the saga of tickwire – part 3

Late Spring, 251

Our mason has created a “masterpiece”. Which is to say, he made a door that is fancier than the other 7 he has previously made. However, it does call to mind the fact that we’ve not named him – nor most of the other dwarves. So let’s rectify that minor oversight.

The game wants to call our mason Clinchedcloistered… which is not only an affront to the eyes but to the tongue as well. We’ll have to think about what to call him a bit more. Let’s see if anyone else has tolerable names…

One of our miners is named Savedtin (which we will abbreviate to Savetin) and the other is Bodicedrums… which. Just. Wow. Unfortunately, I cannot pass this opportunity up. Bodicedrums it is. The brewer is is Stircrafts – which is just awesome; and the cook is Towerfolded (Towerfold).

As far as our poor mason… looking over his description, I think I am going to have to call him Bugeyes – which is sadly better than what the game would have had me call him 😉

Spring is almost over and we haven’t planted any crops yet. Thankfully, the fishing is decent and we’ve got eggs and cheese to eat. But this does not solve what will be a rapidly depleting supply of booze. So getting a farm dug out is our top priority. Maybe we’ll be ready to plant things the first week of summer?

Dwarf Fortress 2014-03-15 04-24-00-433

The clerk has finally finished getting our records to a point where the inventory screens are useful. We are down to 21 drinks – this is critical and will not last the summer (we need a minimum of 28 drinks even if no freeloaders show up). Even though we’ve made a still, there is nowhere to put drinks – all of our barrels are currently in use. So it looks like Mansionwalks is about to start churning out stone pots. I think I want to set up a clay industry soon, that might be interesting.

I’ve also spotted a leopard on the edge of our land. Hopefully it picks on the wombat and not us…

Drinks are down to 19. Two 5×5 farm plots have been prepared, with one on dedicated plump helmet duty. The other will be sweet pods and cave wheat. Once those are ready, we will plant our pig tails.

Early Summer, 251

Crops just barely started to make it into the ground before the turning of the season.

Dwarf Fortress 2014-03-15 04-43-56-285

Drinks are down to 16. Containers are being produced – but dwarves keep claiming them for general item storage. We may need to spin up a second craftsdwarf station just to bootstrap these containers.

Drinks are down to 14 and the kitchen has almost finished processing all of our raw proteins – and we’re up to 56 prepared meals now. Stircrafts the brewer is sleeping, but some barrels have been emptied out and we appear to be getting ahead of the curve on stone pot production. Hopefully when he wakes up, things will be better. Once the drink supply is normalized, he can go pick flowers outside. Maybe we can augment the supply some.

Meanwhile, to keep the miners busy, they are going to start digging down. What could go wrong?

Dwarf Fortress 2014-03-15 05-09-34-047

FINALLY. We have boozecrafting. The drink supply had hit 12 before Stircrafts woke up. But we’re up to 53 drinks now, so I can stop panicking now. The first month of summer is almost gone, and we just harvested our first plump helmet and our second batch of milk. Once I’m comfortable with farm progress for underground crops, it will be time to prepare a field for surface crops.

Just in time for the freeloaders.

Thankfully, this migration wave only includes a married couple and their son. The husband is an engraver (lvl 11) with very high social skills and the wife is a charcoal burner (lvl 11) who also has very high social skills and dabbles in archery/trapping. Unfortunately, they did not bring any livestock with them.

Dwarf Fortress 2014-03-15 05-28-33-525

Normally, I put all newbies on hauling/engraving duty. Since we are actually getting a skilled engraver, I really like that part of the idea – he can start by smoothing the stones in the dormatory and the clerk’s office. Once we’ve dug out our more permanent settlement, he can work down there. I think our charcoal burner can take up woodcutting for the time being, a wooden axe has been queued for her.

These guys will get names if they do something interesting, or when the next wave shows up. Hauling tasks have been reduced on our original seven, so the newbies will have their hands full moving rocks.

The miners have struck amethyst on the 7th floor down. I’ve queued a staircase down 12 floors below the surface, which they will finish soon enough. Once they’re done with that, and once I decide where to put it, they can start digging out the surface farm.

Mid Summer, 251

The first of our baby turkeys have hatched, 8 female and 2 male. And the second batch has hatched… and the third.

Dwarf Fortress 2014-03-16 10-46-44-949

The total yield from these 3 clutches is 14 male, 16 female. I am going to allow 3 females and 1 male to live. The rest will go into meat industry. Our eventual target turkey population will be 1 male per 4 females and 4 females per 8 dwarves. I think I will allow at least one clutch per season to fertilize. We will eventually want a separate pasture just for the meat animals.

And while I’m busy trying to reserve one set of eggs for fertilization and get a good screenshot of the new flock, the miners have struck hematite in the almost-completed stairwell.

With the poults assigned to a new pasture, along with one of the war dogs to scare off any potential predators, and work complete on the stairwell, excavation has begun on the main workshop floor of our actual base of operations. First priority down there is an enormous stockpile for all of the stone we will be accumulating. Once that’s taken care of, the miners will take a break to dig out the surface farm while the haulers pile rocks up.

Dwarf Fortress 2014-03-16 13-07-29-314

I’m also getting nervous about the leopards that keep hanging out to the north – so we are going to put a wall up to make things less likely to wander in.

Late Summer, 251

Somewhere along the line, the cat appears to have adopted the new child… which, honestly, is one of the better things that could have happened, and is a good place to call a break here. We have enough drinks to last next month and enough food to last for a year. Fishing has been disabled again so we can get our catches cleaned (even with 3 dwarves set to cleaning, the raw fish keep stacking up).

Happiness is at a good level for the wave 0 dwarves and passable for the wave 1 dwarves (with the child being ecstatic because of the pet); and our total created wealth finally finally exceeds our original imported wealth at 8291 dwarfbucks (versus 8171 imported).

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