So… I just finished the first half of my CCNA today.

I never really cared about networking much beyond that needed to make sure clients on a lan can talk to their dns server… but we’ve been growing enough here at work that the needs quickly outpaced my prior skillset. And since I was the closest thing we had to a network admin, I got signed up for classes 😉

It’s been fun and profoundly enlightening. I didn’t expect to have my way of thinking so radically altered, but I’m hardly complaining.

I’ll be starting up the second class in a week or two. This’ll include such topics as VLANs, IPv6, and fancy routing protocols. I’m stoked.

It’s funny. I never finished college (though I took classes for roughly 10 years), so this is actually the first certificate of education I’ve received since highschool.

The comment was made at work that I’d dinged as a sysadmin. I haven’t. I’m just cherry picking my next few levels in netadmin 😉

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