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Partly because I’ve not posted much recently and partly because I wonder if I can convince myself to do it… I am hereby announcing intent to bully myself into trudging through the hellish wasteland that is the world of free and “beta” mmorpg’s.

The rules are simple. Every week for the next 50+ weeks, I am going to try to choose a free to play mmorpg or one for which I have acquired a nda-free beta invitation. I will register and download and install and play the game. I will attempt to play one character to a decent level and maybe attempt an alt if time/interest allow. I will catalog/tag broad features and elements of the game to allow for easy comparison between all games thusly reviewed.

Schedule-wise, I will attempt to post on Wednesdays. This gives me a running start into the weekend.

I will accept suggestions, but lacking a suggestion will otherwise choose games that jump out at me from banner ads or over the course of the week, etc… Games chosen will go into a queue and the next new game will be announced when the previous game’s review is posted.

In the case of games I have attempted before but haven’t ever formally reviewed… I’m not entirely sure what to do. I think that many of them are worth consideration and a second chance, so they will likely find their way onto the queue – but I promise to avoid doing two re-reviews in a row and will extend that to a promise that I will attempt to avoid largely similar games on successive weeks.

In the event of closed beta sorts of games where I’m not at liberty to disclose details, I will attempt to maintain my regular schedule in addition to closed beta duties… and will try to produce an end-of-nda sort of review if at all possible.

All that being said, I will begin the torture tomorrow 🙂

2 thoughts on “mmo-a-week project”

  1. Why free? I’d rather see you trudge through what is likely to be great (which can include free) rather than just the freebies. Titles like Aion, and Eve. I put WOW down about 6 months ago, and have been wanting a new MMORPG to jump into, but haven’t seen anything desirable. The closest thing I’ve found is Borderlands, which is an MORPFPS (Multiplayer Online Role Playing First Person Shooter). It’s quite fun, but misses the Massive Multiplayer catch.

  2. I’ve already played most of the commercial MMO’s to hit the US and have said what I want to on them and fully plan on saying things as they occur to me in the future. I’m actually playing Champions currently, but haven’t had the time to do a good writeup.

    Otherwise, it’s a simple question of economics. I can’t afford to drop $200/mo on new games, and can likely not convince the studios to give me enough free un-encumbered trials to fill all of the time slots. Free/Beta MMO’s are finally plentiful enough that I think I can find one a week w/o being entirely repetitive. They are also usually small enough that I can get a good feel for them in 4-5 days of play.

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