the saga of tickwire – part 5

Early Winter, 251

Winter arrived moments after I finished dealing with the merchants.

Dwarf Fortress 2014-03-17 04-19-51-522

The first room that will be going in downstairs is a mechanic’s workshop right next to the stone pile, and it will probably be paired with a mason’s shop as well.

Dwarf Fortress 2014-03-18 16-09-01-714

Bugeyes is apparently en route to build the workshops, but he’s taking his sweet time getting downstairs to do so…

Since Mansionwalks is done dealing with the merchants, I guess it’s time to talk to the homeland liaiason. Currently, there’s nothing I really want. I guess I could request some coal and sheep. Maybe some goats?

One week later, Bugeyes still has yet to build the workshops, and I think I figured out what he was up to – building the pasture wall… very slowly. So that project has been suspended while we hope he straightens up now… except he’s taking a drink break. Of course he is.

The import half of the trade agreement has been finalized. They understand that we want sheep and goats and lignite (they don’t have bituminous coal).

Exploratory mining has discovered wax opal. We’ve poked 20 floors below the surface now and haven’t found any sedimentary layers – so no coal so far. We just may have to burn wood πŸ™

Dwarf Fortress 2014-03-18 16-39-35-803

What we have found are a number of igneous intrusive layers, so I will set up a basic exploratory grid on some of them while we decide whether or not to dig any deeper.

Two weeks into the month, and Bugeyes snuck past me (while I was overseeing exploratory mining), constructed the mechanic’s shop, left the mason’s shop undone, and then ran off to go make some more doors upstairs…

The export half of the trade agreement is done. They are willing to pay out the nose for: short swords, ammunition, amulets, pearlash, and blocks. I have no interest in manufacturing piles of stone blocks for sale – so I am not going to bother remembering what they asked for by the time next autumn rolls around.

However, they are also requesting cheese at 122%, so we will likely be able to accommodate that particular request by accident.

Thief! Protect the hoard!

Our cat spotted a kobold thief πŸ™‚ It’s time for some impromptu military action. Grizzlefences is the new captain of the guard and the two nameless haulers his loyal minions. They are to take an axe and dogs follow them and deal with the kobold.

Hrm… and I think the kobold has fled before we could do anything to him.

Yep. Sigh. We got all worked up, ran over to where he was spotted (near the edge of the map)… and found nothing.

At least the kitchen is finally running efficiently. We’re up to 144 drinks and 200 prepared meals.

Thief! Again!

This time, the departing merchant caravan’s guard spotted the kobold. I’m pointing my militia at him, but -really- hope the guard farms the goblinite for me… Yup. He’s giving chase πŸ™‚

Dwarf Fortress 2014-03-18 17-15-39-348

They didn’t catch him, but it was an entertaining chase. Remind me to outfit my first real military with crossbows.

Mid Winter, 251

Dwarf Fortress 2014-03-18 21-51-20-256

It also looks like it’s finally getting cold up here. We are at a high elevation, after all. I suspect this means that any plans for irrigating the surface farm are doomed to failure until the thaw. I also think I should probably shut off fishing for now.

With a pair of legendary miners who just dinged, stone management is starting to look like it is going to be a significant concern. I think this means that it’s finally time to kill the surface masonry shop and its affiliated stockpile – this should help reduce running around time a bit.

Dwarf Fortress 2014-03-18 22-05-53-136

And while I’m busy thinking of things for these miners to do before I designate some lowbies to join them, I think it’s high time we dug up some of this surface visible iron.

Well, that didn’t take very long at all.

Dwarf Fortress 2014-03-18 22-10-52-418

The ice on the brook has broken, and I keep trying and failing to build a well there – because Bugeyes is a lazy sack of sloth and latent villainy. Mark my words, he’ll be the first one to snap. That is, if he can get out of bed to do so.

I’m allocating Dentchambers as a new interim mechanic because between the two of them maybe someday we’ll be able to irrigate this farm.

I should have just drained the pond like I usually do – but that would have required me to move the turkeys… and that just felt like too much work.

In the meantime, one of the haulers has been tentatively authorized for pickaxe duty. He’s following the real miners around like a puppy dog with lead weights around his ankles. Each of the wave 0 miners cuts through 4-5 < blocks in the time it takes this guy to cut one.

Late Winter

Another batch of eggs has been collected – yet the one I left to fertilize last time is still sitting unhatched, so maybe my fourth crazy batch of poults will be ready soon? I kind of want to see if it is feasible to rotate exactly one clutch every season – that would eventually have us butchering 10+ turkeys a season…

Dwarf Fortress 2014-03-18 22-25-34-600

Our two initial survey digs into the diorite (4×4 grid of hollow 7×7 squares) have turned up nothing. So an order has been placed for 20 beds and the first housing district has been queued for actual digging.

And I think I’ll let them finish that up before resuming next time. We’re two weeks from the new year and nobody’s poisoned the water supply or locked themselves in a shed or been eaten by alligators or anything.

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