the saga of tickwire – part 4

Late Summer, 251

Excavation is going well downstairs – 1/3 of the original rock storage room has been cleared away, which has allowed me to designate the area as a stockpile with 2 wheelbarrows. Dwarves have begun dumping things down there instead of all the way up on the ground floor. I’ve decided to dig the surface farm right next to our subterranean one. This will require a bit more digging (as there is an overhang that needs to be carved away), but should be a bit safer and convenient in the long run.

The engraver (who will receive a name once the month ticks over) has finished smoothing a large portion of the upstairs hallway, and his wife has finally started cutting trees upstairs with her shiny new training axe.

I’m also starting to think that we need to build some traps. Maybe once the next batch of freeloaders shows up that will free the labor to get started there.

Early Autumn, 251

Our 8 nest boxes are all placed (not that we’ll have enough adult turkeys for a while yet – but this way we’re prepared for when the time comes). The final bit of the bottom of the surface farm is queued for digging – now to channel out the area above it.

Dwarf Fortress 2014-03-17 00-06-06-324

Puppies. It looks like our first litter is only one male and one female. We’re expecting two more very soon. We’ve also got a baby male goat – who was apparently automatically assigned to the same pasture as his parents, so that saves some time. I guess this means that we’re also probably expecting a lamb soon.

On the subject of livestock, cheese production keeps suffering because the animal handler forgets to let go of the female after milking her. I’m contemplating building a second workshop exclusively for cheese production (and dedicating the existing one for milking/shearing).

Another puppy… and one more puppy. So a total of 4 puppies from our starting adult dogs.

A herd of wild yak have arrived… and I don’t have any way to capture or hunt them. *Sigh*. We definitely want to set up some traps after the merchants and immigrants arrive.

Wave 2

And speaking of immigrants, here we go. It’s 80% population increase time. Lovely. It doesn’t look like they brought any animals with them, but we have a new female lamb (yay!) And the downstairs stone stockpile has been expanded. It’s time to put all of these newbies to work hauling rocks while I figure out what to do with them…

Our new arrivals are:

  • 11 farmer, 2 weaver
  • 11 gem setter, 11 gem cutter, 2 bone carver
  • 11 miller, 2 wood cutter
  • 11 wood crafter, 11 weaver, 11 glazer, 1 fisher
  • 2 furnace operator
  • 2 miller

And 2 children.

The lowbies are probably permanent haulers. In fact, I think it’s time to set up a custom profession for them. Haulers now get stone detailing, pump operation, and all hauling duties activated along with their title – and everything else turned off. In conjunction with this, our 0th and 1st waves now have wood, furniture, refuse, and stone hauling largely disabled.

The farmer and miller will be getting custom farmhand profession designations, which will enable them for most general farm tasks. We now have 4 people designated for planting. This should speed that up enormously. The woodcrafter/weaver will spend some time on hauling duty until we’ve got some cloth industry set up for him to participate in.


And while we’re busy promoting the 1st wave dwarves – it’s time to give them names.

Our woodburner/cutter is named “Lancerlanced” which is just a bit redundant for me. We’ll just call her Lancer. Her husband is Dentedchambers, which we’ll call Dentchambers for brevity. Their child is Dreamswheel… and I think I’ll go ahead and give him the name as well.

Mid Autumn, 251

Work continues on opening the surface farm to the sky – there was a bit of a pathing conundrum that needed resolution, but we dug a path around the edge and I micromanaged the platform removal. Not much longer and we’ll be able to plant strawberries and the like – a good number of assorted seeds have accumulated by now.

Our next batch of turkeys has hatched. That means it’s time to forbid another clutch from being grabbed. We have a -lot- of eggs. It will be nice when we can start butchering the turkeys. Geese would have matured faster, but we’d not have had eggs in the meantime. As it is, our diet here in Tickwire seems to consist largely of turkey egg omelettes with goat cheese. There are worse things in life.

The miners are on break… Of course they are.

In the mean time, I guess a wall to the south of the turkey farm is in order. We’ll leave gaps every 10 squares for cage traps… I hope that decision doesn’t bite me too hard when a pack of starving leopards spawns…

Late Autumn, 251

And with things starting to move pretty smoothly – apart from a mason who just isn’t keeping on task, the caravan/liaison decide to show up. I think I’ll need to designate someone else for masonry duty. Perhaps Dentchambers the Engraver can pitch in.

Dwarf Fortress 2014-03-17 04-02-54-531

My current hope from this caravan is some more animals and some metal tools. We’ve yet to discover any coal, and I’m reluctant to burn all of my limited tree supply to run the furnaces just yet… let’s see what they have for sale. Well, once Mansionwalks finishes taking a drink.

Okay, I’m bringing a few piles of food, some statues, and a nice wheelbarrow for trade. And it looks like they’ve actually got quite a few animals available for sale here.

I’ll grab this water buffalo cow and a male donkey (to match my starting pack animal). As tempting as the llama and alpaca are, I don’t want to take them on in the hopes that a female comes along later – I’ll order a male water buffalo from the liaison and call my livestock plans complete. Otherwise, I’m going to take another two picks and an axe – in exchange for a pot of mussels, the wheelbarrow, and the statue of our most humble leader.

Of course, being the jerkface that he is, the merchant wants to make a profit of 2.5k dwarfbucks out of the deal. After a bit of arguing, I’m able to barter him down to only profiting by 600 dwarfbucks. Meh, I didn’t need those eggs anyway. This will let me designate two more miners for the big dig, and will increase my cheese output, so I’m fine with it.

Man, I have a lot of turkeys.

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