goodbye 300

Well, it looks like Sean Howard’s Three Hundred project is ending prematurely at an even Fifty entries. While I’m disappointed… it has been one of my favorite daily reads ever since he started, and I don’t agree with his stated reasons for quitting… I can’t say that I blame him. Given the sort of flack I’ve received in response to some of my posts… and his site being only a few orders of magnitude more visible than mine…

I’m also more than a trifle disgusted with the people who’ve been giving him grief over it.

He owes you nothing. If he wants to stop letting you leech onto his thought processes, that’s his prerogative. At least he’s not abandoning things entirely. For now, I’ll just sort of sit here with baited breath and hope that whenever he releases one of his games it runs on a platform I have access to πŸ˜‰


The 300 started back up again after about a month’s hiatus and has been releasing one or two ideas a month since then. I sincerely hope he finishes the project… even if it takes another ten years πŸ™‚

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