the legend of stillmanors – part 8

Winter, 251

Well, we’ve finished rudimentary security on the entrance to our fortress – the only ways in are funneled through places we nominally control.

I also realized that we’ve not placed nest boxes in the fattening pen – so any newly adult poultry can’t lay eggs. We’ll rectify that situation soon enough.

3rd of Moonstone

Thief! Protect the hoard from skulking filth!
Poor kobold got spotted by wall construction crew before he even got close enough to maybe be caught by one of the traps I haven’t yet been able to build…
Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 9.48.23 AM
Huh. He started to run away when spotted (typical), but then he appears to have gone for a swim in one of the ponds… Shrug, he made his swim check and eventually got back onto dry ground – escaping in time to avoid any hint of military response.

Moving hens up from the fattening pen, I realize that we have 12 surplus ganders to butcher (leaving us with 2). Once we take care of the next batch of eggs, I’ll start work on them… and on the AQUIFER!

8th of Moonstone

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 9.59.07 AM
Our clothing situation isn’t the best, and we bought some supplies to start working on it – so we may as well see if this helps.

I also just realized that we don’t have any bees, despite having placed several hives. Scanning the map, I’ve found at least 2 suitable colonies… Our beekeeper is standing idle… Hrm.

Oh, wait. Nevermind. We -do- have bees, the UI for it is just anything but obvious. All of my hives do have colonies. It’s time to make more!

14th of Moonstone

We’ve fully enclosed the egg-layers pasture, and installed doors to control access. This will help me ensure more birds hatch as desired. But it is time to queue up some butchering tasks. We’ll start by processing 6 of the 12 extra ganders.

15th of Moonstone

Stray Water Buffalo Cow (Tame) has given birth to a water buffalo calf. (female)

We have pasture that should support 5 buffalo comfortably. I will plan on keeping 3 adult females and 1 adult male around. Any excess adults will be processed upon reaching maturity. Our first bull calf is 9 months old now – so we’ll be able to process him soon.

Oops! Just realized that my military was still “active” since they didn’t kill the kobold before he escaped, and they didn’t automatically revert. Will have to keep a better eye on that in the future.

22nd of Moonstone

Rackspeech has given birth to a girl, Swordamuses.

I am sad for all of my dwarves living in damp clay apartments. It’s time to add a bit of furniture to their dreary lives.

Glowtours has created a masterpiece goose bone greaves.

24th of Moonstone

Championpully has given birth to a girl, Highabbeys.

2nd of Opal

‘Gulfmine’, chief medical dwarf has been elected mayor.
Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 10.47.56 AM
Interesting. Sure enough, Gulfmine has nigh legendary social skills. Nobody really comes close. Beltedtrade has the second-most social skills (as to be expected), but they’re all mercantile in nature.

Huh. A tree just fell or something… leaving a hole from the fattening pen all the way downstairs. We’ll just patch that over so no turkeys get inside.

9th of Opal

Built 3 more carpentry shops, because who am I kidding…
Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 10.58.42 AM

17th of Opal

Vesseldips has given birth to a boy, Manorglove.

Hatchetscalds has given birth to a girl, Auburndike.

18th of Opal

Silvermiles has given birth to a girl, Frenzyrim. Now there’s a name 🙂

Tradedtomes has given birth to a girl, Ochrecurl. Not as cool.

The clothing order is failing to complete – because dwarves can’t use woolen cloth to make anything apparently. I’ll worry about that later, thankfully, I didn’t pick up very much wool cloth (most of my purchase was plant fiber) – and I’ll figure out what on earth to do about it later.

Only had to cancel 8 shoes and 8 dresses, so we got pretty far through things. And I guess I could stop brewing the pig tails I grow and start actually weaving cloth or something 😉

20th of Opal

And thus the abuse of power begins. Gulfmines has mandated the construction of certain goods… ballista arrows?! Warmonger… I guess that does give our engineers something more useful to do though.

Also, I guess we should probably give him an office. Ugh. He requires 2 chests, a weapon rack, an armor stand, and a table and chair on top of what he already has. Fine. Going to move him into a 5×5 dug into the sand next to the graveyard. Though I guess I will pave his floor in wood…

1st of Obsidian

We’re down to 60 raw fish – and the packing plant is confused about where to find them. It’s unlikely that all 60 would be involved in hauling tasks just yet, but whatever.

Matchedwheel has grown to childhood (1 year). It will still be a while before any of the children and babies are able to hold down a job – our oldest child is currently 6, and I think they start working at about 12.

Gulfmine is complaining about the quality of his bedroom, so we’ll replace his walls with wooden ones… That may help.

16th of Obsidian

‘Stirredtowers’, Hauler cancels Pen/Pasture Stray Gosling (Tame): Taken by mood.
‘Stirredtowers’, Hauler has been possessed!

Of course he has.

22nd of Obsidian

We finished work on upgrading the mayor’s quarters – using block walls for the minor quality improvement. And they are now modest… yet he demands more. Feh.
Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 11.51.03 AM
Also, Stirredtowers has yet to claim a workshop. This bodes poorly… it probably means metal is involved, and of course I foolishly neglected to purchase any metal from the previous caravans… May as well build the smithy though while I’m waiting.

25th of Obsidian

Yup, he claimed the forge. And he’s demanding metal bars, bones, and gems. That’s… a tall order.

Oh well.

The pump has been repositioned to resume aquifer drainage.


Almost got the first wall built downstairs before the season changed. Still, non-zero progress – and since we’re not on any elves’ trade routes, this is likely our only chance to save Stirredtowers from going berzerk and having to be put down (or something).

Year 2 Summary

I can’t believe I didn’t do this at the end of year one. But I guess I was too distracted by just playing the game.
Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 2.08.10 PM
We’ve got a total population of 67 dwarves: 49 adults, 6 children, and 12 babies. I have 10 haulers, 8 carpenters, 6 farmers, 6 fishers (3 of whom are on permanent fishery duty), and a number of 1-3 person professions. Six of my dwarves are half time military:
Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 2.12.41 PM
The hammerdwarves are actually getting halfway decent – but the archers stink. I’ll have to work on that.

The time has also come to turn hauling duties off on half of our dwarves. Anyone who arrived in year one (who isn’t a hauler) will see reduced hauling duties in the future, as will anyone who is enjoying a particularly specialist job.

Dwarves each need 8 food and 16 drinks per year to stay healthy. We have 692 prepared meals on hand – more than a year’s supply (536), so that’s good. I’d like to target 10 meals and 20 drinks per dwarf (including children – since I don’t actually know whether they consume food/drink or not), since that makes the math easy. The drink surplus will be very hard to achieve without radical changes in our farming setup – so I will start to work more seriously toward the goal of a large surface farm in the coming year.

We will probably also simply start buying more drinks – just to build the surplus.

Otherwise, things are going pretty well – we’ve got 6 graves in the cemetery, with two of them filled, and one likely to be filled in the near future; the animals are doing well; and, we have more lumber than I know what to do with – which means I don’t need to freak out about using charcoal in furnaces for a while.

Our “number one” priority, from which we are perpetually distracted, remains as ever the piercing of that blasted aquifer layer so we can start digging into sweet sweet stone. My dwarves are living too much like humans right now, and that needs to change.

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