady, Oct 25

Thanks for teasing me, Toady. Well, I guess we can collect fruit from the ground now? We have a lot of trees, so I won’t complain too much for what is in effect a free new food source.

Shrubs now have their berries/etc. gathered properly (bean-type plants that only have edible seeds are still an issue).

Sounds like another case of slightly more surface food available. I’ll take it.


Made growing trees update cave-in and light information properly.

I don’t know if the notion of updating dynamic cave-in mechanics out of my control is something I should be happy for or not. But I guess maybe tree growth update ticks are better somehow? Knowing the problems we see in Minecraft with this sort of thing, I’m generally optimistic just to see this being possibly more stable. The light updates are a good thing.

Animals that can escape from cages no longer brought by traders.

Now that’s a horrifying thought. I never really… heh. All those times I bought horrible monsters to chain in my front hallway…

Made reactions try to guess how their containers will be filled to stop problems with brewing large stacks etc.

Anything that makes bulk brewing better is better.

Changed tantrum action frequency.

But he doesn’t say whether he increased or decreased it…

Tweaked trade depot UI.
Added a few categories to the kitchen menu.
Alphabetized stone and kitchen menus.

Yay improvements to game interface. Assuming he doesn’t inexplicably require extra bucky bits to navigate the thing, I’ll take this as a win.

Dead dwarves removed from burrow count.
Stopped zombies from interrupting your sleep to ask if they can help you with something

I wonder if these two were related…


Made stress levels drop faster the longer no stressors are applied.

Ahh, so there was a problem with the switch to the stress system. Glad we waited a bit then 😉

Made gathering plants from the ground add to herbalist skill properly again.

Also glad I didn’t have to deal with this.

Made plants that grow in winter-spring plantable at all proper times.

I thought I noticed some inconsistency there. Glad that’s cleaned up.

Optimized flag checks for non-windows OSs.

Well, I’m running this on a Mac here. So maybe this is a good thing?

Anyhow – all around, I’m excited to collect apples from the ground and deal with a bunch of mind wiped little minions. Here’s to hoping the save imports cleanly. If not, I’ll just stick with the older build and complain about it constantly.

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