the legend of stillmanors – part 9

Spring, 252

The instant spring hits, our carpenters finished another segment of the aquifer wall. So progress really is happening down there. Ugly, ugly progress.

Aquifer. Must. Happen.

But I also can’t simply let the fortress idle around while I focus on the aquifer with 20 dwarves sitting doing nothing at a time… so a few busywork projects are in order as well.

Glassblower makes coffins, carpenters make more boxes and barrels, food people make food. Actually, I’m going to open up a second kitchen.

2nd of Granite

Patternmines has created a masterpiece wooden jug.

And I’ve quarantined Stirredtowers in the foundry – pending a cure to his affliction.

5th of Granite

Goslings have hatched. (5 female, 2 male)
Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 2.53.34 PM

12th of Granite

An animal has grown to become a Stray Water Buffalo Bull. Well, that means the previous adult male is now dinner.

Also, I am an idiot – therapist DOES have a butcher button. I just never noticed it before. Yeesh. Well, that makes this much simpler. 6 more ganders also queued for the slaughterhouse.

It’s also time to turn the pump around downstairs…

Stray hunting Dog (Tame) has given birth to puppies. (x2)
An animal has grown to become a Stray Dog. (x3)

All adult puppies from here on out will get war training, and I need to start stationing them at the entrances to our fort so kobolds are spotted.

14th of Granite

Stray war Dog (Tame) has given birth to puppies. (x2)

Pump is turned around…

16th of Granite

Stray Horse (Tame) has given birth to a horse foal.

17th of Granite

We have another mongoose… and a monitor. Mobilizing the troops to go deal with them. Also, I’m going to allocate war dogs to all of our melee dwarves now. And both hunting dogs will formally go to Swordecho as well.

Gulfmine is abusing his power again… we’ll figure out what he’s on about once these egg-stealers are dealt with.

18th of Granite

Coalblushed has grown to childhood.

Stray Reindeer Cow (Tame) has given birth to a reindeer calf.

Racediamonds chased the monitor down and killed it – now for the mongoose…

Dustycastles is also no longer a baby.

The mongoose ran and jumped in a pond – losing the soldiers, who are now very confused.

20th of Granite

The mongoose chose a bad time to leave the pond. Swordecho was walking past and punched it to death. No shots fired… I’m kind of confused by this, our archers sure aren’t firing crossbows – and I know I have the ammo for them.

24th of Granite

Our engineers finally finished making a batch of 5 ballista bolts and cleared the demanded production. And of course, Gulfmine’s new order is an embargo on the export of ballista bolts. Because reasons.

1st of Slate

The aquifer keeps making progress… We’ve also made enormous progress on our busywaiting projects. 6 more coffins have been installed. Drink stores are over 700, almost all of the carpentry tasks I queued are done, and 7 of the 20 leather trousers I ordered are.

Wanedcanyons has given birth to a girl, Wringtower.

3rd of Slate

Roastedwall has grown to childhood.

And the aquifer is… basically pierced? I… huh. Hrm. Well, here goes nothing.

5th of Slate

Roofthunder has given birth to a girl, Mansionlife. Wow.
Canyonvise has given birth to a girl, Craftringed.

6th of Slate

Cityassaults has given birth to a boy, Gemhour.
Wildnesspulley has given birth to a girl, Chainedchamber.

8th of Slate

And yeah… I think we’re good. I hope. If there’s another floor below here, I’m going to be moderately hacked off.
Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 4.01.44 PM

10th of Slate

Wallwrung has given birth to a boy, Wadlancers. What?

‘Stirredtowers’, Hauler cancels Strange Mood: Went insane.
‘Stirredtowers’, Hauler has gone berserk!

Woo for locked doors! Military doesn’t even have to put him down.
Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 4.10.26 PM

Now we can dig a great huge stone stockpile in the clay right next to the downstairs, then go down a few floors… and build our giant underground kingdom for real.

24th of Slate

Some migrants have arrived. 6 of them this time… and they brought eight animals with them.
Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 4.22.18 PM

The cavy is useless except as a pet, I believe. The peahen is yet another layer, and the keet is a potential layer. The piglet will probably help our pork production process. The alpaca and ram are good news for the future of our wool industry – I will only need to buy females it seems.

An animal has grown to become a Stray Horse. That’ll be our replacement adult male. Old one goes byebye.

26th of Slate

Actually… we’ve got a lot more than 6 immigrants… they’re still arriving…

Oh hey, we struck tetrahedrite (copper ore with traces of silver).

1st of Felsite

Okay. The last of the new dwarves has finally arrived. There were 27 in that wave. I honestly should have expected it after how things had been going.

And the animal total is actually 14. In addition to those that arrived in the first half of the wave, we also got:

  • a baby alpaca (male)
  • a cow
  • a duckling (female)
  • a horse (female)
  • another reindeer calf (female)
  • A baby yak (female)

A yak. We’ll butcher that once it hits adulthood – we can’t support any more high graze animals. The reindeer and horse will be fine, as will the poultry. The shearable animals will probably warrant their own pasture.

Queued 24 beds and 24 doors. I… really don’t want to sort all of these new arrivals.

7th of Felsite

Excavation on a new housing floor (24 apartments) is underway on the first completely dry floor. Half of the furniture has already been prepared.

One of the immigrants just hunted a giraffe and is slowly (very slowly) dragging it back home. Whee!

I guess I can’t put off the census update any more now.
Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 9.40.32 AM

  • Axecreeds, Craftbronze, Helmedglories – babies
  • Archgrizzles, Glazesabres, Rough[ness]ceilings – children
  • Paintbell – pump operator
  • Beachwires – soaper
  • Bendhandles – planter (with lvl 1 fishing skills)
  • Cradlegloves, Unionshields, Shovetowers – farmers (assorted low skills)
  • Painttested – a fish cleaner
  • Brothertreaty, Evenstaff – fishers
  • Brimcraft – a waxworker
  • Silveryfortunes – a glassmaker (with lvl 1 hunting skills disabled)
  • Scarletships – a glassmaker (with lvl 7 tracking and lvl 3 axe)
  • Hearttreaties – a leatherworker
  • Oarburns – a stonecrafter
  • Helmwards – a metalcrafter / waxworker
  • Borerag – a furnace operator
  • Halltwigs – an animal dissector (yet again, yuck)
  • Twinklebasements – an animal caretaker (with lvl 3 mace)
  • Silveryrisen, Channelhelp, Workflames – hunters

I’m going to put everyone into the rough job bucket for which they have arrived equipped. Further specialization of labor can come later. One thing we’re missing that we didn’t have previously was a corp of masons – so that’ll be new.

Paintbell can be an engineer.

Beachwires, Bendhandles, Cradlegloves, Unionshields, and Shovetowers can be farmhands for now.

Painttested, Brothertreaty, and Evenstaff can be fishers (with Painttested working one of the cleaning counters while the other two are allowed to collect more fish).

Silveryfortunes and Scarletships can be glassblowers (we’ll need to open up a new glassworks and start producing glass in earnest now). They will also both be part-time military (in different squads).

Hearttreaties can stay a leatherworker, and Oarburns can stay a stonecrafter. Actually, pretty happy to get one of those with the pending influx of stone that needs processing.

Borerag can stay a dedicated furnace operator. We are going to need to make a LOT of charcoal (and eventually coke). I’ll set up a second furnace to expedite this.

Halltwigs will be getting hauler duty.

Twinklebasements is going to be a mason and is going to found a third squad (so we can start scheduling patrols as well as training and time “off”). Masons will have most hauling duties disabled and will have masonry, stone detailing, and architecture as their primary enabled labors.

In honor of their having bagged a giraffe while my back was turned, the hunters can all three stay hunters.

This leaves Brimcraft and Helmwards unassigned to jobs. They can be masons. This brings us up to four. Shotmetals can bring that up to five, as the only other dwarf (previously a half-decent farmer) with any masonry experience. We’ll want to make a second masonry shop as well – right next to the large stonepile we’re building upstairs.

Twinklebasements (which is officially my favorite dwarf name right now) is now the captain of The Turquoise Kings. He can be joined by Painttested (lvl 3 swords, currently working in the fishery). Our only other dwarf with any melee weapon skill is Gulfmines. But he’s busy lording it over us from his wooden throneroom. No squad for the mayor.

Halltwigs can also join them as he has a bit of wrestling and defensive skill. And their fourth member can be Evenstaff, who (while unskilled in anything military) is ridiculously strong.
Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.30.10 AM
We’ve set up the new military schedule with the 12 soldiers each taking 2 months on duty and one month off now. Train, patrol, civilian, repeat. The patrol route hits 3 points on the upper floor:

  • It starts at the point furthest from the front door (by the eastern wall overlooking the beach)
  • Then it travels around the outer wall back to the west gate entrance to the double walls
  • Then it goes up to the cliff overlooking the desalination plant and its one ramp access to the surface

Then the path doubles back on itself and repeats.

9th of Felsite

Our miners have struck plume agate while digging out the hallways for the new apartment floor. We’re likely going to just hoard gems for a while – until we’ve built up a meaningful stockpile. Then we’ll set the glassmakers to producing material for gemcutters to practice on before letting them touch the real gems.

Right next to the agate, we’ve struck hematite (iron ore). And on the other side of the floor, they’ve struck jade. Ahh, to be digging holes again 🙂

It’s kind of embarrassing not having a legendary miner or two this far into the game. Oh well.

14th of Felsite

Cloisterracks has given birth to a boy, Shrinestakes. This brings the fortress up to 19 babies.

15th of Felsite

Almost done digging out the apartment hallways, we’ve struck tourmaline.

The new glassworks, wood furnace, and mason’s shop have both been built, as have stockpiles for: charcoal (and smelted metal) and metal ore.

40 rock blocks, 40 charcoal, 20 raw glass (and 20 sand) have been queued for production 🙂

We’ve also started tiling the main hallway on the ground floor with gabbro tiles.

17th of Felsite

‘Silveryrisen’, Hunter cancels Hunt: No ammunition.
This after having absolutely unloaded into a poor crippled giraffe who doesn’t have the decency to die yet.
Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.55.51 AM

27th of Felsite

‘Standardblocks’, Beekeeper withdraws from society…
‘Standardblocks’ has claimed a Craftsdwarf’s Workshop.

He’s requesting skeletons, rough gems, square blocks, and a quarry. Hopefully we’ve got materials to deal with this. He seems to think so – he ran off gathering things…


Oh. Huh. Well, then. I guess we’ll wait until next time to see.
Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 11.20.56 AM
I had just started digging out a large area for a “surface” farm, and we are almost done with the initial dig for the apartment floor. We’ll still use wooden furniture for these rooms, I think. Visual contrast is good.

If you can’t dollhouse with your dwarves, who can you dollhouse with?

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