the legend of stillmanors – part 3

Autumn, 250

We’re still working to dig through the aquifer – but we’ve got a carpentry backlog problem. There are seven dwarves sitting idle in large part because all of the woodworking tasks are blocked on one guy.

So first priority this season is to solve that. Three dwarves were already assigned to carpentry duties, but a new workshop needs to be created – and I believe a number of “training” axes need to come along with it so more than one person can actually gather lumber.

We also probably want to make a trade depot – there will be visitors soon onto whom we can foist our shiny baubles.

14th of Limestone


Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 4.15.51 PM

Lack of an unbusy architect prevented the trade depot from being built in time, and we may have missed out on trade this season 🙁

Oh well, at least we’re starting to have puppies.

17th of Limestone

Trade depot completed…

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 4.22.35 PM

And another wave of immigrants…

And the merchants have forgiven me for my initial rudeness 🙂


Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 4.56.55 PM

I had to install the mapping ini by hand, which was a hoot this time – since (as evidenced by my screenshots) I am playing the game on OSX. But we have Therapy now, so all is good.

The new wave contained eleven dwarves – which is a fairly typical size for a second wave. Since we’re so carpentry heavy, we’ll be able to make the dormatory much larger fairly quickly.

They also brought 4 animals this time around:

I’d originally misread the cow as being someone’s pet and had a small heart attack at the implications…

  • a puppy (female, pet)
  • a baby horse (male, stray)
  • a baby guineafowl (female, pet)
  • a baby water buffalo (female, stray)

So, without looking at the dwarves yet… I know that we’re going to want to start milking cows. Pasture space is going to become important. Water buffalo are one of the hungriest animal varieties out there. I’d already moved our two draft animals to their own pasture, but will need to assign this one there as well. I hope it is big enough to keep them fed.

I’m also kind of excited to have another egg layer around. Guinneafowl don’t produce meat reliably, so I’m just going to let her lay eggs to be eaten. With no male to fertilize, the question of meat is largely academic at this point.

Pony and cow assigned to the large pasture, guinneafowl assigned to the bird pasture (despite being someone’s pet – it’s got to stay fed). And 4 more next boxes have been ordered from the shop.

I’m going to let my dwarves settle in for a bit before I worry about assigning everyone jobs since everyone will need some reorganization now that I can use Therapist for the job. In the interim, we will turn carpentry off for Beltedtrade and see about taking a look at what Santa brought us.

I’m going to try to get:

  • drinks
  • seeds – some more pig tail and cave wheat to improve production next time they’re in season
  • blackberries – they’re brewable!
  • a bronze pick

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 5.06.01 PM

And the trade was successful. Excellent. Blackberry wine for everybody!

They had turkey and guinneafowl hens for sale as well as some steel anvils – but no other animals this time around and iron anvils. So while it didn’t help me to start off with a steel anvil, at least I know I would have had to have buy one eventually.

Actually… I think I’ll take the birds. They’re only 30* each – basically the cost of their shipping containers. And one clutch of eggs will more than pay for them.

Okay, I’ve put off looking at new arrivals for long enough. Let’s see what the immigration office has brought us:

  • Pagedfinds – metalcrafter (2), hammerdwarf (3)
  • Musclepillars – dyer (2), novice hunter
  • Wanedcanyons – mechanic (2)
  • Mastercoal – cook (2), novice hunter
  • Cloisterracks – novice tanner, cheese maker, and beekeeper
  • Spearclasp – leatherworker (2)
  • Racediamonds – novice fisher
  • Wallwrung – gem cutter (2)
  • Crewhelms – child
  • Claspspoken – child
  • Ivypages – child

So… a whole bunch of useless. I’ll have to think about this a bit.


Okay, new job roster:

  • Brewer – brewing, farming, and herbalism
    • Torchquickness
  • Carpenter – carpentry, bowyery, wood cutting
    • Helmidol
    • Wallwrung
    • Pagedfinds
  • Chef – cooking, farming, and butchery
    • Laborscrape
    • Mastercoal
  • Engineer – mechanics, architecture, seigecraft, pump operation
    • Rackspeech
    • Wanedcanyons
  • Farmhand – all farm tasks (minus cooking and brewing), butchering, tanning, shearing, and spinning
    • Championpully
    • Cloisterracks
    • Tomeshold
  • Fisher – all fishing tasks
    • Eyemetal
    • Racediamonds
  • Hauler – all hauling tasks, stone detailing, trapping, pump operation
    • Swordecho (+animal training)
    • Spearclasp (+leatherworking)
    • Musclepillars (+dying)
  • Leader – bookkeeping, negotiation
    • Beltedtrade
  • Miner – mining, architecture
    • Plaitdoor (+masonry)
    • Factionfountains (+mechanics)
  • Woodcrafter – woodcrafting, wood cutting, bowyery
    • Patternmines

Additionally, some of my minions will start organizing into a militia… later. I hope this decision to postpone militarization doesn’t bite me too badly.

24th of Limestone

Liaison discussion begins…

I’m requesting female horses, male water buffalo, and warhammers. This increases the chance that I’ll receive them in the following year’s shipment, and raises their price by approx 25%. I could raise their priority (and thus their price) even more, but I’m not married to any of these items – still, it’s best to request something from the homeland in these meetings.

I notice that the merchants used water buffalo (male & female) to haul their goods… maybe we won’t have to buy a bull after all…

Their counter-requests are interesting – and the sort of thing I never remember after a year. They’re requesting crafts at +50%, which is pretty awesome (since I’ll have those). Additionally, they’re +84% for cut gems and +103% for splints of all things. So… I’ll carve a few of those after my hospital is built and outfitted and put them in the trade depot in anticipation of next year.

Work on the aquifer tunnel is progressing slowly – our carpentry staff is busy filling a backlog of other tasks right now (and Helmsidol is on break), but the pump is running again (since we have pump operators aplenty).

A few dwarves are still idling. I’m going to designate a large area topside for plant gathering. Not sure what will come out of it – but we may as well collect the potatoes or whatever they are now.

14th of Sandstone

The merchants have left.

Progress on the aquifer project is ongoing… we’re about 50% through what I am treating like the final layer – I hope I haven’t messed things up 🙂

8th of Timber

I may have hosed my aquifer project after all…
Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 9.36.21 AM
You see… those downward stairs should be downward ramps. Because of this, the pump cannot move water. So… I’m trying to figure out how to salvage this with the minimum amount of effort.

I’m sinking too much time into this project – and too many dwarves are sitting idle because of it. It’s high time we put half of them in the military to keep them from sitting completely useless.

11th of Timer

Goslings! 16 more of them. We will eat well next year. And I’m forbidding the eggs that were layed in those two nests – giving us 15 more pending goslings (and the 12 poults still incubating).

May as well start making some cheese and walling off an additional pasture for animals on death row…

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 10.01.19 AM

I’ve also queued up construction of a barracks on the lower floor. If we have to dig another tunnel through the aquifer, I’ll want my soldiers adjacent to it in case security becomes a concern.

We’ll also put a hospital next to it.


Oh fooey, I still haven’t let the new birds out of their cages?! What on earth? Huh.

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