the legend of stillmanors – part 6

Summer, 251

We’re STILL digging through this aquifer, and have lost one miner to the project so far. This is actually the first dwarf I’ve lost to construction-related idiocy since v40d.

… And naturally, the first thing I do this season is trap two dwarves in the same hole where their buddy drowned. At least the pump is keeping them dry…

15th of Hematite

Finally rescued the poor guys. Plaitdoor’s clothes were floating around down there and had obstructed construction. They have since been cleaned up, and work on the aquifer can resume as planned now.

I also think that since we have so much extra carpentry potential, it’s time to build a second ring of walls…

16th of Hematite

The human caravan has arrived. It’s time to haul some trinkets to the depot for trade.
Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 1.59.37 PM
Cloisterracks has had a son, and has named him Toeorbs. Last year’s babies have gone too long without being formally named šŸ˜› They are Coalblushed and Dustycastles.

18th of Hematite

Wallwrung has also given birth to a son, Diamondgleam. Someone’s got an opinion of herself.

Wanedcanyons has given birth to a daughter, Relichoists. See, that’s a much more respectable name.

19th of Hematite

‘Championpully’, Farmhand has been possessed!.

Wonderful. Let’s see if she can survive this.

Well, it will either work out or it won’t. In the meantime, we have merchants to fleece… and it looks like they’ve brought a few stones. Perfect. We’ll be buying all four stones (one chalk, one bauxite, the other two are unremarkable).

The humans have six iron anvils. *sigh*

Of course they have iron anvils.

Hmm… a nanny goat. We could make even more milk and cheese… Unfortunately, they didn’t bring a male it seems. Nah, we have enough livestock variety. The next animals I get on purpose will produce wool.

Instead, we will buy one iron warhammer… 10 empty bags (to hold seeds in)… a sack of potato seeds, and one of watermelon seeds… four boxes of leather.

Traded a stack of woodcrafts for them. Unfortunately, it didn’t let me trade individual meals from its barrel for some reason.

We could also grab some food, cloth, and other weapons… but I don’t think that’s necessary.

23rd of Hematite

Championpully hasn’t claimed a workshop yet. This is bad, it means I don’t have whatever she’s looking for. We’ll need to build more workshops… And I am going to refrain from cheating with therapist here.

28th of Hematite

Crewhelms has finally died. We’ll just leave that door shut until we’ve got tombs for everyone…

It’s not masonry or leatherworking that Championpully wants…

Oh wait. Nope, she did claim the leatherworks. And she wants gems and leather. Wonderful. Well, we have leather… but apparently not suitable. That’s… bad. Hopefully, it’s just a case of nobody having hauled the leather out of the depot yet.

But the gems… let’s see if the humans brought any. If not, we’re probably going to lose another one.

They have stone chabochons. That will have to do. And it did. Excellent.
Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 2.40.52 PM

7th of Malachite

They’ve finally noticed that Crewhelms is missing.

Immigrants. 12 of them plus one puppy. Nobody is remarkably skilled this time around.

  • Roofthunder, a miner
  • Wildnesspulley, a fisher
  • Rockwind, a farmer
  • Paddedcounsel, a woodcutter
  • Canyonvise, Plankknife, and Severegirders – all hunters
  • Stirredtowers, a metalcrafter (with hunting skills)
  • Strokedpaged, a suturer (with fishing skills)
  • Cityassaults, a trader
  • Blowseal and Bridgewild, children
  • Matchedwheel and Roastedwall, babies

The miner, fisher, and farmer can all carry on with their preferred jobs. The woodcutter will join the carpenter’s army.

Strokedpaged will also become a fisher, but with medical skills left enabled. We should probably make another fishery.

Cityassaults can be a mason. We’ll need one of those eventually… And we need somebody with the task enabled to finish bootstrapping our glass production.

This leaves our four hunters. We have sufficient crossbows I think, that maybe setting up a hunting team may finally be in order. For now, they can be haulers… but we’ll reallocate hunting duties once I’ve set up the 3rd military squad and buried our current dead.

This brings our population up to 42 adults, 5 children, and 7 babies. We really need to get some better housing for people.

10th of Malachite

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 3.18.51 PMThe annoying thing about possession is that you don’t get any skill for your trouble. We scramble to find materials from a passing merchant to keep yet another dwarf from getting locked up in the sanitarium… and she remains a farmer. Maybe I should make her a permanent leatherworker just in honor of the occasion? Shrug. I’ll worry about that later.

‘Championpully’, Farmhand has created Vakistusen útost Mishar, a bull shark leather tunic!

This is a bull shark leather tunic. All craftsdwarfship is of the highest quality. It is encrusted with cushion cut tsavorites and encircled with bands of bull shark leather.

(39120 dwarfbucks)

14th of Malachite

Speaking of needing more fisheries – we probably also want to add another kitchen and brewery…

There is a mongoose getting uncomfortably close to my chicken coop. It dies now. Activating all 6 “soldiers”. They probably won’t catch it, but they will at least chase it off.


The instant my archers rounded the corner, the mongoose went from casually exploring the edge of my wall to sprinting faster than I’ve seen anything ever move in this game šŸ™‚

No way! They actually shot it.
Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 3.34.31 PM
Well, that warrants a new butcher shop and a tannery šŸ™‚

An animal has grown to become a Stray Mule.

Even better. Two butchery and tanning tasks šŸ˜› My people haven’t had any red meat in about a year – been living off of fish and eggs with occasional mushrooms and cheese. Which, honestly, isn’t that terrible of a diet. But it’s weird.

3rd of Galena

I’ve put off apartments for too long. Let’s dig out something real quick.
Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 4.14.18 PM

11th of Galena

4 of our geese have grown up. Two male, two female. This brings us up to 5 adult female geese and 4 ganders. We will trim this down to 2 ganders – and will attempt to maintain two males for the foreseeable future.

Designating hens for butchering is tricksy business. I’m not entirely sure how we could go about doing it reliably – since Therapist can’t flag for butchering (and doesn’t know which ones are sitting on eggs anyway), and the game client doesn’t provide any useful way of flagging animals from the map so they show up differently on the butchering screen.

Shrug – maybe we just let the hens all die of old age? Once we hit critical mass, we’ll butcher some hens as they mature – before allowing them to claim nests? Maybe we should put a few nest boxes in the fattening pen.

18th of Galena

16 beds placed, but we’re out of doors… so another batch of jobs has gone out to the carpenters.

And Laborscrape has cooked another masterpiece.

An animal has grown to become a Stray Water Buffalo Cow.

More cheese for everyone!

And we’ve finally queued up some glass manufacturing – sand collection was stalled by bag crafting. But now that we have bags, and a slow influx of leather, we should be able to keep ahead of the curve.

The first priority for our glassblower will be coffins. Second will be some simple statues to decorate hallway intersections and help with happy thoughts.


The homeland delegation should show up next time. I’ve got some crutches to trade them, but should probably queue up a batch of crafts before I forget.

The secondary wall is almost complete, as is the apartment complex.
Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 4.49.31 PM
Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 4.57.53 PM
The aquifer project, of course, is as eternal as ever.

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