rift expansion speculation – mage reaction

Well, I watched the Harbinger reveal live and am pleased. I’m also happy that my guess was actually vaguely on target.

So… while I am slightly disappointed that they chose not to go with a tank, I understand their reluctance to do so – and agree with the decision to do a melee DPS build first. It makes sense and opens the door to tanking with the next soul πŸ˜‰ Obviously, a lot of my ideas were based on the concept of tanking – not just surviving as a clothie in melee range, but I did get a few things right.

I was spot on with the idea of the weapon transmute self-buffs. It didn’t make sense to actually modify the mage class to allow them to wield authentic 2h warrior weapons if this one soul is equipped. Too much weirdness and itemization muddying down that road. I was also partially correct with the idea of teleportation spells. From the video, it is clear that Harbingers will have good gap closing abilities (something not all melee specs remember to provide).

While I discussed the importance of self-heals, I didn’t explicitly mention one. I also misguessed the secondary element as earth instead of life. But that makes for better synergy with chloro and helps solve more of the melee range durability issues. And of course the one ability that I didn’t even come close to predicting was the whole stealth button thing – Go go 2h staff/sword rogue spec πŸ˜‰

I am incredibly excited by this new soul – and have decided that it looks so sweet for leveling that I will be shelving my lowbie mage until the expansion arrives πŸ˜›

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