the legend of stillmanors – part 4

Winter, 250

So… I think the aquifer dig may be hosed. I’m going to have to be more careful next time. Thankfully, I’ll be able to use part of the tunnel I already dug – just don’t think I can salvage the whole thing.

But first, we’ve got two birds who’ve spent the majority of last season locked in boxes when they could have been laying eggs for me – finally unpacked and re-reassigned to the nesting pasture.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 10.49.34 AM

The new pasture is set up and a large fence is being built around the entirety of the area. I’ve put two farmer’s workshops and the butcher’s shop between the poultry and livestock. Just need to wait for things to grow up a bit more (early next year) before we can start meat industry in earnest.

8th of Opal

Construction on the upstairs wall has gone well – we’ve almost completely enclosed all pastures while maintaining depot access. I’ve also started securing the path to the entrance a bit more by enclosing the shortest route from the upstairs.

Food supplies are doing well – we have 193 prepared meals and 147 drinks. Some of these meals will make for valuable trade goods. Speaking of which, I should probably craft those splints and prep another bundle of trinkets for any merchants that may arrive before spring.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.03.36 AM

We’ve also made enough wooden bolts to make archery practice viable – but the crossbows are still being manufactured. I’m going to dig an archery range next to the barracks.

18th of Opal

Patternmines has created a masterpiece wooden earrings. Well, that’ll sell for a bit more than it might have otherwise.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.13.17 AM

The archery range is set up, and the barracks fully equipped.

It’s time to stop procrastinating, and designate some squads.

Of our current minions, only two have any existing melee weapon training. Pagedfinds (a carpenter), and Tomeshold (a farmhand). Both can happily be spared for bi-monthly military duty.

We have three novice archers to work with. Swordecho (hauler), Musclepillars (hauler), and Mastercoal (our backup chef). All of them are suitable for military duty as well.

This will be enough to start. So we’ll have one melee squad and one ranged squad to begin, and they will alternate work duty, training, and patrol from month to month to month.

The Geared Flickers is our archery squad. Swordecho can head things up as the more senior of the three. And Tomeshold can head up the Pillars of Oak.

Racediamonds (our backup fisher) has a bit of unarmed combat experience, so can also join the Pillars of Oak to round out the squads at 3 and 3. And for now, we’ll schedule alternating training duty – no patrol routes just yet.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.30.04 AM

24th of Opal

Patternmines has made some more masterpiece wooden earrings.

13th of Obsidian

I’m out of plump helmet spawn… this is just baffling. I’m positive I disallowed cooking the things… huh. Oh. I know what’s going on. The brewer hasn’t been able to process them. We need many more barrels.

I guess I should probably start work on take two of the aquifer tunnel. We’ll do it adjacent to the first attempt, just to the south so we can piggyback off of existing construction a little.

I also realized that I’d never made a bowyer’s workshop – which explains why only one archer has been getting any practice 🙂

Helmsidol has crafted a masterwork barrel. Heh.

Hrm… while starting work on the second tunnel, I realized that I may not have ruined everything after all. This will require a bit more thought.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 12.04.45 PM

And we’ve survived an entire year. No hostile wildlife, no madness, no kobolds even. We also did not get a visit from the humans, and I believe there will be no elves. And having just jinxed myself thoroughly, I’m looking forward to a fun second year.

Our solid food supplies are plentiful, but our brewery is not running so hot. I’m down to 91 drinks, yet have 60+ brewable plants just sitting around going unused. The newly ordered barrels will help, but I think some better food storage is also in order – also, no more biscuits. Let them eat roast. Hopefully, we can fix the drink supply next year – especially before any more immigrants arrive.

And speaking of immigrants, we have 24 people sleeping in a single big dormatory. Happiness will increase dramatically once we build individual bedrooms. I am loathe to move people into sandy rooms… but may have to if we can’t bust through the aquifer soon.

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