rift soul breakdown – oracle – tier 1-3

With the new expansion souls hitting pts and scheduled to drop in the next major patch – 2.7 – instead of waiting to launch along with the expansion 2 patches later in 3.0, they have become increasingly more relevant. They’re also likely to change subtly from their current state – but I doubt they will actually change all that much. So I’m going to take a break from iterating over the launched classes in order to look at the new expansion souls. I’m also going to do these one soul at a time, but do three tiers of each soul per post.

Some sites (notably Magelo) have posted these soul trees already – and I’ve looked at what they display, but I figured it was easy enough to check things out for myself. So all of my information is direct from the current test server.


Each point spent in oracle increases damage by 0.75%, healing by 0.5%, and absorption by 0.5%.

Oracle is the full support spec for clerics. It has always been possible to do warden/druid/justicar heals on top of an otherwise dps build. But all you wind up with is something that hits harder than a tank and heals slightly better than one. Clerics have never been able to provide their group with significant buffs. This is where other classes have really shined by comparison. Everyone else already has one or two souls that do wonderful things to a variety of party stats. Clerics might be able to bring two long-term party stat buffs buffs to a group… but nothing major, and nothing that they could twist like a bard during combat…

The oracle is here to fix that for us.

For zero points, oracles get Insignia of Blood. Insignias are a set of straightforward spells cast on one’s enemies. For the most part, they are no-frills single target nukes. Insignia of Blood is one such spell – it is spammable for death damage with a 1.5s cast time.

They also get Emblem of Ice at zero points. Emblems are a set of instant cast nukes that modify the effect of the next non-emblem spell cast by the cleric within 30 seconds. In this case, Emblem of Ice does water damage and increases the damage or healing of the next non-emblem spell by 5%. A late tree talent increases that bonus up to 20%.

Oracle Soul Tree
Oracle Soul Tree, Rift 2.7 PTS, March 20

Tier 1 Talents

  • 5 points – +5% damage
  • 5 points – +10% spell power

For 2 points in the root, oracles unlock Inspiration of Battle. Inspirations are a set of buffs that last until cancelled and provide a special effect to all nearby raid members for 20 seconds after the cleric casts any Insignia spell. Inspiration of Battle increases attack power and spell power of the group and also grants +1% crit chance.

So far, we only have Insignia of Blood to trigger this, but there are a total of 5 that oracles eventually unlock. An oracle may maintain all of their Inspiration buffs at the same time.

For 4 points in the root, oracles unlock Boon of Vitality, a standard issue raid endurance buff.

Tier 2 Talents

  • 5 points – +10% damage from Emblems
  • 3 points – non-physical attacks ignore 6% of resistance
  • 1 point – Inspiration of Survival

Inspiration of Survival is the second inspiration buff. This one provides a weak bubble to the party whenever an insignia is cast that absorbs 10% of damage taken. The bubble may only proc once every 10 seconds, and it lasts up to 20 seconds or until a set (smallish) amount of damage is absorbed.

For 8 points in the root, oracles get Wasting Insignia. The second insignia spell is a straightforward instant-cast death dot.

Tier 3 Talents

  • 5 points – +10% damage and absorption from Insignias
  • 2 points – +10m radius to Inspirations
  • 1 point – Emblem of Pain

Emblem of Pain is the second emblem nuke. This one deals death damage and causes the cleric’s next non-emblem single target nuke to apply an Agony dot that deals additional death damage over 6 seconds.

For 12 points in the root, oracles get Defensive Favor. This toggled raid buff increases armor and resists of all party members. At level 60, and with no special talents that might improve it further, this buff provides 2000 armor and 65 resists. Party members may only benefit from one Favor – or Anthem at a time. Yup, these buffs are mutually exclusive with bard Anthems.

And there we have it, three tiers of the first new expansion soul. Next time, I’ll take a look at Physician, the rogue healer soul.

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