the saga of tickwire – part 6

NB: This was recorded in late March of 2014 but remained unpublished until now because I forgot to click a button.

Late Winter, 251

We are mere days from the changing of the season. We’ll take a moment to do inventory when that happens.

In addition to paperwork, the new year will bring a ton of planting work for the farm staff, more things to eat, and maybe elves. I hope it brings elves. I want to train an army of bears or something.

Speaking of bears, I’ve noticed a few beehives out in the valley that I’ve not been exploiting – so it’s time to rectify that. I’ve queued up some hives for eventual crafting. I’ve never really gotten into apiculture in DF before – but anything that increases the variety of drinks available to my little sociopaths is worth a shot.

We have the materials, it’s time to dig a hollow into the brook and call it a well.


The miner spotted him this time as he was starting work on the well. Man. The kobold was actually in one of the spots I’ve been wanting to set a trap.

Ordered the military to chase him off again – and the hauler/miner who spotted the kobold activated. Wielding his mighty pick he was no match for the kobold’s terribly fast little legs and was quickly outpaced.

These visits are becoming more and more regular. I hope to have some traps ready for the next one. I also think it’s time to train a permanent military – maybe 4 dwarves drafted from the next load of recruits.

But hey, the well is half built now. This means we can actually start “irrigating”.

Early Spring, 252

Just in time.

Dwarf Fortress 2014-03-18 22-59-55-119

So it’s time to do an annual audit of the things.

First off, dwarves. We started the year with 7, have had zero deaths, zero births, and 11 immigrations. Two miners hit legendary and nobody else did much terribly interesting.

Animals are a mess, but in the good way. We embarked with 6 turkeys, 4 dogs, 2 sheep, 2 goats, a horse, a donkey, and a cat. The cat adopted the first child to immigrate to the fortress, and the dogs have been trained – 2 for war and 2 for hunting. I suspect that all future dogs will be trained for war as we’ve not really taken advantage of the hunters.

We’ve had no deaths (intentional or otherwise) and no immigrations. We purchased a mate for the pack donkey as well as a female water buffalo. The sheep and goats each had one baby, the dogs had 4 puppies, and then there are the turkeys.

We’ve got so many turkeys now, and I plan on making more. Lots more. I should probably make a better box to put them in. The 5 hens probably laid just over 200 eggs. We have eaten, cooked, and sold most of them, but have 45 babies waiting to start growing up so we can eat most of them.

Dwarf Fortress 2014-03-18 23-00-56-577

We’ve created wealth worth 28k dwarfbucks, almost 2x our import wealth of 15k (which averages slightly under 1k per citizen).

The food supply is comfortable – with over 100 drinks and 200 prepared meals in a good variety of flavours. Most of our food comes from eggs and fish, as we are brewing everything that grows, but there are 4 milk animals producing regularly that have allowed us to cook with quite a bit of cheese.

We’ve also been shearing sheep, but haven’t gotten anywhere near being able to do anything with the yarn.

We have dug down 20 z-levels and have not found coal nor underground caverns nor anything really interesting underground yet. I’m starting to think that maybe I should do some exploratory digging over the aquifer layer – maybe find some sedimentary stone there?

So it’s been a moderately successful if low-drama year.

And another puppy has been born 🙂

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