rift soul breakdown – rogue – tier 1, ranged

I’ll be doing rogues in 3 groups of 3 souls each – ranged dps, melee dps, and other (ie tank/support). Since I started off with the ranged cleric souls, it is only appropriate that I start rogues off the same way.

I will admit to only medium experience with these souls – my rogue primary builds have always been riftstalker and assassin, but my wife’s main is a ranger so I’ve at least seen the abilities in action frequently πŸ˜‰


Each point spent in Marksman increases damage by 1%.

Marksman is your typical high damage archer. They specialize in kiting and just absolutely burning down their targets. A lot of how they maintain range is with snares and speed buffs.

For zero points, you get a sprint button. It’s on a 30 second cooldown and increases your speed by 50% for 5 seconds, but it is also usable in combat. You also get a combo point builder that procs a 15% speed buff for 10 seconds every time you use it.

Tier 1 Talents

  • 5 points – +5% damage
  • 5 points – +5m ranged attack range, +5% ranged attack power and weapon damage

2 points in the root unlocks your basic finisher, Hasted Shot. It increases your speed by 20% for 3-15s based on combo points spent. This means that you’re looking at an easily maintainable 35% speed buff during combat plus the sprint button bumping you up to 85% in emergencies.

4 points in the root gets you Empowered Shot. This attack does a high amount of damage, generates 2 combo points, has a 1.5s casting speed, and is on a 10 second cooldown. If you’re kiting, that 1.5s pause might be problematic, but if you can just stand and pummel something, it’s great.

It is worth mentioning that while the global cooldown is normally 1.5 seconds, rogues only have a 1s gcd – so an ability with a 1.5s cast is kind of strange. You can obviously follow it up immediately with a finisher, but keep this in mind as it might throw off your rotation a bit more than it otherwise would. My wife doesn’t notice any problem when she uses this ability on her ranger, but she also doesn’t have to kite things very often either… so ymmv.


Each point spent in Marksman increases damage by 1% and pet damage by 1%.

Ranger is the rogue pet class. Naturally, they have a lot of synergies with their pet. Otherwise, they have a mix of ranged abilities that mesh very nicely with gaps in what marksman provides and are clearly meant to be paired together.

As a zero point ability, you get the basic tanking pig. Like other pet classes, this initial pet is level capped at 30 and is replaced by a 24 point root ability if you want to use it past level 30. Otherwise, you also get a basic ranged builder that does the same damage as a marksman’s zero point builder but does not proc any additional effects.

Tier 1 Talents

  • 5 points – +10% endurance, +25% pet max hp
  • 5 points – +5% crit chance

My assassin build takes these 5 points in crit.

2 points gives you Head Shot, a basic ranged finisher that gives your pet a 5% dps boost for 12-60s based on combo points spent. It does the same damage as the marksman’s hasted shot, so isn’t worth using over the marksman version unless you have a pet summoned.

4 points in the root gives you Splinter Shot, a bleed attack with a 1.5 second cast time and a 10 second duration. This is the first ranger ability that is generally useful in other ranged builds without having a pet summoned.


Each point spent in Marksman increases damage by 1%.

I love saboteur. Thematically speaking, it is the rogue class I want to play forever and ever and ever. They have bombs and traps and more bombs. And their primary mechanic is that they apply various charges to targets that don’t do their damage until they’re ready to throw the switch – they they all explode at once. It’s amazingly fun – but kind of tricky to pull off right.

Charges are ranged combo point builders and you can stack up to 5 of the same or mixed charges on a given target before detonating them. They last for a minute before decaying, and you can have charges on as many targets at once as you want (within the limits of the 5/target cap and subsequent 60s duration). One upgrade sabos pick later on removes the threat from placing charges – this means you can plant charges on 2 or 3 targets and then tick through them all blowing them up πŸ™‚

As a zero point soul, saboteur gives you Blast Charges and the ability to Detonate them. These are your basic high damage single target charge. Of course, you can’t be sneaky with them at zero points, so placing the charge will start a fight. Detonate is a finisher, so in addition to setting off charges, it does additional damage based on your combo point count – this means that if you do plant charges on 2 or 3 targets, only the first one will take maximum damage from the detonation itself.

Additionally, zero points also gives you Adhesive Bomb, a large aoe ground target snare that lasts for 8 seconds. This probably works well with any build one way or another.

Tier 1 Talents

  • 5 points – +10% dex
  • 5 points – +15% charge damage

2 points gives you nothing. Because Blast Charge, Detonate, and Adhesive Bomb are all amazing – it’s seriously an entire class’s worth of mechanics for zero points, even if the charges still generate threat at this point.

4 points gives you Fragmentation Bomb, a high damage ranged aoe nuke that hits up to 8 enemies around the target. It is on a 10 second cooldown and does not generate combo points. None of the saboteur’s bomb abilities build combo points.

And there you have it. Next time we’ll take a look at the melee dps rogue souls.

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