the legend of stillmanors – part 5

Spring, 251

I have 91 drinkables and 59 unbrewed brewables. This is the sort of nonsense up with which I will not put. I have 15 empty barrels lying around… so I think the drink problem is the result of disorganized storage.

Into the large storeroom behind the kitchen, I am going to make two new food stockpiles: one exclusively for drinks, and one exclusively for uncooked meals. The old food stockpile is being rebranded to only store prepared meals. Additionally, the room behind the farm will now be dedicated seed storage.
Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 12.19.44 PM

12th of Granite

One of my pack animals has given birth. This means that the visiting merchants rendered the purchase of an additional bull unnecessary now πŸ˜‰

The drink supply is down to 76, despite the brewery supposedly running full speed since the beginning of the year. *sigh*

One of the dogs has also had puppies, three of them it seems?

15th of Granite

Plaitdoor is throwing a party in the dining room. Lovely. Hate parties.

I also think I’m kidding myself when it comes to salvaging that other tunnel. I’m just starting over from scratch.

Laugh, and Crewhelms (one of our children) has decided to ditch the party in favor of a fey mood and claimed our crafting bench…
Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 12.35.23 PM
Aaand he’s demanding rocks. Awesome. Well, he’s dead.

I knew I should have bought some rocks from the merchants… I wonder if some humans will show up in a few weeks with rocks for sale?

Time to break up the party and get back to drilling.

18th of Granite

Rackspeech has given birth to a girl.

19th of Granite

Championpully has given birth to a boy.

Almost twins.

27th of Granite

The pet guineahen has reached adulthood – this means more eggs πŸ™‚

The pet puppy has also become a dog.

12th of Slate

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 12.52.53 PM
We’ve re-secured the first floor of the aquifer. And in the name of decreasing the number of idlers while we work on this, I’m adding carpentry to the approved task lists of all 8 haulers, engineers, and farmhands – and am adding mining to both engineers (even though we don’t have enough picks for both of them right now).

Drink supplies are up to 195. I’ll be comfortable when we can maintain >10 drinks per adult in the fortress.

18th of Slate

Factionfountains and Plaitdoor, our two miners, have married. And – better yet – they’ve declined to throw a party! WOO!

19th of Slate

Immigrants. 13 of them.

  • Gulfmine, a lvl 11 surgeon
  • Cryptslid, a lvl 2 woodcrafter
  • Hatchetscalds, a completely unskilled 135 year old peasant
  • Channelslid, a novice brewer
  • Vesseldips, a lvl 2 leatherworker
  • Relicslapped, Tradedtomes, and Cudgelallies – all novice hunters
  • Glowtours, a novice butcher
  • Racepages, a lvl 2 bowyer
  • Shotmetals, a lvl 2 thresher

Gulfmine will obviously be our doctor. We really ought to outfit the infirmary for him. Cryptslid can stay a woodcrafter. I’ll make another pair of workshops since the insane kid is camping the one we’ve got.

Channelslid can be our backup brewer (and will likely be recruited into the military later). Tinmerchants can stay a fisher.

Vesseldips, Glowtours, Shotmetals, and Silvermiles can be farmhands.

Relicslapped, Tradedtomes, Cudgelallies, and Racepages can be carpenters.

Hatchetscalds is a hauler for life. How do you live to 135 years without learning ANYTHING?!

This brings us up to 7 farmhands, 7 carpenters/woodcutters, 4 haulers, 3 fishers, and 2 woodcrafters. We’ll probably want to organize a 3rd military squad and start patrols – possibly making some dwarves permanent soldiers, but not yet.

Right now, the biggest priority is still breaking through the aquifer. We also need to start furnishing the hospital. This will require a lot more textile industry than we’re currently prepared to work with, however.

OH! The immigrants also brought animals.

  • guinneafowl (immature, male, pet)
  • mule (immature)
  • pig (immature, female)

While looking at the immigrants and their animals, I noticed several quivers full of metal ammo and an iron crossbow just lying on the ground. I wonder how those got there…

The guinneafowl is interesting – it would allow us to fertilize some of the eggs, but I’m not horribly interested in breeding them right now. So we’ll just let them be for now.

The mule will be butchered the minute it hits adulthood. Can’t breed them, can’t use them for anything else.

The piglet is awesome. Pigs are good meat animals that require no pasture. So we’ll set up an underground pig farm – and request a male to start breeding at the first opportunity.

I’m making some changes to the standing orders with this new influx of population. Only farmers will harvest now (don’t need everyone trampling through the fields). I’m also setting the dwarves to gather refuse from outside (not counting vermin corpses) – this will allow the military to hunt.

Added a stockpile to the ground floor for ammo, weapons, and furniture – maybe people will grab those crossbow bolts now?

Also going to dig like 3 more carpentry shops and make some big orders for doors and the like. Let’s start with 20 doors and 24 beds (for a new apartment floor).

1st of Felsite

‘Crewhelms’, Dwarven Child cancels Strange Mood: Went insane.
‘Crewhelms’, Dwarven Child has gone stark raving mad!

Well… that happened. Let’s make a prison and lock him up before kills himself somewhere inconvenient.

2nd of Felsite

Our horse has grown up.

10th of Felsite

… Laborscrape has cooked a masterpiece?! Interesting. I guess we have some food worth trading now.

I’m fed up with the lunatic’s clothes scattered all over the hallway. Added those to the general stockpile.

Woot! Trapped Crewhelms in the “bedroom” Now he’ll just die and rot in there… CRUD. He actually has quite a bit of family here. That’s no good. We need to dig a crypt before things get bad.

Coffins can only be made from stone or glass.

This means that someone is about to be promoted to glassblower very quickly. This also means we need to burn some charcoal. Silvermiles looks like my most expendible farmer, she’ll do.

DOUBLE CRUD. We -can’t- make a glass furnace since we have no fireproof materials…

Well, I guess we’re at the mercy of any merchants who decide to show up with a few rocks to bootstrap things. I’m really kicking myself for not having embarked with any rocks – or at least purchased some when the merchants were here last year.

14th of Felsite

Well, the sow is an adult. We should probably put a farmer’s shop in her pen and start milking her.

16th of Felsite

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 12.31.33 PM‘Plaitdoor’, Miner has been found dead, drowned.

Well… TRIPLE CRUD? I don’t suspect foul play here. But it looks like someone slipped while doing prep work on the aquifer… Sigh. Complete coincidence that where he died is sort of shaped like a skull…

Corpse pile designated in the room that I was planning to use as the initial graveyard.

26th of Felsite

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 12.42.28 PMGot the floor pumping out, should be able to reclaim the corpse and stuff now…

And good. The body is at least claimed now. Hopefully we’ll get some useful human merchants next month to let us bury our dead with a bit more dignity than this.


So our remaining 6 original dwarves all have a strong unhappy thought from the stupid death of one of our original miners, and several more dwarves are about to have a strong unhappy thought from the death of the crazy child. So far, nobody’s critical, but the Fun has officially started.
Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 12.58.25 PM

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